June 29, 2015 8:36 am

7 Excellent Reasons To Stay Put: Why You Should Never Hire any Support

Hiring a coach, a soul whisperer or mentor is the worst thing you can do. Especially if you are not a big fan of change.

Here's why you should NEVER invest in any form of support.

1. Your coach will listen to you

Yes that sucks. Because she will hear the meaning behind your words. Even worse she will be genuinely happy to ask you all kind of questions that will help you realize your true potential.

Image how it would feel having a confidant you can tell anything. Knowing she will never belittle you or share what you're telling her. Since you're totally 100% fine with your life and business you don't need these kind of interference.

Heaven forbid she will find out how amazing you really are.

2. Your coach will (aaargh!) believe in you

This is unacceptable. Because at this moment you don't. You simply can't figure out why you off all people should shine, stand out and accomplish anything that will change the world. 

You rather keep on dreaming even though you long to be that business owner who's able to change lives. Seriously, what is more tiresome than some coach who's looking at you with that trusty confidence that everything is going to be alright?

Even worse that calm trust will find it's way to you and before you know you will be confident too. 

Image the horror of knowing your Big Why, Who You Are and experience that blissful state of "Being in the Zone".    

3. Your coach will hold you accountable

Remember you told your friends you’re going to finish that project by the end of the week?  But then that thing happened and before you realized the end of the week came and the end of your project was nowhere to be seen.  

Thankfully your friends like you enough to not care about your projects. You give it another try. But after 3 days you give up and that's the end of your beautiful project.

Are you ready for a real shocker? … when you tell your coach you're going to do something, she expects you to do it!

And when you send her an email to explain why you didn't do as promised she will call you and ask you why. She will also say: "You're just making an excuse!" Than she will be able to motivate you to work like a maniac.

Talk about unnerving! And than you will do as promised and feel genuinely happy you did it!

4. Your coach will show you the way

This is nasty because you enjoy being in Limbo. Not knowing where to go next.

It's so much more convenient to buy another online course you know you're not going to finish. You bought one the other month because it promised you to earn 10k in 10 weeks. It sounded lovely. Unfortunately you haven't started yet.

When you have a coach (I'm warning you!) you will work together like a dynamic duo. There will be both soul searching and practical approach. She will give you clear directions and that's particular nasty because all excuses "I don't know what to do next" will cease to exist.

It will bring you success. Be prepared for that!

5. Your coach (the bitch) will help you alter your mindset

There is nothing wrong with your mindset. You know you suffer from an unpleasant mix of procrastination, sadness, longing, perfectionism, lack of self-believe and feeling of no direction.

Your coach will alter this. You don't want that to happen. Because the way you think and feel about yourself and your endeavors will be turned totally upside down in a couple of weeks.

Within a couple of weeks you will experience joy. Even worse you will know know what to change in your business and how to do it.  You will change your website so you attract your ideal customer. You will write newsletters, feed your creative magic and hone in to your already beautiful inner being.

You will whistle while you work!

6. Your coach will widen your horizon and push you out of your warm comfy nest

If you're very warm and safe in your own bubble with no-one questioning you or asking you why, you’re really going to need to be very careful when it comes to coaching.

 If not, you might find your whole world turned upside down. Don't tell I didn't warn you. You stand the risk to like it outside the nest and enjoy flying around showing the world your colorful feathers.

Pure insanity!

7. Your coach will make you step up and share your stuff  

You feel awkward about this but marketing and business stuff can be scary. You read all the blog posts about creativity, doing one thing a day that you've never done before.

You know there are sales funnels, online marketing, e-learning, online programs. You nod along, because, sure, it’s a great idea, in theory, but in practice? Well...how? Image what might happen when your coach will sit you down and help you to write from your heart. To look deeply into your branding. Showing the world who you really are and let your customers know what you can do for them?

Did you ever hear such a thing?

So there you have it …

Sending a message to a coach telling you need help is scary. Not just for you. For everybody. Even to me. (Yes I have coaches as well). Coaching is not everybody. Only for those committed to step into the light. For the brave ones who dare to take the huge step out of "Later when I'm a grown up." to "I know I can do it Now".

Don't tell me I didn't warn you. You need to know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Otherwise you might wake up three weeks from now with a smile on your face, enjoying your own company and find you’re promoting your business website to people you've never seen before and then what’s going to happen? 

Yikes! That Spooky thing called True Success and Joy might be waiting for you !


About the Author

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain is the Business Doula and Soul Whisperer of brave female entrepreneurs who want success on their own terms

Esther is the author of "The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual" a Brand Expert, certified Transformational Art Coach, Artist, Communication Consultant, Art historian, Huffington Post + Thrive Global Blogger with over 25 years experience in the field of branding, design, creativity and art.

She lives with her 13-year-old son and husband on an old farm. She's also addicted to Jasmin Tea, Opera with seriously bad endings, Weird Art and Red Lipstick.

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