The Truth about Procrastination and why You Don't Have to Do It all By  Yourself

Why many female entrepreneur struggle with procrastination and How To Get Support from Muses, Guides and Spirits.

We have been taught that we have to use our brains: Think Harder, Be Smarter, Work Faster. 
We (at least my clients and I) love reading, studying [How many certificates do you've got?],  but somewhere on that Educational Road we also lost something really beautiful.

We have lost the connection with the spirits around us.

We are so focused on our mind that we lost the connection with our hearts, we can't feel our muses, we forgot to listen to the whispers of ancestors.

We Netflix ourselves into numbness (okay, maybe not you, but I'm about to binge-watch Bridgerton) and miss out on the subtle voices of our guides, the messages in nature, that majestic Idea Bomb that goes off when you're in the shower (by the way, if that's you and you run into perfectionism afterward read this: it will totally transform your perfectionist creative process)


✔ïļŽ We become prone to anxiety: What if I make a mistake? Or like a Brave Leap member said:

Before the Brave Leap, I just sat there in my own head for like three months, not launching my program, because I couldn't find the answers to all of my questions. So I just didn't do anything. Now I just put it out and get feedback and all the procrastination is gone.

✔ïļŽ We procrastinate and have no idea why! "I love all the ideas, but I'm not doing it!' Why is that?"

✔ïļŽ We're feeling overwhelmed, tired, and stressed because all those ideas become a burden instead of a blessing.

✔ïļŽ We're somehow waiting for permission to act upon all those mind-blowing ideas, but instead, we're stuck inside our heads (and trapped in fear!)

How Can You Stop Procrastination AND Stop Doing it Alone at the Same Time?

You don't have to do it all alone, seriously. There's an assemblage of spirits, guides, muses, and ancestors who are waiting for you to ask for their support. And the best thing is that you don't have to pay for them! All they want in return is your happiness.

Enter the Spirit Business Team

Let me give you a couple of examples of how to communicate with your Spirit Guides

I call it my Spirit Business Team. I ask them for advice, they nudge me when I do something that is not in my best interest, they give me business advice

When I'm sad they hug me, when I'm happy I can feel that makes them happy too. It's like I can see them smiling.

They give me little signals, they show me books that feel like they have been written for me.

When I'm sad they hug me, when I'm happy I can feel that makes them happy too. I can almost see them smile. They give me little signals, they show me books that feel like they have been written for me.

Real Story 1 about the Spirit Business Team

Whenever I step into a bookstore I ask my Muse to show me the books that I should read. I simply wander around and when there's a book that calls out to me I buy it and read it. There is ALWAYS a special message for me.

Real Story 2 about the Spirit Business Team 

Last year I run into a complicated issues with a complicated person [who refused to pay her invoices - it was nasty] and was ready to give in. So I asked: "Is this worth fighting for? Shall I just let it go?"

That night I dreamt that my Omeli (my grandmother) was at a meeting with my business team and was taking no shit from people. She said: "There is no way you are going to give in and lose all that money. That's your money! You gotta stand up for yourself."

She even said: Fuck

My grandmother was Swiss and raised Protestant (the Thou-Shalt-Suffer-a-Lot type). She wanted her other grandchildren to be truly happy. 

I listened to the advise, didn't give in and won my case. Thank you, Omeli.

Real Story 3 about the Spirit Business Team 

When my father passed away I decided that we would communicate via feathers.

Whenever something profound happened: like
ðŸŠķa decision that had to be made,
ðŸŠķ a yes/no kind of moment, 
ðŸŠķ or something meaningful
AND Out-of-the-Blue a feather would appear, I would regard it as 'YES' from my father.

I got a Huge DO-IT recently!


The past months It felt like my business and I were out of alignment. P.S. This happens to entrepreneurs all the time, it means you're growing,

As an art historian, branding and marketing expert, event organizer, author, transformational coach (with lots of certifications), and self-love advocate, it can be quite challenging to find what is in your Zone of Genius and what is in your Zone of Genius.

Hello! Fellow Multi-passionates!! ðŸ‘‹ðŸ―

To me it felt like I was turning into a cheap "I'm here for Everyone Supermarket", whilst I wanted to be a beautiful Boutique -with lots of books, art, fancy food, and comfy chairs.

I had forgotten the Magic that was at the core of what I do. I spoke about it with friends and my business mentors.

I deep-dived into my Zone of Genius to find what it is that I truly do. And again and again: it was 'Transformation.'

I was having this 'Transformation' discussion with my friend Lisa Peek - while we walked through the museum. And I got increasingly annoyed with this transformation thing Ah, the moment your inner 14-year old teenager comes out to play.

I said: "So that would make me a Transformational Business Coach. But I can't sell transformation! It has to be sex, relationship, money, or success! But transformation? Who wants transformation anyway?"

And RIGHT THERE in the middle of the Museum was a feather. A beautiful tiny feather on the white surface. Issue solved, thank you, papa.

So how can you use this? And how can you dive into your heart and out of your mind and release procrastination?

First by joining the Spirit Business Team program of course! Because I'm going to teach you how to do this, between March 28 and April 1, 2022

But if the program has already finished and you read this too late,
✔ïļŽ ask questions (go on do it out loud)
✔ïļŽ become really quiet
✔ïļŽ go for walks
✔ïļŽ stop controlling and allow all those feelings to come up. 

Procrastination is also a way of not allowing yourself to feel, fail and have success. It can be a controlling issue of the mind whilst your heart always has the answer.

Are you ready to open up?


I'm Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain is the Branding Queen, a business strategy witch, transformational business coach and Selflovepreneur. She's a bestselling author of books like the The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual'. Her business is founded in over 25 years of intensive branding and marketing experience with brands like the European Union, Museums, Air France /KLM, and NGOs.
Esther channels information from Source. She can hear the whispers of souls, nature and ancestors and bend energy (hence the witch!) As the founder of the Selflovepreneur movement that transforms, inspires, and supports women entrepreneurs to build a - very profitable - business and brand based on self-love and self-acceptance and become their authentic selves.

She's feeling very fortunate to be Abe's mother and Rik's wife (and the servant of Marie and Leeloo (yes, cats)

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