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Miracle Week.


You missed out!

January 31 - February 10

 Manifest your Future with Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Goodbye obstacles. Hello! Amazing Miracles, Money, Clients and Unparalleled Success in 2022

Hey, Amazing Female Entrepreneur, you get access to MIRACLE WEEK + THE SELFLOVEPRENEUR ASSESSMENT
January 31 - February 10
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What can you expect during Miracle Week?

✅ 1. Esther will guide you through the From Obstacles to Miracles Assessment
✅ 2. How to energetically connect to the clients of their dreams (so that they sign up and work with you)
✅ 3. How to build a portable abundance altar and attract everything that's on there (for real)
✅ 4. How to create a Vision Board (the way I attracted a house, husband, business, and son when I was all alone and thought it would NEVER happen for me)

From Obstacle to Miracle Assessment

I will take you through the Assessment that I created for our Brave Leap members, it's an absolute game-changer.

This assessment will give you:

✔︎ 1. Clear insight into your current mindset, your business, brand, marketing, offers, and products,

✔︎ 2. The reason why you're not making more money or why you're not attracting more clients,

✔︎ 3. Identification of the real show stoppers: perfectionism, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, procrastination, etc.,

✔︎ 4. The way to upgrade your 'Can Do' Mindset that will lead to making twice as much money,

✔︎ 5. Access to mastering the art of choosing self-love to overcome inner obstacles,

✔︎ 6. The step-by-step path towards your desired outcome,

✔︎ 7. The opportunity to join the Brave Leap year program,

✔︎ 8. Profound "Ooooooh this is how it works!" insights that you can apply immediately to your business, mind, and heart,

✔︎ 9. How to connect all of you to your business and manifest more money, clients, happiness,

✔︎ 10. How to stop working 24/7 and bring art, doing nothing, having fun into your life, and manifest more of what you truly desire.

Miracle Week is The Place To Be for women entrepreneurs who feel 2021 was not the year they were hoping for.
Instead, you want More of the Really Yummy good stuff.
Much more. 
You want to feel like a beautiful kitten with a ball of wool. Like a princess at a fancy tea party. You desire lots of lovely clients, scrumptious money, delightful days of sunshine.

Let's Manifest it ALL!

This is how Esther did it:

▶︎ Esther de Charon de Saint Germain Esther manifested her wonderful family when she was 40 years old, a house (without neighbours!) at 45 and a thriving business at 50!

▶︎ She has supported thousands of women entrepreneurs to fully love and accept themselves and create profitable businesses and brands. 

▶︎ Esther is a bestselling author, self-Love advocate, business and branding strategist and founder of the Selflovepreneur movement.

Miracle Week will Wake up your 

1. You discover what parts of your business are blocked (get exclusive access to the Brave Leap Selflovepreneur Assessment ™️ )

2. You set intentions for 2022 with consistency and clarity (to stay committed… no matter the circumstances). 

3. You raise your vibration for more magic and miracles (expect to open your wings).

4. You set your frequency to Self-Love (and protect yourself from thinking small, fear and negativity)


5. You will have the tools to deal with perfectionism, procrastination, self-doubt and imposter syndrome and instead enjoy creating (bring flowers, pens, art and paper)

6. You spark and strengthen your intuition (so that you receive more clients, money, joy)

If you want 2022 to be your miracle year,

I can teach you to be

the miracle maker.

Miracle Week is for you when you are an entrepreneur ...

Your business generates money, but somehow it's never as much as you want you want. You are focussing on a 50K or 100K year. 
But you haven't got a clue how to get there.

You have a habit of starting projects and quitting before it’s ready when another shiny object shows up. You want to embrace your multi-passionate power.

You have the tendency to fall for perfectionism, self-doubt and imposter syndrome and want to learn how to deal with it.

Instead, you want Miracles in 2022

Are done with doing it all alone. Instead you long for connection and a business sisterhood that is the wind beneath your wings.

You feel exhausted with trying to figure out how to create a program, brand yourself, grow an audience, launch your course or sell your offers.  You want a system that works 

You are looking for support that is radically different from anything else in the world of business coaching and support.

Miracle Week will give you ...


  • You will discover the 3 Biggest Obstacles in your business and brand. Understanding what doesn't work will be a gamechanger for your 2022 success.


  • You will learn how to ditch old beliefs around 'I HAVE to be happy all the time' and create a great relationship with the Universe so that you receive what you truly desire in 2022 and beyond.


  • Experience what your life, mindset, soul and heart will feel like when you adopt loving yourself as your new normal. Doors that were closed will open, possibilities will show itself. Expect Real miracles!

Start looking forward to the Selflovepreneur Assessment because the results will fully unstuck you.

So that miracles can happen, money can come in, clients see you and you experience the natural confidence of the Selflovepreneur™!

Miracle Week is part of A Brave Brand. Do you need to contact us? Reach out to the team at