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Are you struggling to find your unique voice? Are you trying to be like 'the others' but feel stifled? Do you feel there's greatness inside of you, but find it hard to tap into that power?
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I created this powerful tool for you to leverage your uniqueness, sensitivity and Himalayan-sized mountain of skills, experience, knowledge, and passions. 

It's a great tool to become successful on your own terms!
With this tool  your will find your Zone of Genius - where everything is so freaking easy you can’t understand ‘Other People’ don’t know how to do it too - and make space for joy, affluence and ease to enter your business and life. 

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain,
Soul Whisperer and Business Doula for wonderfully weird female entrepreneurs


When you often feel you are working too hard with too little reward (money ,time, fun, pleasure or joy) you might have been working outside of your Zone of Genius.

Knowing what's inside your Zone of Genius will help you to focus on what comes easily to you and connect to the calling of your soul. Knowing your Zone of Genius will eventually help you grow as an entrepreneur.

The reason we don’t honor what comes from our Zone of Genius is that we are hard-wired for struggle. We rather fight for it than give ourselves permission for ease. But it's where the calling of our soul communicates with you!

I will explain why it's hard to find your Zone of Genius when you're wonderfully weird AND how to find it.


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