Do you want
to experience the remarkable Magic of Flow?

Do you...

  • ​... think you are too busy to spend time doing something that is not business-related (though it is...) 
  • ...  dream about playing the piano, draw your cat, write a book. But fear it's just a waste of time and money.
  • ... want to ditch the inner voice: "I'm not good, original, special, unique or experienced enough..."  
  • ... used to create a lot. But these days it's all work and stress. You want to feel that happy creative joy again.
  • ... want to experience creative happiness without going to a special art class?
  •  ... long for the magic of flow and want it  back. Now please!

From feeling washed-out to blissfully wide-awake  with The Step-By-Step, Easy-to-Get, Fun-to-Do Blueprint Toolkit that BRINGS THE FLOW BACK.

Imagine this...

*   It's evening. You feel tired after a days work but that is okay.
Because you look forward to an evening of bliss...  *

You sit behind your table. There is fresh tea and lovely music. You pick up your sketch book, some pens and glue. A smile on your face. And just like that you're hands start creating.
It just happens.
It feels like you're in the midst of a fresh summer breeze. These creative evenings are so immensely rewarding. When you go to bed you feel happy and refreshed. As if as you had a day at the Spa. 

*   You are ready to start a new project in your work. You know it has to be really good because it's time to take a Next Big Bold step in your business or work... *

It is a rainy Wednesday morning. You close your eyes. You feel expectation raising. This used to be the moment you freaked you out. Not a little bit, but full blown fear would make your heart feel like stone. But these days you've got so much clarity and direction you simply know  what to do next.

Being aligned with your unique gifts is simply awesome! You feel guided and supported. And just like that, there it is. Your next idea just whispered in your ear: "Here I am, I am ready for you to create me.

Do you see what happened there?
When your Creative Soul is asking for attention and you listen, you tap into limitless creativity and open your life for flow.


Your creativity is always there. Flow is always there. It will always give you an instant energy fusion. It will always make your eyes shine and cause the corners of your mouth to curl up in a smile. It will always make you feel joyful. It will always spark your dreams wide awake.

Is that what you want too? Great!
That's why I created the Creative Flow Toolkit for Superheroes. So you can create without asking for permission and bring the ease of flow back in.

The Creative Superheroes Toolkit is a Delightful, Easy to Follow 14 Step online course. Designed to bring maximum Creative Change, Happiness and the Magic of Flow in very little time. 

14 fun and effective lessons 

  • How to be confident  - even  when you don't feel it yet. 
  • How having faith in your senses helps you to become truly innovative.
  • How to get help from your own very best Creative Superhero friend.
  •  How to befriend your fears and make them your best allies.
  •  How to become 100% clear on your unique purpose in this life.
  • How to fall in love with your own creative soul (without making a difficult work of art).
  • How to raise your creativity from 5 % to 100 %.

All the tools you need

  • 14 Easy and Fun lessons.​
  • A beautiful workbook that guides you and challenges you to use every creative cell in your body and mind.
  • Ready to use printable superheroes and villains to use as you like.
  • A Facebook group with women from all over the world who will applaud you.
  • My support in the Facebook group

Easy + Fun = Profound Result 

  • ​You feel connected to your creativity and your shining inner light.  
  • ​Your life feels rich and has meaning and direction.
  • You have faith in your abilities to bring change, and to be the cause of change.
  • You have set your creative life in full motion. Expect Magic and Miracles.
  • You know you ARE creative without feeling the need to proof it to anyone.


"I live a creative life! This pushed me kindly out of my comfort zone..."

"It elevated myself to a point of higher understanding as well as transcended both my comfort zone and my culture’s comfort zone. (…) it kindly pushed me out of my comfort zone in order to live a more creative life."

- Luna Love Owner and founder Little Miss Tarot

"I’m forever grateful for Esther’s support!!”

“Working with Esther is the best thing I did for my business (…)  She helped me reconnect with myself, get clarity on what I want and set a path on achieving that in a way I am comfortable with and it didn’t take long to see the results.
I often finished our sessions by calling her a “miracle-doer”. She is incredible at tuning in to your needs, to the situation and identifying (underlying) issues I was not always aware of.”

- Rayna van Aalst Owner and founder of Reina Organics

You came to this world with a fully intact capability of expressing yourself.

It is inextricably linked to you, like breathing and the beating of your heart.

Maybe you feel you’re not very creative now. But creativity is not for artists only.  Creativity manifests itself in you the moment you’re figuring out what to wear, how to set the table for beloved guests or how to get more people to your website.

When you open your heart to creativity, you invite happiness, joy and transformation in your life. But often – somewhere at school – we ditch our free flowing creativity and start relying more on our brains.

You forget you have that beautiful Creative Soul to guide you. You have grown to believe you have to be really good at something before you can share your endeavors and ideas. The shiny result has become more important than having fun doing it.

When you grow older your life becomes more and more stressed and busy. Often there is simply no place for the freedom of creativity because you've lapsed into survival mode. We rather go for practical and efficient.

No time for doing something just for the Joy of Doing it.  But staying in our survival mode wears you out. The twinkle in your eyes diminishes, your energy level drops.

But when your Creative Soul is asking for your attention and you listen, you tap into your - always present – creativity. It gives you an instant energy fusion. Your eyes start to shine, the corners of your mouth will curl up in a smile. You’re having fun and your dreams are being awakened.

And that’s exactly why I invite you to dive into the Creative Superheroes Toolkit. It is my sincere wish that this Toolkit will help you regaining your faith in your Creative Soul.

This is why I made the toolkit. Because I know how living a 5 % creative life feels. 
Yes, l really do.

My name is Esther de Charon de Saint Germain.
According to my clients I'm a Miracle Worker, I am also an Soul Whisperer, artist, the author of The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual and - as stated by my diploma's - I'm an Art Historian and Certified Transformational Coach.   
 I work with female entrepreneurs who want to unleash their creative genius and be the master of their own business and life.
I wish I could tell you my creative life has been on full blast since I was a little girl. Like 100 %. Or even something like 75 %. But unfortunately I can't. I betrayed my creative happiness for more than 25 years. 

I quit Art School in my final year, because I felt there was no space left for me. Instead I worked in the world of Art, Design and Branding as a Coach, Consultant and Art Historian.

I had loved creating, but all my brushes were up in the attic, hidden in a box. 

I became partner in a white-collar corporate consultancy firm,  and felt utterly miserable. Until the night I cried out in my empty room: Okay I give up. What is my purpose?’

I looked down and there was a piece of paper, without being aware of it I had written: Creative Fire.

Those words marked a completely new path. Nowadays I work with women from all over the world. I bridge the gap between their deepest desires and Creative Source. I support women who align their creative powers with their life and soul. I clear obstacles and heal fear, using my personal story and alchemist tools.

 And yes, I live a remarkable, messy, very imperfect and happy art life that feels like 100% creative.

"I feel energized and motivated and a lot clearer in my next steps..."

"Thank you Esther for this fun and very helpful challenge.
The assignments were simple but helped me gain some big insights – I reconnected with the playful, messy side of creativity, that I’ve been neglecting for a while. I feel energized and motivated and a lot clearer on what steps to take next in my jewelry business."

Laurien Owner Laurelinde Jewellery

"It opened my creative perspective and it was a warm and sparkling journey" 

“This experience opened my creative perspective.
It was warm and sparkling. It's hard to express what it did to me, or what exactly happened. But is was so good. ”

- Maika Cheizoo Owner Djemmee teambuilding

Are you Ready to bring Flow right back into your Life?


Why this program is totally different from anything you did before:

The Creative Superhero Toolkit is designed especially for women who know it's time to empower their creativity. As a fully empowered woman you shine, innovate and bring change. First in your inner world, than your outer world.

This is not an art class. You will not learn how to paint a flower. You do learn how to get unstuck when you feel the urge to create something, but fear it's not going to be perfect. New flash: perfect is beige and boring.  

However this toolkit will inevitably lead you to creating art. Maybe it's a beautiful meal, a post on Facebook or a drawing. Whatever it is, you will love the process, it will be imperfect and gloriously beautiful  

This program is your chance to work with what you already got. Your senses, your imagination and every unique -  and naturally present - creative and innovative cell in your body and mind. I guarantee you will feel deep appreciation for that wonder called creativity that already lives inside of you.

The program is self-paced, well-structured and totally overwhelm free. And - if I may say so - Very High Value. 

You're almost there and you can start in 5 minutes from now.
Buy and open your toolkit, download your workbook and bring Flow back in your Life today.



Get this Toolkit for yourself.
Or buy it for a loved one you want to have the gift of unlimited creative freedom too.

This year the Toolkit is very low priced. 
okay, it's dead cheap and soooo worth it

Because I don't want the prize to be an obstacle for you.
Remember? I'm on a mission. I want you to use that wonderful creativity to get the life you love.
Do it Nike style: Just do it.

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" Great way to get in touch with my creative side."

"It was a great way of starting the day for 15 days in a row. I felt free to follow the challenges given or follow my own path. The international group gave it a different touch…Great way to get in touch with your creative side (again)! Thanks!!”

- Marianne van Velzen Owner Wisselland 

"Creative, empowering, enthusiastic!”

“I liked it very much. It was creative, empowering, enthusiastic and nice to share it with women from all over the world!”

- Karin Straatman Owner Aandacht voor jou