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Episode overview

Why you are Always Enough

We all know that 'Feeling Enough' is incredibly important. Right?  

Feeling that You Are Enough is the backbone of a successful and profitable business.

Yet, very recently, I stood in my kitchen during a lunch break and sobbed, like young children do, because I felt so incredibly Not Enough.

I'm sharing something deeply personal with you. But this story is as much about you as it's about me.

The focus on feeling enough - no matter what, yes, even when we feel like shit - is important for us entrepreneurs because when we nourish self-love and authentic confidence it becomes so much easier to achieve the things we're striving for. 

Three biggest hurdles for women entrepreneurs that block Epic Success:

"I'm not Enough, Shame and Isolation"

As businesswomen, we strive to move forward. We constantly climb towards our Next Level, where we will meet our proverbial Next Devil. We constantly change our situation, we climb the ladder on a daily base. That's who we are.

But women entrepreneurs face unique challenges. And one one of those challenges is that when something fails we blame ourselves. 88 Percent of men blame outer circumstances when something goes wrong. We feel there's something wrong with us!

You are always enough!