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Celebrate your differentness! Brighten your day wonderfully weird old soul, sensitive deep thinker, or ADHD star
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What does Wonderfully Weird stand for?

It's time to celebrate your differentness!
Say NO to normal. Say YES to ALL of you

The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual: How to Thrive & Bloom when you're Fiercely Bright, Feel too Much and Have Way too Many Passions 

Somewhere in 2016, I wrote the Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual.  I created art for the book, started a Publishing Business - because why not - and published the book.

The entire process took me 14 days. I sold over 1.200 copies within a week. 

 ► I genuinely thought this was how everyone did it. And yes, I'm aware now - many years later - it was an epic episode of hyperfixation, something that every ADHD person will recognize. 

I deeply loved the entire process, my god did I feel in full flow! It felt like my brain and body had been taken over by some higher force.

▶︎ The book was about Being Different. About Not Fitting In. About the pain of feeling isolated. It was about my clients and the many similarities that they had in common.


How to Thrive & Bloom when you're Fiercely Bright, Feel too Much, and Have Way too Many Passions 

from The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual

Think you're Wonderfully Weird?
But want to know your magical superpower? 

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