March 23, 2024 1:51 pm

How to Create a White Outline Around your Profile Picture in Canva

3 Minutes Canva Tutorial

Step 1 & 2 Choose a picture and upload to Canva

  • Take or choose a picture.
    Get pic that fills a circle AKA move your beautiful face. Want some help with your profile picture? Here is my tutorial for taking great  selfies without makeup and complicated 
  • Click Edit photo

Step 3 Remove background

  • Click BG Remover at the left hand (this only works for a paid Canva account. Don't have that? Ask a friend to do it for you and send it to you as a png without background 

Step 4 Click erase

  • You now have an image with a transparent background. Click save.

Step 5 Add your background color

  • Got your brand colors? Great, choose one that looks good on you. Not yet? Do you know that we've got Ready Made brands in The Real You AND that you can start your stay in The Real You free of charge?

Step 6 Choose your background color

  • Choose your best color 
Step 7/8 Go to Shadows
  • Go to left hand FX effects and click Shadows
  • Yes' I'm aware that I skipped a number :-)  
Step 9 Choose outline
  • Just follow the arrow
Step 10  Blur is Zero
  •  Fiddle with the size and amount (make sure the blur is off.) Choose for white (or just do as you please (it's your portrait)
Step 11  Choose your outline color Create and create a White Outline Around your Profile Picture
  • Choose for white (or just do as you please (it's your portrait)
Step 12  You are done!
  • Download as PNG and show your face to your soul audience! You have now officially a White Outline Around your Profile Picture

Ready for more Canva Tutorials? Here you go!!

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