Take a Pause ... you're on your way to full acceptance.  

This is Pema Chodron in less than 4 minutes. Even thought this video is very short and pretty dualistic (a buddhist view opposite the secret…sigh) but still, it gives you a tiny bit of an inside.

Pema Chodron is an excellent example of a woman who dared to transform her hate into lovingkindness. She was driven by hate at her husband and changed it in to who she is nowadays.

These days Pema Chodron is one of the most read writers on transformation, both by buddhist and non-buddhist readers. Her books and teachings changed the lives of many.I started reading Pema Chodron books somewhere mid 1990’s. I was very (very!) miserable back then. Angry at the world and full of hate, and these books where just so reasonable. They were never heavy, angry, or screamely optimistic. The books never said: do this or do that. They were just totally realistic, with a wonderful light humorous touch.

The words and the loving motivation with which they were written calmed me down, and they comforted me. Pema was one of the teachers who learned me to create a distance between the thought, or emotion and the action. To not leash out immediately but to remain in the pause.

And do nothing!

Nowadays with all the video material we have, it is wonderful to just listen Pema Chodron voice from time to time. I can highly recommend it.


Here's the thing...  before you can move on you have to accept yourself. Right now. Right here. Just as you are!

I know this is hard. Thankfully you don't have to do it yourself.  But accepting yourself, loving yourself precedes any success you can hope for. We can start the most expensive course, but when all you can think of is: "Am I good enough." Nothing will sink in.

You have to accept that you find it hard to finish anything. You have to accept that you suck at sending out weekly emails. With the acceptance comes the surrendering. With surrounding comes the: "Okay this is not what I love, and I know I want it to be perfect, and it's not going to be perfect, but I'm doing it anyway!"

I've helped many wonderful women accept themselves and I would be honored if I could help you too. Reach out to me. I'm looking forward to mee you!


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