May 3, 2022 3:11 pm

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

You Are Enough

Dear friend,

We all know that 'Feeling Enough' is incredibly important. Right?  Feeling that You Are Enough is the backbone of a successful and profitable business.

Yet, very recently, I stood in my kitchen during a lunch break and sobbed, like young children do, because I felt so incredibly Not Enough.

I'm sharing something deeply personal with you. But this story is as much about you as it's about me.

The focus on feeling enough - no matter what, yes, even when we feel like shit -  is important for us entrepreneurs because when we nourish self-love and authentic confidence it becomes so much more easy to achieve the things we're striving for. 

But here's the problem: we often sort of THINK we're feeling enough.

We've got the post-it's, maybe it's on your sweater, we hear it over and over again. But we face all challenges that remind us that nourishing unconditional self-love and Feeling Enough is very much an ongoing practice.

And that it's Much Much More than saying One Time: I am Enough.

Here's an example of why You Are Enough is so much more than words on a fancy sweater

During a session with one of my business coaches I had a deeply painful realization. I got confronted with a Huge Stinking Big believe from the past that left me feeling ‘Not Enough At All!!’

We were doing a business exercise and suddenly I could hear my mother's voice - as if she was standing next to me :

"You're always spoiling the mood. People don't like being around you because they are afraid of you. You are too selfish, aggressive and angry to be loved"

Even though I have done ‘the work’ and thought: ‘Hey, I’m okay, I’m ready!’, I realized that deep down I was still convinced that people hated being around me. At a deep level I tried to keep people out so that they couldn't see what a horrible person I really was.

Because who wants to be around someone who is too selfish to be loved?

So I had to walk out of the call (thankfully it was online). And I wept. I cried like young children cry. I stood in the kitchen and my husband (bless him) held me and let me cry.

This old belief had revealed itself and showed me how I really felt about myself.

As you can see: the Work is never done. Even when you think you're doing fine.

Three biggest hurdles for women entrepreneurs that block Epic Success:

"I'm not Enough, Shame and Isolation"

As businesswomen, we strive to move forward. We constantly climb towards our Next Level, where we will meet our proverbial Next Devil. We constantly change our situation, we climb the ladder on a daily base. That's who we are.

But women entrepreneurs face unique challenges. And one one of those challenges is that when something fails we blame ourselves. 88 Percent of men blame outer circumstances when something goes wrong. We feel there's something wrong with us!


* A client (or friend, or family member) pushes every button or crosses your boundaries, because you - unconsciously - are used to being treated like this and don't say: No, you can't treat me like this. 

* You are afraid to ask for money (or give everything away for tiny prices) and even though you love your business it never brings in (more than) enough money.

* You give away too much for free because you are afraid that what you offer is not unique/special enough for people to buy something from you.

* You launch an offer and only some people buy. You feel ashamed, doubt yourself like crazy. You can look at the 'You Are Enough' sign on that mirror, but in reality feel like crap.

As entrepreneurs we're constantly moving forward to our Next Level. So we will  For Sure always find an challenging asshole of a New Devil!


Do you understand how incredibly courageous you are for taking this entrepreneurial path? At the core of The New Devil is always that sinking, life-sucking feeling of:

Who I Am is Not Enough”

Maybe you think: "I should be kinder, more forgiving, more patient, smarter, more beautiful, attractive, more deserving, thinner, a better copywriter, more successful .... bla, bla, bla..... 

(fill in your own: "I should be more's")

After my own deep dive into this old pain, I’m excited to remind you that YOU ARE ENOUGH and that I AM ENOUGH.

I went for the full action-pack of healing. I tapped, I got extra support, I shifted and my phone rings three times a day with a message that says: Esther, you are loved.

But more than that: I accepted that sometimes these old beliefs come up.

We don't have to push it away. It's okay to feel hard thing. It means that we're alive.

Whatever you are going through right now, whatever you're feeling:  You are Enough.


Here's what works

Say OUT LOUD ‘I am enough’ and carry that deep sense of belonging with you for the rest of the day. Feel in your body what resonates.

I take my Brave Leap clients through sessions where they step into their power but also to be in contact with their fears. You can't yell yourself to success!

You're more than welcome to join us in THE BRAVE LEAP MASTERMIND 

For extra support, I also share a wonderful Brad Yates tapping video and Grace Byers book reading.

I wish you a beautiful love-filled week. No matter what you're going through right now.


Let Brad Yates help you to tap on You Are Enough

If you want my support making self-love and authentic self-confidence the rockstars of your business, but you're not yet ready for the Brave Leap Mastermind, start with the Free Quiz and my Magic Selflovepreneur program (that I give you for free as well).


All my love,

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain
Transformational Business Coach and Self-love advocate

You are Enough, by Grace Byers 

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