3 Deeply Transforming Months that Align You with the True Calling of your Soul

You deserve to open the Gates of Abundance and Enjoy Every Single Day of your Life

✔︎ If you struggle to deeply and fully appreciate your unique brilliance. If you keep yourself small and are doubting your true worth -   even though you can't figure out why -  then your are out of alignment.

✔︎ If you are resisting or finding yourself struggling to move your business forward, things that used to work have stopped working, you have lost your spark, then your mind (and heart) is out of alignment.

✔︎ If you know you have grown as an entrepreneur and have a lot to offer but keep telling yourself that you need to learn more, be better first, or just not that interesting, your inner critic is preventing you to enjoy real growth.

✘  An unaligned business owner that is being hijacked by her inner critic is a common symptom when growing a business. The problem is that it happens so slowly - or that you have grown accustomed to it - that it’s easy to not notice this creeping in.

If you want to end the struggle, it's time for an in-person transformational business coaching upgrade.


  In 3 Months you aim for radical transformation, starting with a loving deep dive into your most precious possession: you, so that heart can open and money and clients can enter your business and life without any obstacle.

We identify obstacles, find your Upper Limit problem, upgrade all that is already amazing about you (but you currently can't see), connect to your Zone of Genius, clarify limiting beliefs. I will use my intuitive gifts to help you super charge, integrate and implement. This is all about your transformation.


+ to feel worthy of true Next Level success, revenue, and raving clients.

+ to fall in love with your authentic self again.

+ to effortlessly sign up new high value clients.

+  to become a household name for those who need you.

+ to enjoy being you.

+  to easily integrate your authentic self in all messaging through all your communications, offline and online.

+ to finally allow your magnetic presence to glow and shine daringly.

What you get is 3 Months TRANSFORMATIONAL BUSINESS COACHING that will transform your business, brand and yourself.



=> Ten life changing calls and you have access to me via Slack (you get your private channel with me)


=> You are also part of the Brave Leap program and my Selflovepreneur Sisterhood. 

=> You get also group coaching, mindset coaching, accountability and mastermind sessions (just use what you need) 

=> You have access to the full Brave Leap program (just use what you need, you have lifetime access. 

What is really important for me and how Esther helped me to accomplish a lot - is actually moving from planning stage to implementing in a soft and natural way.
She helped me with the mindset, making me realise once again that only through self-love and acceptance you can do great things for yourself and for others. The launching of my photography course this spring is out there partly thanks to her, and I am so grateful for her advice. Her soulful approach to all the "earthy" tasks is unique and I am really thankful I got to work with her!

Alina Barna Brand Product and Lifestyle Photographer


▶︎   are more than willing to look at limiting beliefs and obstacles with the intention to break free.

▶︎   are capable of being coached.

▶︎   are not afraid to ask for support when they need it.

▶︎   currently make (almost) 5- Figures and want to reach 6-figures fast.

▶︎  currently make (almost) 6- figures and want to grow faster but feel stuck and tired.

▶︎  know there is a much bigger future out there. 

Esther  'got' me and she taught me that being weird & wonderful is powerful. I felt alone in my business and wanted to transform my passion into profit and wanted to learn from someone who has already done it.

The fresh information about social media etc, strategy and entrepreneurship, and the branding, self-love, Sisterhood, connection, and marketing worked for me.
It encompasses what multi-talented entrepreneurs like myself need. An inspiring blend of entrepreneurship training with a creative, spiritual, branding platform. Yes, I'm very happy.

Barbara Keitumetse Mashope Researcher and health expert

Why Esther

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain, MA

1.  Certified Transformational Business Coach with the psychic ability to see her clients' real possibilities, brilliance, and distinctiveness - long before they are aware of it themselves.

2.  25 Years of expertise with brands like KLM/ AirFrance, Dutch Railways, the European Union as well as over 30 brands in the arts, museums, design, sustainability, health, and government.

3.  Has a unique way of building aligned businesses and brands that amplify the brand owners (you!) unique strengths so that the experience you have is much more than 'just coaching so that you earn more money'. It's a transformation.

4.   Has 100% faith in her clients' ability to succeed, empowers and inspires her clients to leap to their next level. 

Working with Esther is the best thing I did for my business since I started it! Esther helped me reconnect with myself, get clarity on what I want and set a path on achieving that in a way I am comfortable with and it didn’t take long to see the results. I often finish our sessions by calling her a “miracle-doer”.

She is incredible at tuning in to your needs, to the situation and identifying (underlying) issues I was not always aware of. I’m forever grateful for Esther’s support.

Rayna van Aalst Founder Reina Organics and coach


10,000 Euro (3 months, 10 Sessions of 75 minutes)


1.)   1 Year In the Brave Leap (€ 2,717) Lifetime access to the program and the Sisterhood

2.)   3 Months 1 - 1 work with Esther (€ 10,000)

Esther, just to say that I remember you often with great fondness. I have benefited a lot from being with you. Your practical tips and seeing the real me hidden behind the veils of self-doubt enable me also to see me. in many ways it transformed me. A big hug and thank you.

Rashmi Datt  Acclaimed Author and founder Manage Emotion to Win


1.  Book a discovery call

2. We have an open and honest conversation where you tell me what you really need, long for and desire and you will feel if I am the best possible option for your business and brand and yourself.

3.  If you give us the green light my team will help you with the payment (payment plans are available) and connect you to your personal work environment.

We will take really good care of you.

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I'm really looking forward to work with to you. 
With love,

Esther is amazing! There are two reasons why you've got to join her
One: Esther’s incredible ability to dive right into the heart of the matter.  I feel like she can always see right into my heart and my soul.
Two: the incredible women that Esther attracts. The sisterhood we have is the most beautiful thing in the world!
I can now talk about my business with more conviction. I am being more of myself. So much more!

Shirley Ann Aphrodite  Artist Belle la Fleur

Our Brand Values

We are on a mission to inspire, empower and support 50,000 women to love and accept who they really are and build epic businesses that will inspire a generation of women and girls to love and accept their body, mind and soul no matter what.