The Perfectionists Creative Process 
. . . .and the way out!

The Perfectionists Creative Process and how to completely change it

Entrepreneur, don't allow perfectionism to ruin your Creative Process. Here is what you can do to deal with perfectionism.

So this happens: You take a delightful shower and suddenly BOOM

There it your  "A-MA-ZING idea'

Your bright shiny idea appears out of thin air. It fills your heart with warm happy love…. until you find out you’re not the only one who thought of it.

POP *There goes hope, beauty, innovation. You’ve fallen – head first – in the muddy creative pitfall: comparison. Yep, the ugly comparison syndrome and perfectionism

Since you’re the owner of a creative business – and you like images – I’ve made a infographic for you. It shows you what happens after that Glorious Lightbulb moment in the shower and what it feels like once the comparison kicks in.


So, what's the way out?

What does the Perfectionist Creative Process Infographic look like? 

Perfectionism, in psychology, is a broad personality style characterized by a person's concern with striving for flawlessness and perfection and is accompanied by critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others' evaluations. It is best conceptualized as a multidimensional and multilayered personality characteristic, and initially some psychologists thought that there are many positive and negative aspects Perfectionism drives people to be concerned with achieving unattainable ideals or unrealistic goals, often leading to many forms of adjustment problems such as depression, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts and tendencies and a host of other psychological, physical, relationship, and achievement problems in children, adolescents, and adults. Recent data show that perfectionistic tendencies are on the rise among recent generations of young people.

Source Wikipedia

Here's what works

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain is mother, partner, friend, sister and aunt and a self-love advocate and business and branding strategist. A speaker, author, soul whisperer, and the founder of the Brave Movement that teaches women entrepreneurs to build a business based on self-love, radical self-acceptance, and true confidence. Featured in Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Elle, and Thrive Global, Esther is the founder of the Self Love Success Club  Follow Esther at Instagram | Facebook I Pinterest


1. Know that everything has already been created and that's okay
But never with your unique background, tone of voice or your personality.

2. If you want revenue, go for fun instead of perfect 
Perfect eventually will get in the way of result. There is no such thing as 'the perfect online course' or the perfect picture. Giving in to perfectionism will stop your flow.

re just a little girl who doesn't deserve 200 clients, money or a sold-out launch? In our Self Love Success Club we focus on self-worth and self-love as the foundation of a wildly successful business. Do you feel worthy?

3. Fall in the perfectionist trap again?
Oh dear, you and (almost) everyone. Look how artists influence each other.  I can guarantee you that every artists has a work of art that puzzles art historians because 'it could have been a ....(fill in name of random artist) 
Read 'Steal like an Artist' by Austin Kleon and 'Big Magic' by Elizabeth Gilbert (and all those other amazing books about creativity.

4. Accept that YOU ARE 100% Unique 
You are unique, your work might be inspired by some well known person, but you can never sound, move, look, react, write, talk, etc like her.
Always look at the total picture: your natural talents (Your Zone of Genius, also something we discuss in the Self Love Success Club all the time), your culture, upbringing, heritage, education, personality,  your natural style, all those elements are the building blocks that make that YOUR people gravitate towards you (instead of to someone else).

Be Unforgettable You . Shine like a 💡lighthouse! 🗼That’s how your soul client will recognize you as The One.

Esther de Charon

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain is the Business Doula and Soul Whisperer of brave female entrepreneurs who want success on their own terms Esther is the author of "The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual" a Brand Expert, certified Transformational Art Coach, Artist, Communication Consultant, Art historian, Huffington Post + Thrive Global Blogger with over 25 years experience in the field of branding, design, creativity and art. She lives with her 13-year-old son and husband on an old farm. She's also addicted to Jasmin Tea, Opera with seriously bad endings, Weird Art and Red Lipstick.