Transform perfectionism into Joy

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Episode overview

How to transform Perfectionism into Joy

Dear friend,
Full confession. I am a perfectionist. My brain scans for mistakes All-The-Time. I can see it happening. It sucks but - after years of not knowing - I can deal with it (okay, most of the time) but it's challenging. Because I'm aware that I'm a perfectionist. I can make fun of it, play with it and transform it into joy. 

I'm not having any special powers. This is something you can do too. Transformation starts with awareness.

I identified 6 Obstacles that can block your success:
1. Perfectionism
2. Not Deserving Money Mindset
3. Procrastination
4. Loneliness (Isolation)
5. Shiny Objects Syndrome  
6. Imposter Syndrome

No matter how experienced you are as entrepreneur, whether you're a starter or making millions, these 6 obstacles stand between "Working too hard, Feeling out of Alignment" and the light energy of "Ease, Joy and Happiness".

So, Let's start with Perfectionism and How to Transform it into Joy

Today is the best day to transform perfectionism into Joy