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Welcome to the Rise of Feminine Entrepreneurship: Selflovepreneurship 

 Goodbye fear-based masculine business goals

You might have felt and sensed that something profound is happening in our entrepreneurial world and our day-to-day life. And it will change everything.

Something big and beautiful is bubbling inside of us. It's new, ancient, confusing, challenging and incredibly exciting at the same time. 

Let me take you through what's happening at the moment.

You and I started our business because we wanted to be free. We wanted to be free of bosses, free of the 9 - 5 days. We had a deep longing to express ourselves. All that longing for freedom, love, passion, knowledge, and experience needed a place to come to fruition..

So we stepped up and became entrepreneurs.

As entrepreneurs, we're impacting the lives of thousands of people. We position ourselves, we show up, we organize courses, we coach, we create, we make money.

Because we're all living inside our entrepreneurial bubble, we have grown to believe that this is normal. We forget that our mothers and grandmothers lived completely different lives.

Now here comes the challenge that we're facing: on the one hand, we women have more power, and success than our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. But on the other hand, we feel this powerlessness, and sometimes, even helplessness to create the things that we most deeply yearn for.

We're tired. We might not even know what we truly desire.

It feels like our goals are permanently out of reach. Like a donkey following the carrot on a stick. We know what's happening. But still we fight, we struggle, face our fears, break through our comfort zone, and launch.

We're incredibly brave.

But while we're building our business we're also slowly losing our love for what we do. Our initial desire to be free is caught up in business meetings, marketing events, and working with clients.

Our calendars are in charge of our life.

At some level, we're blaming ourselves. We genuinely believe there's something wrong with us: "Why can't I figure out my work-life balance?"

Since we're all united on social media we inadvertently compare ourselves with the women who seem to have it all: "Success, money, an endless stream of clients ....and the time to enjoy their success."

We go into self-doubt: "I just don't have what it takes."
We fall for quick fixes. How many unused programs do you have - still unopened - in your mailbox? I must have at least 20 'Quick Fix Programs', I never even opened them.*

We try out every strategy that promises us the sun and the moon. Because we're pushing ourselves forward.

We are upset with ourselves when a launch didn't go as planned. We blame ourselves and think that we should have been better prepared:

"If only I had written better emails, they would have bought my program." 
And next we buy the the course: 'Write Better Emails in 7 Days".

"If only I had been clearer about the outcome." 
And next we buy the course: "How to Persuade People to Buy From Me".

At this moment women are launching businesses at much higher rates than men.

But studies also show that we are less happy and more lonely, more depressed and unhealthy than we ever have been.

▶︎  1 in 2 Women worldwide feel more self-doubt than self-love. The top causes of low confidence among women entrepreneurs are: financial status (31%) and feeling they are not making progress towards the things they want in life (23%).

▶︎  Over 20% of women are on antidepressants. And that doesn’t count those of us who almost permanently feel unhappy and unfulfilled.

▶︎  Around 26% of women have reported increased stress after starting their business, with nearly a third having nightmares about their business failing.

▶︎  Statistics on women entrepreneurs show that women are less optimistic and less confident when it comes to sales growth, earnings per share, and the number of employees compared to their male counterparts.

▶︎  75% of us have an unhealthy relationship with food or our bodies. That figure doesn't include those of us who look into the mirror and see 'old, fat and unappealing' . That figure is up to 97% percent.

▶︎  6 out of 10 women are experiencing financial stress so bad that they can’t sleep at night (and we both know the cost of not sleeping at night!)

▶︎  Even though we’re starting businesses all the time, a staggering 88% of women never breakthrough the six-figure barrier.

sources: Evolving Wisdom, Women Entrepreneur StatisticsSelf-love crisis

Let this sink in. It's incredibly painful.

And it's time for change!

The Rise of Feminine Entrepreneurship: Selflovepreneurship

Only a few generations ago our great grandmothers (and often our mothers and grandmothers) sole purpose was survival.

After the feminist movement in the 60s and 70's women broke through and we began to embrace power and success. After a long (and still ongoing) fight, women finally got a seat at the table and were able to tap into the (existing masculine) power system.

It changed everything.

Nowadays women control over 20 trillion dollars. Even though there's still inequality at every level. We went from no power to where we are today, within a 60 years period!

When women rise to power they also have a deep yearning for self-development and inner growth in order to reach even higher.

And women reach up they lift up those around them in the process.

So what happens when those women - you, me, our friends and clients - are growing?
We face a whole new set of struggles. We're smart and accomplished on one side but feel powerless on the other side.

Highly educated women, with tons of experience, are wondering why 'the thing' they yearn for  feels perpetually out of reach. Or even worse: we can't even imagine what's possible for us. 

Because we're all in our minds. We focus on strategy and on working harder.

We have grown our business the masculine way. We stepped into the masculine power paradigm - that is all about external circumstances - and applied the existing rules to our business and life.

We tapped into a masculine system of business growth that is all about predictability and a controllable outcome. 

We have been taught to:
"Just follow the dots and you will make 100K"
"If you don't have enough followers, apply another strategy."
"Just think your way out of it."
"Grow your list."
"It's a numbers game"
"Let someone OUTSIDE of you hold you accountable."
"Be consistent. Do it - EVEN when you don't feel it."

"You're not working hard enough."

The masculine way of entrepreneurship is all about taking action outside of ourselves. It's founded in lack. "Something is not there and my business is going to fill the gap." 

But we haven't yet grown into the Woman we Need to Become to Manifest our True Potential.

We look for goals that are in our heads but not in our bodies. We let fear rule our lives and have grown to belief that we just have to bite through the pain.

▶︎ I lack the ability to go to a multiple 6-figure business

▶︎ I fear people don't understand what I can do for them

▶︎ I fear I will never make enough money

▶︎ I lack confidence

Lack and fear are loudly singing inside our brains. Crippling our natural, authentic confidence. Because we still follow the Masculine Business Structure.

We put a lid on what we can truly achieve because we're out of touch with our real power and because we lack Authentic Confidence.

When an endeavor fails women believe it's because of them. Because of Who They Are. Men - in general - believe a failure happens because the outer circumstances were not in their favor.

Women believe failure happens because they are not lovable, not good enough, or not smart enough. Shame, a deep sense of lack, self-doubt, fear, and isolation stops our abundance and growth. 

I'm sure you recognize the deep sadness, shame, and feelings of  'There's something seriously wrong with me'.

▶︎ It happens after a failed launch.
▶︎ When a client is ghosting you.
▶︎ When you receive a horrible testimonial.
▶︎ When someone steals your copy.
▶︎ When a client is refusing to pay.
▶︎ When you were sure a clients would sign up and then she backs out.

Every time something like this happens we blame ourselves! We are convinced something is off with ourselves.

And every time we try to make up for it by working harder, striving to be better, to improve more. We ignoring our tired bodies and move forward 

Instead of love, fear has become our main source of energy

I can't tell how many evenings I kept working because I was afraid it would fail. I don't even remember how often I longed to create, paint, sing, or just listen to the birds sing. But instead of surrendering to pleasure and joy, I found another reason to work-work-work.

I created offers out of fear instead of out of love!

We have organized our business and life around measurable goals, control, strategy, and fear, and it ends here.

You might have forgotten what it is you most deeply yearn for. Sure, in your head you want a 100K year. Or a 1 Million dollar year. But that's just superficial "I want that".

We're out of touch with our true potential. We don’t want to just succeed in the world as it is. We don’t want to go back to traditional roles. We also don’t want the perpetual out of reach “work-life” balance. 

It's time for deep transformation.
Welcome to the era of Feminine Entrepreneurship: Selflovepreneurship

▶︎ It's time to become that powerful woman who embodies her creative power, and to let go of outdated patterns.

▶︎ It's time to make self-love your endless source of energy so that you can lovingly transform inner obstacles to joy instead of pushing them aside (where they will come up whenever you are being challenged).

▶︎ It's time for you to focus on inner-growth first and to listen to the calling of your soul. Because your soul will pull you towards a much larger life.

▶︎ It's time for you to let go of old 'I don't have enough' and 'I am not enough' energy. Lack lulls your energy system in a 'Don't Move or you Die' mode. You deserve to step out of old circles and beliefs and make abundance and trust your best friend.

▶︎ It's time to shift away from traditional masculine achieving, striving and pushing and apply your masculine power AFTER you're aligned with your true potential.

▶︎ It's time to realize your full potential, in a way that is so much more powerful than the traditional "This is my blueprint for the future".

▶︎ It's time to become a Selflovepreneur and align to the glorious joy of your creativity and abundance.

▶︎ It's time to time to let go of the limiting struggle and shift away from striving towards being.

▶︎ It's time to feel and accept how incredibly powerful you already are once you give yourself the gift of true freedom.

Because you, my friend, are already an incredibly powerful woman, true abundance is just one step away.

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