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Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

5 minutes reading time that will make you fall in love with marketing

Why Marketing Sucks when you’re Smart, Multi-passionate, Sensitive, Neurodivergent, ADHD, Autistic (or everything at the same time)

And how to make marketing your best friend!

This article is for you when:
  • Your brain is NOT able to Start at A and finish at Z.
  • You can’t follow instructions,
  • You LOVE coming up with ideas (especially when deliciously complicated) but you lose interest when you've got to market and sell,
  • You have so much work, study and life experience that you can't see what makes you special,
  • You haven't found a solution to get clients in a heart-based and emotionally connected way,
  • You are not a marketing fan and the following conversation feels eerily familiar to you.

When I would put all my dear clients in a mixer this would be - more of less -  our first conversation.

I'm sharing the conversation I have had many times with clients when they're just starting out working with me. 

We're on Zoom and I'm looking at a woman who's clearly bright, interesting, powerful and full of life.

"So you created a program and nobody bought it, you're 100% sure that marketing sucks and maybe you suck too because nothing you have been doing so far seems to work for you. 

Do I got that right?"

"Okay, let's figure out what happened. You woke up one sunny morning and BOOM! The big beautiful muse of inspiration called out to you. Right? Tell me what happened."

“I wanted to create a program about ‘How to create a life that feels fully free?"

"Because you wish with whole your heart that you could free clients from their childhood trauma and you felt elated about the prospect of supporting them. Right? Take me step by step what happened next."

"First I thought:  Let me see what I can use? I actually didn't had any idea how to do that. I'm not super techy."

"Don't you have a PhD in economics and an MA in psychology? You thought that's not relevant.
I remember you raised 4 children and 3 of them had severe challenges, while traveling the world in a camper. Didn't you think that was more experience than most people have?"

Looks at me with a: What do you mean? expression.

" Because I needed to understand more I studied 'Trauma Training at the DKLP Institute,  based on the work of dr Drinszing, 4 days each week, while having in person meeting with my clients in the evening.

 I joined a Launch Your Program in 5 weeks program. I felt so exhausted. I got super clear instructions and they told me to "Not Be So Over The Place and focus on One Thing' 

So, I removed ALL my old material. I changed my website. I rewrote all my blog posts and removed the old links. I also felt like I was 14 years- old again.

No, I hadn't shared any of this with my audience. I didn't think they would care. Should I have sent out an email to my list about this? But what should I have said? I changed everything 20 times already.  I felt so much shame already for not being able to follow through on that 'Launch Your Program in 5 Weeks program"

You know what? I actually fear nobody is giving a shit about what I do anyway. I stopped trying to explain it a long time ago. After I had created this program I was quite sure it was a whole bunch of nothingness.

First I wanted to give it away for free. But someone else told me to price it high. So I did. I wrote: € 997,-  But after 3 days nobody had even looked at it and I priced it for € 149 euros? What do you think? Still too much?"

"How did you feel about that?"

Client: I felt horrible. After all the work I put into it nobody bought it! Marketing sucks!

"Can you tell me exactly what you did to sell your program? Can you give me an idea about your marketing?"

“Well, I sent an email to my list with 20  Free Tips to Be Happy and at the bottom of the email I wrote: ' If you want to feel better, you can join my program, it’s only 149 euro!!

No, I've sent only 1 email. I didn't wanted to annoy them.

I also bought this Done For You Marketing Template for Instagram. I just changed the text and posted for at least 10 days!!! "

"Can you tell me what it looked like? Looking back at it, do you think your audience could feel you?"

“What it looked like? I don't know. I just used the design of that lady. I changed the red into pink, changed the text, and wrote:

“Do you want to be more happy? You can now buy my program. It has 6 chapters. With trauma training from the DKLP Institute and based on the work of dr Drinszing. It is only 149 euro”

No, I had no reactions. Nobody asked me for more information!

"That must have been hard. Can you tell me a little bit about the result of the program? What would happen once they would buy your offer"

Client: (all fired up)
"It’s a gentle, deeply loving approach for people who are afraid to affect their children with their own trauma. I have worked with parents and their trauma for years when I was still a teacher. And I know so many people struggled with it. They all get the wrong advice, it only makes things worse. Parents and children can get alienated. I've see it happen so often and I have the exact steps for gentle trauma release.
So - yes, in hindsight - I think I had created it for people like that. But I don't know how to reach them."

"No, it was more than just a couple of videos: It included a one-on-one session with me and 6 workbooks. They could go through the steps and reach out to me whenever they needed it. But you see, I have used this for my own children and for all their friends and family and felt horrible that I asked money for it. I should give it for free." 

"So am I correct to think that you studied something that you had experience with for years, you paid € 4.500 euros for the 'Launch your Program in 5 weeks' and € 2.5000 for the study at the DKLP Institute. 

You have worked with children and parents for 25 years, have a PhD in Economics an MA in Psychology but feel greedy when you have to ask for money, because you have done this kind of work for years and it's easy for you.

When you talk about your work your energy shift 180 degrees. Your face lights up and I could swear I saw you grow taller!  I actually wanted to share all my parenting problems with you. Yes, I really do.

But you don't know how to explain your solution to your people so you keep silent.  And now you're actually angry because you feel misunderstood, taken for granted, unseen, uninspired, alone and you're afraid to speak to the right people because your heart goes out to them, you know exactly what they're going through and don't want to bother them.

Am I correct?"

Looks at me with shocked expression and a mixture of: "shall I hit her?" and "I want to cry."

 ”What I did you do with the program?”

"I removed it everywhere. I figured that nobody is interested in it. What do you think I should do with it?”

Could this have been you? Can you see it's not the marketing that sucks?
Because this conversation is the start of massive change. Loving marketing that brings clients in, but also feeling seen, accepted, sisterhood and epic growth.

What do you think: Shall we stop Crushing Dreams? 

It took me less than 10 minutes to write this conversation.  Because I’ve heard it SO often. Probably 100’s of times. The amount of unused magic in computers, drawers, notebooks, and far corners of brains is staggering.

The amount of unserved clients and NOT made money is staggering too!

It’s the reason I founded The Real You program in 2017. To help these amazing people find their gold and get clients.

Not by being ‘like the others’. Not by pushing anyone in a box. But by inspiring you to become who you are and translating that into authentic emotional love-based marketing that’s actually fun, deeply personal - and that results in clients.

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