Why Every Creative Entrepreneurs would be sacked!

Why Every Creative Entrepreneurs would be sacked


Why Creative Entrepreneurs would be sacked from their local supermarket within 1 week!

Warning: comes with some seriously harsh reality

What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with all us Creative Types? Why do we have this urge to express ourselves?

Why do we expose ourselves to harsh comments, ridicule or laughter. Or worse. With a shrug from  – I couldn’t care less –  shoulders?

By the way, we are our Very Own Best Mean Criticaster, we don’t need anyone else to do that for us!

Yes, there might be applause, good reviews, an award even. But after the applause, it’s back to business. Giving in to that urge to create. Back to your designs, events, filming, art, singing, writing, cooking, research or whatever creative form that has Chosen You as Their Prime Victim :-)

Why don’t you just quit and get an easy job in some office? Seriously! I bet you’ve been thinking the exact same thing.

Why bother with the doubts and the fear of failing, the lack of money or certainty? When you could be perfectly happy filling in forms from 9 to 5. Or sitting at the cash register of your local supermarket.

I know why!  

Because within 1 hour you would have rearranged the aisle with Herbes-in-a-Jar, invented an ingenious way of stacking loaves of bread and designed a new form people could actually understand.
Your new colleagues will not like you very much. You will be sacked within your first month. 

I’m sorry, but you’re stuck with your urge to create, to explore, to innovate.

Do you think that’s horrible news?
No it’s not. It’s wonderful. You are here to bring change, beauty and joy. How amazing is that? 

Let this year be the year that unites your creative urge with the action it so clearly deserves. 

HOW TO BRAND, MARKET AND PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS when you're an old, wise, truth-telling soul, an intuitive, gifted, pink sheep, a sensitive multi-passionate deep thinker, or a neurodivergent, ADHD star 

And you have been tricked into believing that there's something 'wrong' with you and as a consequence, your business is suffering, even though you have unique powers.


I'm Esther de Charon

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain is the Branding Queen, a business strategist, transformational business coach and a very Wonderfully Weird ADHD star. She's a bestselling author of books like the The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual'. Her business is founded in over 25 years of intensive branding and marketing experience with Fortune 500 brands as well as the European Union, Museums, Air France /KLM, and NGOs.
Esther channels information from Source. She can hear the whispers of souls, nature and ancestors and bend energy (and if you're Wonderfully Weird you can probably do this too)

As the founder of the Wonderfully Weird movement that transforms, inspires, and supports wonderfully weird entrepreneurs to NEVER FIT IN AGAIN. And instead build their - very profitable - brand, marketing, using their unique powers, while navigating the obstacles and difficulties of trying to fit in for years.

She's feeling very fortunate to be Abe's mother and Rik's wife (and the servant of Marie and Leeloo (yes, cats)

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Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

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