It all starts with love ...

It all starts with love. Self-love. Lots of Self-love, self-compassion, self-awareness, self-confidence. Love for your business. Love for humanity. Love for the lucky ones who have found a place in your heart (we're all trying to open our hearts to more people). Love for your clients, your business, your offerings and services. Love for art, nature, literature, food, money, travelling, growth, results . . .  IT'S LOVE!

Your authentic personal brave business & brand is always rooted in self-love. Just like our work together always are planted in a flowerbed of love, compassion and true connection. 


Results, motivation, impact 

Ah results! Aren't they lovely. I celebrate each result - tiny and huge - with you. Results come in the form of clients, money, changed perception, self-love (yes you can never have enough of that) aha-moments, knowledge, growth in all aspects in your business and your life. 

Results follow your intention and they come when your WHY is clear, big and bold 'Ain't no mountain high enough.'  You do the work, follow your North Star, cause real success, and make an impact.

By the way: we totally believe that money, integrity, wealth, spirituality, art, impact and happiness  belong together!


Inclusion, diversity, equality

We are actively anti-racist. We believe that Black Lives Matter. We do everything we can to treat everyone as an equal, and respect that we're are all uniquely different. No exception

We want to be a safe place for women of color and understand that white and biracial women need to actively learn and deal with our white supremacy in order to hold a safe space for all.

The 'differentness' of each member of our brave community is celebrated. We hold space for the odd-ones-out, the loud-mouthed, or the soft-spoken women.
Instead of painting everyone in one colour - it's the unique voice, story and culture that we value.

Inclusion and representation is a very important value and the reason why Esther started this business. ​


We are family

Every program, Sisterhood or your membership to our amazing Brave Business & Branding community starts with the feeling that we're a family. Friendships are born, co-operations initiated within the safe environment of the group. We've got your back!

Welcome to the family. Ask for what you need. Reach out. Give and receive virtual - and real life - hugs. Let our community be the wings beneath your wings.

Our clients are designers, artists, musicians, creators, health-, wealth-, business-, life-, transformational coaches, health professionals, researchers, authors, lawyers, architects, teachers, academics, speakers, change makers, mystics, foodies, cooks, . . .  etc.

What connects them is an unbridled love for knowledge, their business, connection and their version of success.

We are family. 


It's okay, I cry too 

Entrepreneurship is an act of courage. It's deeply spiritual. Showing up on a daily basis, sharing, daring to be vulnerable, peeling of the layers, oh boy! It's a profound journey.

Seasoned entrepreneurs and starters, everyone eventually feels the waves of emotion. There's absolutely no need to toughen up. No need to grow a thicker skin. I hold space for anger, joy, sadness, dumbfounded-ness, happiness, confusion. It's okay. I cry too.

In fact the moment we cry, we're often on to something.



Guru Schmuru  

The time of the Guru is over. Instead of forcing you to fit in, I invite you to connect to the Real You. I hold space where you find the unique path that leads you to your goals. I believe that we - brave women are naturally connected to and guided by our curious minds, our creative power and deep compassion. Don't let anyone tell you that your multi-passionate trait, your sensitivity and bright mind are a burden. 

They are a gift.

You and I see, feel, hear and sense more than 85% of the population. We are blessed with an inner-knowledge that transcends education, upbringing or age.

When you and I are connected to our deep inner motivation, our soul's purpose we can achieve whatever we want. We can express ourselves in any way and form we  see fit.

I believe that once you are empowered – because you know you are a courageous creative soul - you can bring true change, in your own unique way, using your own authentic voice. Your presence is stronger than words. 

I believe that a world with empowered women - who have embraced their audacious authenticity, vulnerability and creativity - is a world where anything is possible. 

Yes… why not… even World Peace.



Your Braveness Rules  

Do you think you're too weird, vulnerable, sensitive or smart to be hugely successful? Think again. In this Brave! community everything is possible.  I'm a Soul Whisperer - I have conversation with souls. Super weird! But it allows me to work fast, help clients reach serious success much fast - so who's complaining? There's no need to hide your beautiful gifts from the world.
Step out of the way and let the universe push you forward.




Honesty, trust and integrity are at the foundation of everything I do. You can expect it from us, we expect it from you.


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