Testimonials / What Brave Women Entrepreneurs Say About Working With Esther

Marjon Bakker Soul Whisperer

I Felt at Home and that Touched me Deeply

I joined the program because I wanted to learn more about branding and my brand. How can I show the real and authentic me, with all my wonderfully weirdness and without overwhelming my clients with everything I am?

I loved to work with Esther and with this group of wonderfully weird women. I felt at home and that touched me deeply. I loved the way we supported and mirrored each other. That has been so helpful to me!
I'll continue with the Mastermind Esther is offering. Why? Because I do things deep, thoroughly and I gave everything - and I felt invited to go deep.

Also, I need time to really show the real me, relaxed and natural. I feel Esther and the women in the group will help me with that. I don't want to end here. It was way too good to stop.

Nicky Kaaij Personal trainer + Coach

I Have Found my Niche and Feel Powerful

“I joined the program with Esther because I realized there are more women like me and we are wonderful. I have never felt so safe in any environment. It is just awesome to go on a journey like this in a group with likeminded souls.

I have found my niche and I feel strong and okay with it. I still have to do more work on the how and the when but that will come. I have made some great friends. I have seen women be honest, brace, strong, vulnerable and awesome.

There is sooo much support in this group it is just wonderful to really be YOU. Thank you, Esther. I am not sure you realized up front what impact you would have on everyone. Thank you.

Martha Pelkman Author, founder of the Pelkman Method


I wanted to work on my biz, but not IN my biz and I felt I needed a break so this retreat came up at the right time and the right moment.

I hoped to get answers on what my business should look like, maybe get a different name for my business and the retreat gave you me the answers I needed. It turned out to be a whole lot lighter than I expected: I am moving away from my past and looking at the future

It feels so aligned that I started implemented it immediately!

To the women thinking about joining I would tell them totally to go. It digs deep, has a good balance between work and leisure time and is really fun to do!

Lauren Diana Scalf Psychic Intuitive Life & Business Mentor

Esther lights up my soul!

Esther lights up my soul. She is like the friend that is always there to give you a warm hug and a dash of brilliance whenever you need it. Being a part of the Brave Business Academy has given me permission to show up as ME in my business - unapologetically! Being able to learn my archetype has been so beneficial for me. It's given me clarity and helps me understand how I should best approach everything in my business. It also has helped me not be so hard on myself because now I understand why I do things the way I do - so now it's my business super power! I am so grateful to Esther and her support and magical approach to helping you show up with your unique light in your business!

Marenthe Otten Illustrator

Great things never come from comfort zones!

1. That there are specific types and that every type has superpowers and also pitfalls. Now I understand my actions, doubts and powers so much better.
2. Still working on that. Things are landing and not concrete yet. But I think my perspective is changing
3. I love the community, strong intelligent sensitive women.
4. Absolutely Unique and clarifying. And Ester is a unique wonderful person!

Mirjam van der Zee The Moonlady

I was able to change my prices from 50 to 950 Euros and I'm still not done!

I joined Somba with Esther because I needed the strategy and structure to embed my creativity

Since I joined Somba I was able to let go of some low paying, dear but time-consuming clients. Upped my prices significantly (from Euro 50 to Euro 950 and I'm still not done!) I've got a much better insight in my numbers: like clients, earnings and costs.

Somba taught me to keep track of my numbers, the value of strategy and structure, not to be overly impressed by tech stuff but just dive into it, or hire someone who loves that part.

From Esther, I learned the power of branding, and what branding suits me best. My ideal client and how to approach her, the value of what makes me unique and that there is value in all that is considered 'weird'.

The combination of Somba and The Academy is golden: Celebrate your uniqueness and see its value, while getting the tools to turn it in a truly profitable business, that might as well be BIG! Esther did it, and so can you: make a six-figure - and up - business out of your passion.

Christina Påhlman Female Entrepreneur

The community in Brave is fantastic, supportive and fun

Esther is one of kind.
The way she’s supporting your business-building is liberating. You don’t have to adjust or style yourself to be something different than you are. She is great in guiding you to become more of yourself, more authentic. She has a sixths sense finding your skills and business opportunity.
The community in Brave is fantastic, supportive and fun. It’s a lot easier to move forward in business when connected to Esther and her team.

Dieuwertje Homan founder of Open Yoga

Esther helped me on my Path of Life

Strong, creative, stable, joyful, sweet and sincerely. Those are the words that describe Esther to me. She is an inspiring person who helps you on your Path of Life. She gives, shares and teaches you. She is the woman who will be there for you!

Amazon Customer

I love this book with its appealing title

I love this book with its appealing title. it is about “When you’re sick of never experiencing the bliss of knowing you are enough, you need art. When you feel trapped in NOT KNOWING your place in this world, you need art. When you tell yourself you have time. It can wait. You need art. Art will help you come to terms with your perfectionism and procrastination, it will mirror your love, even if you don’t feel it yet.” About all the reasons why you did not start yet to be you can be enough and what to do about it. About looking to be happy from within instead of searching outside. About not being alone. “Reach Out, Share your Gift, be Unapologetically you. Use your unbelievable superpowers and be the change”. With beautiful illustrations. 5 Stars!

Glenny Sijlbing Zin in Kleur Coach

I Learned to Play and found my Unique Way of Working as a Coach

Esther, your The Real You program made me realize and helped me to use my creativity more in my business. I learned to play more and found my own way of working as a coach.

Sissi Ryland Spiritual Teacher

I really recommend every female entrepreneur to sign up to SOMBA, and don't miss the opportunity to get unique help from Esther!

I signed up for SOMBA because I was overwhelmed by all the information 'what you should and shouldn't do as an entrepreneur, and I just love the steps in SOMBA, it helped me to be on the right track.

I signed up with Esther because I worked with her before and love her energy, ideas and thoughts. She really sees every person in their uniqueness, and it felt wonderful to be in a smaller group and be able to get personal help with the goals.

I really recommend every female entrepreneur to sign up to SOMBA, and don't miss the opportunity to get unique help from Esther!

Marjolein Doesburg-van Kleffens Vitality expert, soulchemist and author

You will find yourself amongst amazing supportive women

Esther made me see that I don’t need to be a very extroverted salesy person to become a successful entrepreneur.
She made me discover that it’s not necessarily about products or coaching. I can start a movement!
That realisation made me cry and made me feel connected to my true inner being.
And really, anyone who feels inside an urge you can’t explain nor deny, you definitely should join the Brave Business Academy. You will find yourself amongst amazing supportive women, you’re immersed in a lot of very personal authentic tips and support to lead and grow you business with confidence and braveness. There’s no one else who does this the way Esther and her amazing team do this

Maria Stepanoff Happy Family Food Expert, owner Next Breakfast

Esther offered an irresistible package of holding my hand for the first 3 months in Somba

I signed up for Somba with Esther because she offered an irresistible package of holding my hand for the first 3 months. In this smaller group, we supported each other as well as being guided by Esther. It was like going to a new school with your best friend. Thank you!

It helps to have like-minded weird people around, it helps to have a clique who have similar fears and speak the same language (not literally)

Health warning: Working with Esther is addictive

Kristin Engel Architect and Interior Designer

With the right kind of coaching and determination you can accomplish anything!

Esther showed me that it could be much easier to connect to your soul clients than you every thought before. The secret key is really to be brave and „the real you“. And Esther will show you how to do that. I feel much more confident about my business and myself since I am working with her and it makes so much fun to concentrate on those things you really love in business. If you want to have that too go on with Esther!

Sandra Birth teacher, natural birth coach

The Real You Lead to Personal Growth

I joined the Real You because my negative thoughts and insecurity were blocking my growth as an entrepreneur. Esther truly believes in you, she's able to connect members of a group and create a real community. That feeling of 'togetherness' feels so good.

Because of the Real You, I feel so much more confident and positive. I communicate, post online, market and grow my business without listening to negative thoughts. I'm truly grateful for that. I even feel like I live more consciously. The Real You lead to real success, I was able to change a local business into an online business.

Selen Graf Animal Health Expert & Healer

I have Found my Soul Clients

I was always rethinking who my ideal client was and how to approach them. I knew how important this is for the whole communication, services, branding, etc. and just felt stuck as I did not know which steps to take.

I tried to find my soul clients and my zone of genius so I really could give to the world. But if you are not working with the right clients it might feel like you are doing well, but nothing really happens - I could not grow and it felt like I was doing the same as many others...

The Real You has a totally different approach. Other programs are mostly looking at the market, trends and are defining your niche or ideal clients based on external factors. In the Real You, you will learn to feel your feminine strengths and to connect deeply to your soul client. No one else can tell you whom you have to focus on. You have to listen to your heart and look first what you love to do. And the Real You takes you through this journey.

Just to talk to Esther :-) It is a truly feminine approach which is very unusual in the marketing world. To work with the energies, with our own strengths and our own life purpose was great.

I have found my soul clients - which were by the way not whom I have expected. But after that, I could realize a very core strength of mine which I had been refusing to give access. I could find my zone of genius so quickly and turn it in a program. After only 1 Month I created - and sold - my first 12-month group coaching program for my soul clients

You need to join the Real You because we need to change the world! Esther is going on a new path, working strongly with the feminine energy. If you think that everything else feels like a bubble, you want to find your soul clients and change the world, then you will find help here.

Mirjam Blekkenhorst Owner Ytra Lón Farm Lodge, Solitude Retreats

I'm Not Afraid to Show Up as the Real Me Anymore

I've been running a business for a long time and had come to the point I wanted to make changes. I wanted to realize a more personal niche for me in my business and delegate other aspects of the work to other people. I just wasn't clear on what my personal niche should look like. Because of the Real You I've more confidence and not afraid to show up as the Real Me.

The way Esther presents herself and her products resonated with my artistic and unconventional way of approaching things.

I had to convince myself that I was worth the investment at this point in life. Esther is so colorful, cheerful, confident and sincere. I really felt like I was important to her. She takes a lot of time and effort to 'feel you' and understand what you are all about. She's able to think outside the box and let you look at things from new perspectives. Very refreshing, like wake up calls. She´s pushing you - very gentle - because you have to do the work.

What exceeded my expectations is the great community Esther has managed to create around her services. Women really inspiring, helping and encouraging each other. The quality time Esther spends with her clients and the superb support she gives everybody.

It's personal, it's out of the box, it's real, it's colorful, it's quirky, it's the support you are looking for. Nothing is too strange or out of her league. Esther is very diverse and able to see solutions in any field of practice.

I wouldn't be surprised I would do this workshop again sometime while growing and looking for other solutions for me or my business.

Valérie Romano Mindset Energy Coach


I wanted to stop questioning 'Who I Am' and find the Real ME so I could build my new brand. I wanted to rewrite my story - and after the retreat that page is already turned, filled with all that I am.

I joined this retreat because I was ready to invest in myself in a classy, meaningful way and Esther's brand really appeals to me. The way she speaks, talks, shows up, her style, wording, and her way of perceiving life.

The retreat gave me what I needed. It feels like the RED CARPET is laid out for me. I only have to pick up the diamonds and let them connect with the energy of my Sun.

To people who are thinking about joining I would say that they should REAAAAAALLLLLY take this opportunity if you want to rise and find out what makes you unique. Being around Esther and these beautiful women in the retreat was a Celebration of Life at its Purest Essence.

Doreen Gail Creative Copy Expert | Writer Editor | Storyteller

Esther helped me realize I can be my wonderfully quirky self and have a successful business - it doesn’t have to be one or the other!

I’ve always felt like there was something wrong with me, because I tend to do/feel/see things differently than others. This hit me hardest when starting my business, as I felt like I had to do things in a certain way, that didn’t feel wholly aligned with who I am. Esther helped me realize I can be my wonderfully quirky self and have a successful business - it doesn’t have to be one or the other. This shift in perspective has helped me push forward in spite of my fears. With Esther’s support and guidance I feel seen, understood, and celebrated because of who I am and the unique brand of magic I bring to the world. Her wisdom, insights, and the positive support, encouragement, and love she showers on everyone in her community is a blessing for the world.

Susanna Reay Visibility Coach for introverts

I am a lot more structured in how and what I am putting out to my clients.

I signed up for Somba with Esther as I knew her extra attention to help me find my feet in the big SOMBA group would be really useful, as coming in with hundreds of others can feel quite a daunting prospect!

Esther's monthly group calls and especially the first welcome call was particularly helpful as it introduced me to some of the SOMBA women in a more personal way and I found my SOMBA buddy through doing this, which was far nicer than all the text intro posts.

Cecile Noldus Art School teacher, Visual Artist

I signed up for Somba with you Esther, because I know you care and you love creativity.

I want to become better in online marketing, so I want to be guided by someone who is creative. You made me feel creative and enough.

Often coaches act and think differently than artists we thankfully had the Wonderfully Weird Somba group where we could discuss more creatively in a smaller group. As an artist I also felt restricted by the rules, our small group gave me a "home".

The Somba school is just the best thing. I took action in a crazy way, learned to make a campaign and my first mailing list, and made a video that got shared at least 45 times or more. And now I am running a course, I dare to say it is wonderful. People are engaged and I teach what I love.

Amy Lindner-Lesser Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Life Coach

A breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy world!

I love the Brave Business Academy because it is so different from all the other business groups for female entrepreneurs worldwide! Esther De Charon De Saint Germain has developed a program which gets your basic business personality and then works with you to build your business around you; helping you to brand uniquely, boldly, and confidently! A breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy world!

Marjolein van Braam Morris Visual recorder & visual facilitator

Full attention for the process, for playing and exploring.

This was a huge gift to myself. Not working on the end result, but the full attention for the process, playing and exploration. The wonderful relaxed and hospitable location, the delicious lunch and loving, open and encouraging guidance of Esther. It all resulted into a great day.

A full day being amazingly imperfect? Just do it!

Daniela Fouseki

I joined Authentically you group and felt so beautiful in a group of women who give so much to their families, business and life.

Dear Esther, I wanted to thank you for being so wonderfully supportive and so authentically you!
I joined the 5 days Authentically you group and felt so beautiful, belonging in a group of women who want to give so much to their families, their business, their life.
I want to tell you I felt the hands on the last day's soul whisper experience, it was beautiful! the feeling I am reached by a kind action of spiritual exercise. Thank you for keeping a safe ground.
Thank You for organizing Authentically You, and for giving me the opportunity to participate and meeting you!
I am wishing you Best Of Success! I am inspired with your work and initiative, and I will be very glad to meet you in person some day.

Eva Jamníková Musician

Under her leadership, I feel like someone special

I am grateful for the great realization that I am a vision dreamer. The description of my personality helped me to understand, where are my weaknesses and where I am unique. It strengthened my self-confidence because I was no longer comparing myself to others. Under her leadership, I feel like someone special and I have strong feeling that I will grow with her a lot.

Rachael Skyring Yoga instructor/artist

I was uncertain about the outcome and pleasantly surprised how thoroughly I enjoyed the process

“I resonated immediately with her description of sensitive, renaissance, intelligent, artistic, creative soul (though I am no artist), but I was uncertain about the outcome at the outset.

Then in addition, Esther's insights are extraordinary. It (annoyingly ;) ) feels like she sees my soul better than I do - yet. I feel possibility opening in front of me where before there was mostly doubt and fear and obscurity. And it has happened fast. Love that. The most powerful of pleasures from beginning to end - and it's not over yet!"

Amazon customer

Reading this book was like taking a deep, calming breath.

Reading this book was like taking a deep, calming breath. It was like I was reading about myself. Laughing at the similarities, goosebumps of the fact I am not the only misfit out there. It made all my senses tinkle. A fun read from end to start. A book you don't wanna put down. Thnx Esther for sharing your wonderful words, arts, and stories with me. Loved every minute of it!

Lynn Coleman Easier English

I've grown as a person and in my business and I know that there's a lot more to come.

I'd done a challenge with Sigrun and Esther and was really impressed with the warmth and encouragement in the group. I felt like I made friends in a few days and I learned a lot.

When Somba came along I really needed to think things over. I'd promised myself I'd finish off another course I'd already purchased before I would do anything else. Then the Academy came along and that felt different than a course, it was easier to step into.

I wanted to market myself and my company in a way I felt comfortable with and be more successful while staying myself

Because of Somba I've run my first challenge and online course. I started sending out my newsletter regularly and am now happy to do webinars. I'm seeing more and more opportunities every day and I know I'm on my way to success.

The soul whispers - you get in the Brave Branding Academy - are always very powerful The monthly accountability groups are great too, I'm getting more and more structured by the day (that's a good thing!)

Esther knows what she's talking about and encourages you in a realistic, warm, creative way. You go from feeling like you have it in you to be really successful, while doubting it at the same time, to celebrating what you are, what you have to share and working towards your goal. I've grown as a person and in my business and I know that there's a lot more to come.

Alina Barna Brand Product and Lifestyle Photographer

Her soulful approach to all the "earthy" tasks is unique and I am really thankful I got to work with her!

What is really important for me and how Esther helped me with a lot to accomplish - is actually moving from planning stage to implementing in a soft and natural way. She helped me with the mindset, making me realise once again that only through self-love and acceptance you can do great things for yourself and for others. The launching of my photography course this spring is out there partly thanks to her, and I am so grateful for her advice. Her soulful approach to all the "earthy" tasks is unique and I am really thankful I got to work with her!

Félicité N'gijol Artist & author

This was is and will be a defined moment in my life

Thank you, Esther, for this amazing trip in realness. This was is and will be a defining moment in my life. I can see the difference, my friends do too. You helped me accept my fear, face and bless my past and dare to build a future for me, the people around me and the world. I am now living with open arms. Ready to give ready to receive.

I learned to ask for help and the answers were awesome... I could go on and on. It was deep. I am going to my paints and my writings now. Thank you to you all beautiful women I felt our joy our fear our sadness and our victories. May our lights shine as we have so much to offer and so little to lose.

Love ya!

Loretta Hamilton

Individuality triumphs over stale marketing and sales ideas

In the Academy individuality triumphs over stale marketing and sales ideas also this is a group of the most like-minded women I've ever come across. It's so helpful.

Rayna van Aalst Founder Reina Organics

Working with Esther is the best thing I did for my business

Working with Esther is the best thing I did for my business since I started it! Esther helped me reconnect with myself, get clarity on what I want and set a path on achieving that in a way I am comfortable with and it didn’t take long to see the results. I often finish our sessions by calling her a “miracle-doer”.

She is incredible at tuning in to your needs, to the situation and identifying (underlying) issues I was not always aware of. I’m forever grateful for Esther’s support.

Marielle Kleynjan Artist/photographer

I was surprised how much I loved the whole experience. The journey taught me to rely on my unique creativity. I never knew my creative magic power was this big! It feels great. Building, experimenting and creating things - I loved the feeling of playing without feeling the fear of the outcome! This was so much fun.

Mojca Fo Artist / storyteller

You will learn very fast

The Wonderfully Weird Branding Academy is a beautiful intimate very supportive group. Serious and at the same time fun. You will learn very fast because there are great souls with a lot of knowledge in the group.

Jane Adlington English International Communication Training

I thank my lucky stars that I clicked and enrolled

Thank you, Esther and all you lovely ladies. I must admit that from day one with the five-day challenge and Esters fantastic free book I was totally bowled over with the whole program and thank my lucky stars that I clicked and enrolled.

I wish all you ladies who do all the best and I look forward to continuing our contact here with the real you for the next 10 months at least. It’s been a great pleasure getting to know you all and I look forward to continuing xxx

Amazon Customer

The World needs us!

This book is so helpful for me. I am not crazy! It is okay to have so many ideas, quick thinking, creative interests, chaotic approach etc. And I am not the only one!! This manual really helps me a lot to accept ME who I am and inspires me to share ME with the World! It is true, the world needs us to make it a better place! More colour, more fun, more laughter, more play, more love, more spontaneity, more life! Thank you so much, Esther, for inspire me to shine more! I recommend this book with my whole heart for all the weird woman's out there and for there loved ones a must read too.

Marie Josephine

I got goosebumps on the first page, cried at the end of the first chapter! Buy this book!

A dear friend gave me this book as a present because she knew I was sensitive, creative and felt quite often overwhelmed (with a brain that always seems to go so much faster than the average person brain).

I’ve never written a review before, but I feel obliged to tell you: ”BUY THIS BOOK”. I got goosebumps on the first page, cried at the end of the first chapter and laughed when I read the very recognizable stories.

This is not your every day Self-Help book, it’s rude sometimes, funny and written with a lot of love. The author is a coach who works with Wonderfully Weird women, she is very open and honest about her own mistakes. This book is far from vain or self-absorbed (something I find hard to deal with in some Self-Help books). It feels like we’re in it together. It felt very much seen and understood, I've never experienced this before.

I loved the chapter about how to learn you are enough and I absolutely adored the beautiful colorful artwork. There is a gorgeous online "Art soul Sanctuary" with a lot of art assignments (will dive in the goodies when I have a day off) and there's a clever book Playlist, with absolutely wonderful music to listen to while you're reading.

There are a lot of really simple tips and tricks that help you deal with sensitivity and the feeling of overwhelm. I applied them straight away and they work like magic. There also is a chapter for Non-Wonderfully Weird friends, partners, and relatives. I read it to my husband (and I cried all the time because it made me realize how important it is to understand -- and be understood -- each other at a deep level. )

All in all, I feel this book truly is my Manual! If you are multi-passionate, sensitive and smart, get the book and read it. 5.0 out of 5 stars

Michelle Seaton Attraction Marketing Coach

Don't miss an opportunity to work with Esther

When you walk into a room to work with Esther, be prepared to walk out changed. There is a certain energy, a warmth, that will draw out the deepest and sometimes the darkest sides of you.

This isn’t something to be afraid of – as we all know, the most brilliant diamonds are buried in the darkest of shadows. Esther artfully takes you by the hand, in the safety of the circle of women she creates and gently allows you to own what you have known all along, just how brilliant and unique you really are.

She skillfully leads you on a journey of self-led discovery and you leave the experience with a brand so authentic, that you will forget the concept of there being any competition, and confidently step into the creation of your dream business. Don't miss an opportunity to work with her.

Carmen Al Mashaileh Owner In 2 Jordan,

Esther helped us to share our passion with our customers.

Esther gave us both great insights into our own position as the tools to share our passion with our customers. Whether you’re looking for spiritual guidance or you want to translate your passion into a practical communication, Esther is the woman you’re looking for.
She guided us step by step through our design process and asked all the right questions. This also gave us both great insights into our own position and the tools to share our passion with

Mirjam van der Zee Tarot Queen, Moon Lady, Deep Diving Coach

Esther Made me Aware of Who I'm Really am and what my True Qualities are

My struggle has always been to see and show what makes me special, stand out, unique.

I tried funnels, marketing tools, all sorts of things! But of course, those only work when you know yourself, what you have to offer and why that is of value...

I was afraid that joining Esther's branding magic, would force me to put on yet another mask, maquillage or other dress-up props. Boy, was I wrong!

Esther has ways to make you aware of who you really are and what your true qualities are - the things you do well that you don't even recognise them as qualities. The things you think anybody can do! Which is so not true!

I know now why and how I stand out, and Esther and my wonderfully weird fellow masterminders helped me find the confidence to really unapologetically own and show my qualities! Never in a million years would I have dared to 'show off' my strong points!

Now I feel it is far from showing off - there are people out there that need to know what I do because they need me to thrive!

I feel so much more free and confident and professional! No longer an ugly duckling, I dare to be a royal swan these days! Showing up takes so much less energy this way!

If you can't articulate your uniqueness, go to Esther. If you often feel the outsider, she'll help you turn that pain into your strength and your brand!

You are born. Therefore you have the right to exist, to be YOU and to take all the time and space you need. Stop trying to blend in, stop struggling all on your own, stop making yourself smaller than you actually are. And start enjoying a happy unique weird and abundant life!

Love, and thank you from the bottom of my heart

Nor S. Santiago Entrepreneur

It was so nice being part of your generosity.

Esther ...you are great...because you are helping a lot of entrepreneurs, investing your time, effort and resources for free...imagine that. Such a generous person.. anyway for sure God will give it back to you a hundredfold. It was so nice being part of your generosity. More power!!!

Sandra van der Hooft Pregnancy and Labor Consultant

You don't have to do it alone, join The Brave Business Academy!

Since I joined the academy I have developed enormously on a personal and business level. Esther shows you that these two things go together. She can touch you deeply and hold up a mirror to you. Despite the struggle, I have not stopped because of Esther. She makes you keep confident and going. I have sold my first online course. This is amazing no it only can grow.
The support you experience in the group of women who all have the same goal is so valuable. You can ask anything, there is always someone who can support you. And there is the accountability group! If you need to take steps and experience support in this, then this alone is so valuable. Esther and her team are Amazing. They think along, give sincere advice and are full of love.
You don't have to do it alone, join The Brave Business Academy and you will take steps, find support and be seen. There is one way to find out. JOIN!

Iris van Graven Copy writer and Green expert ​

I am not afraid to show my creations and write for a really cool online magazine.

Esther's story felt warm and light, I wanted to live more from my joy, flow, and creativity. Working with Esther made me feel powerful, heart-warmed, light and inspired. My energy is softer, that affected my colleagues, family, friends.

I felt powerful, heart-warmed, light and inspired during and after our Soul Whisper session.

My energy was softer and that affected my colleagues, family, friends. I could choose more easily and was able to create my dream life while feeling content at the same time. Only a couple of weeks later I found a wonderful place to live and I fell in love. I never experienced this before.

These days I am not afraid to show my creations and write a monthly poem and column for a cool online magazine.

Susanne Höhne Art Gallery Owner

Immediately I reached more sales than ever before. Yeah!

Thank you so much for the Brave Academy.
I love the spirit in this great group and the love we give each other. There is some great content to find in the Brave Business Academy Area. You just do the test and follow the guidelines and you reach some amazing results:

My biggest insight: I am not alone. Many entrepreneurs struggle with similar issues and I can solve it with the help of someone who went through it and have a clear view from outside the box.

I did the test and found out that I am a great mix between local hero and visionary dreamer. I implemented the tips for these business types and it worked great. So I did my first outsourcing projects to concentrate more on marketing than creating new stuff (which I love to do all the time) and Voilá:
Immediately I reached more sales than ever before. Yeah!

Also, I had some mindset shifts - I can live with love and abundance right now ❤️ every single moment of my life.

I love the spirit of this group - I can reach out with all my questions and find support. That is why I recommend Esthers program to every entrepreneur who loves to get some good and worthful support.
By the way, I am also in the mastermind group of Esther - where I can reach out and get personally advice in a smaller group - which is a super great help.

Sunray Leoni Dollase The Organized Cardigan

I joined Somba because I needed more creativity and LOVE

I watched Esther's interview with Sigrun and was touched by it. Esther's topic about branding really helps me because I was at this stage where I searched for "my business self".

I also needed an extra portion of CREATIVITY and LOVE in my Oh So strategic business life! And with Esther and the Academy, I got just that.

Janet Groom Author & Writer coach

Got a dream? The Branding Academy is the place for you

If you are a sensitive creative soul who has a dream to shine in this world and seeks a group where you are nurtured - the Branding Academy is the place for you

Barbara Pfeifer Creator

The Real You Was a Great Experience For Me.

The Real You Mastermind was a great experience for me. Our group got together through thick and thin, for private matter as well as business wise.
Esther was great in supporting us, emotionally and businesswise. She is a wonderfully weird a great doula, consultant, coach, and friend as well.
I always looked forward to our mastermind calls, since there we discussed a lot and supported each other life. Our FB group was very lively, supporting and as well funny.
Thank you, Esther, for this marvelous time.

Saskia Hector Manager Education Department Health Care

Esther reconnected me with inner self and my own creative business

Esther challenged me to be serious about my aims and to share my capacities with the world. Esther is a creative thinker, who challenges me to be serious about my aims and to share my capacities with the world. We worked together as trainers and sparring partners. To me her creativity knows no borders, she is positive and an incorrigible romantic who is capable of making beautiful connections.
Esther visualizes ideas in colors and shapes while getting to the bare essentials.


A book with a great emotional impact.

The author's heartfelt insight, clever writing, and quirky-yet-beautiful illustrations give this book a great emotional impact. If this is what being "wonderful and weird" means, then we need more of it!

5 Stars, great read!

Tineke Blokzijl Business Coach

So, do yourself a favour and join me in the academy NOW!

Where to start when I want to tell you why you should join Esther's Brave Business Academy? First and foremost, I absolutely do need to begin with Esther's energy. Through how she is her wonderfully weird (entrepreneurial and creative) self I got to relax about not fitting in, about not being able to build my business on the beaten tracks. I already knew that I would have to go about this in my own scenic route, but it is so great to see, hear and feel that there are so many likeminded women, who are brave enough to own their weirdness. Joining the Academy is a deep dive into discovering your own path, and the very best thing is that you don't have to do it alone - Esther & her awesome team have your back, and it is great to have a community of entrepreneurs where you can ask for help and who YOU can help as well. The academy is jam packed with awesome courses and even more will be added along the way. So, do yourself a favour and join me in the academy NOW

Amazon Reader

Read it and exhale..

5 Stars! She speaks to you, directly, straight into your heart! Read it and exhale..

Kalotina Tsangaris Therapist

Esther kicks butts in a loving way. That is my way too. Be brave. Be you. Just do it.

Since I joined I have left a job that no longer served me and pursued more of my creative loves. I have found more of who I am. The structure of setting up my business helped me do that.

I joined Somba with Esther because I wanted to learn how to be an entrepreneur, transform my passion into profit and I really needed support. I now know how to focus and to redefine what I thought I wanted in business to what is aligned with me in my business.

I joined Esther because I already worked with her several times. Esther brings in the creative and raw (rough diamond) approach to help you shine in your authentic way. And she is funny and intuitive. Esther is REAL.

I find it difficult to not join her in anything she does. She kicks butts in a loving way. That is my way too.

In the Brave Branding Academy and the special Bonus Sisterhood it's all about vulnerability and Just do it.
So, yes, I'm very happy with my bonus gifts!

To women who are thinking about joining the Brave Business Academy, I say: "Be brave. Be you. Just do it."

Jennifer Norton Chief Creative Officer

I am so proud of myself for gifting myself this time with you!

Thank you, Esther, for caring, for being so brave and fun and loving and inventive. Thank you for following your path towards wonderful weirdness, so that I could meet you and benefit so greatly from your work and ideas and generosity. I love you Esther, and am so proud of myself for gifting myself this time with you! You are all good things, a blessing, a treasure, a forever friend. Thank you sincerely for being YOU written from my heart. Meeting you is the greatest event of 2017 for me! <3

Jenne Ragazzo-Chase Kinesiologist | Hypnotherapist | Therapeutic Art Life Coach

The magic of the community, the connection, daily support makes this the place to be supported on all levels.

With Esther’s loving soulful guidance I have come to realise that I can become and BE the “Focus Queen”. And that even being unique, vulnerable and an introvert has its advantages. Being in alignment with my own motives and values and slowly but surely overcoming all obstacles to being the best version of me for my business. The magic of the community, the connection, daily support makes this the place to be. Supported on all levels.

Amazon Customer

It is a tremendous relief to read that you are not the only one but that there is a whole community of wonderfully weird women

It is a tremendous relief to read that you are not the only one but that there is a whole community of wonderfully weird women.

Do you also have the feeling that you are different from the people around you? Read this book and you will understand why. It is a tremendous relief to read that you are not the only one but that there is a whole community of wonderfully weird women. I started reading this book and I could not stop before I read it to the last page. Some pages gave me goosebumps, other pages made me laugh, I was moved to tears sometimes, but most of all I am so happy to recognize myself in these pages and to see that I am not the only one, and that is actually wonderful to be weird.

Maika Cheizoo Djemmee teambuilding

It opened my creative perspective and it was a warm and sparkling journey.

Being part of your Real You creative soul program truly opened a completely new and creative perspective. It was a warm and sparkling journey. It’s very hard to express what it really did to me because it was truly effective. but - without a doubt- it SO good.

Agnes Somogyi Designer

Being Wonderfully Weird make Sense Now

Before I joined the Real You I was comparing myself to others and trying to find how to fit in the world of others. I felt insecure about who my soul clients were, which services to focus on, and what to offer. Also, I was not sure how to differentiate myself from others in my field.

I felt this the Real You was just what I needed.

I doubted if I needed to invest in my business but I just love how Esther combines her professional knowledge in branding with the soul whispers - which I find a fantastic way to make changes in the mindset.

After the Real You, I feel much more confident and clear about my values, my business, my services, and clients. I learned a lot about myself. I can see my strengths and weaknesses clearly and this helped me to improve business.

Esther helps you to improve yourself as an entrepreneur in a different, deepest way. It was great to share everything with other wonderful women and experience growing together.

Elma Ferreira creative enabler

The Branding Academy is an island for like-minded people.

No man is an island. Problem is, we are lucky if we find the right island where we can surround ourselves with like-minded people. I believe the academy offers that.

Maria Stepanoff Owner Next Breakfast

Being in her Mastermind Gives me a Sense of Belonging

Esther is a unique combination of motherly love and kick-ass inspirational coach. Her intuition and insight are razor sharp, her sensitivity to one's feelings is off the charts. Esther creates very special tribes, tribes of women who are game changers, sisters and who build each other up. To be in her mastermind gives me a sense of belonging, endless inspiration, support. The synergies are absolutely mind-blowing!

Anneke Krakers The Social Worker Entrepreneur

Nothing bad happens when I color outside the lines!

I created art with Esther for one entire Sunday. I never considered myself a creative woman. At least not in an 'Artsy Way'. High School Art Class trauma's :-). But it turned out to be such a delightful relaxed day.
More than that it taught me so much: nothing bad happens when I color outside the lines, beauty is often found in simplicity and sometimes you need to listen to your inner voice instead of the outside world.

Ellen Hielkema founder & host of ECOFEMINIST magazine

Because of SOMBA I think and act more like a CEO and less like a beginner.

I signed up for Somba with Esther because she has a wonderfully weird energy and I trust her. She's authentically and unapologetically herself and I admire her for that.

I knew you were the right choice.

Being in a smaller group, in particular, was helpful. You were like a warm nest to go to when all else was like a madhouse.

Dolly Heuveling van Beek Bureau Dolly

I am inspired by your beautiful photographs and art

Craft, art, individuality that’s what I feel and learn from your work. I am inspired by your beautiful photographs and art you share via your newsletter and social media. Craft, art, individuality that’s what I learn and feel in your work.

Sigrún Halla Ásgeirsdóttir Owner and Coffee Roaster at Als risteri

She will help develop you and your business in a way you probably didn’t think possible

Esther has a way of getting you engaged and in love with your business, in a great and colorful way. Her way makes you at the same time feel special and not at all alone. You feel that you are not alone with what you previously assumed to be flaws and you can work with those, as well as your strengths, in order to build up your very special and healthy business. She will help develop you and your business in a way you probably didn’t think possible.

Karin Turner Certified Feng Shui Practitioner


I joined the Real You program to help me with my new business, particularly in personal branding, building confidence, and sharpening my focus. I learned so much, especially about bringing my authentic self into my personal brand.

The course was seriously a series of "aha" moments for me! I am in the process of implementing much of what I learned into my business, and I am so excited to continue working with Esther. If you feel you struggle with how to make your business reflect your true self, you will love this course!

The group of women you will meet are amazing - creative, intelligent, and highly supportive. Go for it!

Anael Roseau​​ health professional

Working with Esther removed my obstacles

I needed to know what Esther would hear when I talked my truth. She was spot on to extract the biggest blocks and gave me a specific art assignment which quickly highlighted and removed my sabotage processes...

Rashmi Datt Acclaimed Author and founder Manage Emotions to Win

You Saw the Real Me Hidden Behind Veils of Self-doubt

Esther, just to say that I remember you often with great fondness. I have benefited a lot from being with you. Your practical tips and seeing the real me hidden behind the veils of self-doubt enable me also to see me. in many ways it transformed me. A big hug and thank you.

Kalotina Tsangaris Transpersonal Art Therapist and Counselor

Overwhelmed with Delight at the Results

I joined after the incredible experience I had with the 5-day free course. I was overwhelmed with delight at the results I received from such a creative and meaningful course.

I continued on as I wanted to learn more about me and to see how that could translate into a brand: my brand. The insights are many, what I had most Aha's with was the pinning exercise and the Queen exercise. How people saw me was so accurate that it blew me away.

The questions posed by women of the community really opened up the experience to another level. I can't wait to further these insights in the Accelerator Program. Thanks, Esther for this program and allowing me to be part of such a supportive global community of women. I have changed with that alone.

Kirsten Cooiman Blogger, teacher

A beautifully written book for women who feel intensely.

A beautifully written book for women who have too many interests and feel intensely. It is written in such a way that it speaks directly to your heart, soothing, loving and firmly! Love yourself with all your quirks, talents and sensitivities. I recommend wholeheartedly!

Thea Gerritsen artist, portrait maker

This day gave me the energy I had been deprived of for a long time.

I meditated on a hill and rested against a very firm tree with a lot of branches, and no leaves and my first impulse was: "space".
As an artist who realized her dreams and has her own candy store filled with crayons, color pencils and paint and lives in complete freedom and teaches this to other people as well it was such a huge revelation for me to find out I needed even more space!
Space for me!
Creating art with Esther provided me with the energy I had lacked for such a very long time. Apparently playing in someone else's garden is essential. That's why I need these kinds of gifts for myself.
Painting with my fingers, realizing -- for the first time in my life --- that drawing can come forth out of me, with incredible ease.
Thank you, Esther, for your humor, your gently self-mockery and the pleasant atmosphere in which you unite beautiful people and where you give them the opportunity to find important things for themselves.

Luna Love Little Miss Tarot

I seriously don’t know how to thank you, Esther, you got me out of a terrible creative rut

Through the Creative Journey program, I elevated myself to a point of truly understanding my needs and myself. It transcended both my personal comfort zone as well as my culture’s comfort zone.
It kindly pushed me out of my comfort zone in order to live a more creative life and was in the company of like-minded women.
I seriously don’t know how to thank you, Esther, you got me out of a terrible creative rut and, because of the things I’ve learned from you, I’ve helped a couple of fellow artists who were suffering that terrible block we all seem to go through every once in a while.

David P. CEO International Design Agency, husband of Susan and father of their three children

After one month Susan made more profit than the entire year before!

Dear Esther,

I want you to to know how happy Susan is after you mentored her. A few months ago Susan was – again – looking for a 'regular' job, or a volunteering gig. She was not able to fulfill her long-lived passion to work as a designer from her home studio - you know she didn't want to work at my firm because she's such an introvert. Her way of working is so personal.

She had tried many ways to make it work, called in the help of many people. But nothing really changed. Until she found you, I noticed there was a click right away. It took us 1 minute to decide on investing in your VIP Package.

I’m so incredibly glad we said yes. I could see the change immediately after your first session. The joy and the sparkling in her eyes are back. I really have been missing that. After one month she made more profit than the whole year before. Our children love spending time with her in her home office.

She is so happy and our entire family benefits from that.

Thank you,


Kirsten Schults Mind of her Own

I always give others space to do what they love. Now it's my turn!

I saw your program on Facebook and immediately thought : "I want this!" And wham, went back to 'being busy '. After one I week I realized: this I always do. Not taking the time to do what I love to do while giving others ample space to do what they love . Then I immediately signed up (...) .
It was lovely. The freedom to be messy. Not doing something useful, but be fully present in the moment. I run into myself all the time: how do I look at the things I create? Can I see what's really there, or do I look through a very old pair of glasses. Going through the process and right back to the moment. Incredibly informative and most definitely something to do again!

Lydian Medema

I found the answers I needed

To me, working with Esther differs from all other programs. It helped me to step outside my comfort zone because we worked with art. This - with the assignments and the art - helped me to find the answers I needed.

Not only in my head but also in a much deeper layer of wisdom."

Sacha Dench Creative Consultant. Followed swans from Arctic Russia to UK by Paramotor.

joining will open a new universe of advice and supporters where your big ideas have the best chance of turning into a functioning business.

I joined Somba because I want a 100K business. The Brave Business combination works for me. I got a lot of very practical entrepreneurial insights on strategy and entrepreneurship. And I learn all about branding, self-love, Sisterhood, creativity, connection, and marketing from Esther.

The creative, warm space in Esther's special Somba group and the Brave Branding compliments the special approach. Esther taught me there is magic to be made in embracing the authentic side of you, and what my strengths are.

If your own network of friends and associates aren't interested in being your sounding boards, or are but don't have combined decades of experience in online business, then joining will open a new universe of advice and supporters where your big ideas have the best chance of turning into a functioning business.

Fatima Tajic Female Entrepreneur

Every female entrepreneur should join Esther´s Academy!

I´ve learned so far that I have a hidden "Local Hero" in me and started to plan in this direction. I feel that I can be myself here, and that everyone is truly interested in helping and supporting. Every female entrepreneur should join Esther´s Academy, because of the wonderful and insightful content and the honest support that you´ll get.

Mirjam van der Zee The Practical Moonlady

The Day After the Retreat I Sold a Coaching Program

Despite all my efforts, there was something not congruent in my business and I wanted to align my branding with my Soul's mission.

That's why I joined the Retreat.

I was getting tired of all the hard work that not always pays off as it should.
We all know what is needed to build a thriving business. But to make it aligned with what you are here for on Earth is not so easy!

In this retreat, we reached deep into our souls and got extremely practical. Like: connecting to the big vision that keeps us going, the words that suit you best, the best colors for your brand, and everything in between.

Even the island itself was extremely inspirational. The lighthouse will be a part of my branding. I couldn't wait to start implementing!

And the most important thing: this amazing group of women. Intelligent, sensitive, daring to be vulnerable and bold... Open and helpful, asking difficult and helpful questions, being there when needed. And we had this amazing photographer Magda Zatari there!

To those thinking about joining I say: "YES! Because this retreat will totally align you. We went both deep and got very practical. It was very easy to translate meditations and dreams into practical, doable steps! The best thing: The day after I got home I had an introductory call with a prospect and I could easily sell a One on One program to her!

Irena Arting Ellis Artist

Eye Opening Experience!

Many things, hard to enumerate... the atmosphere of support in the group, seeing myself, truly, some of the soul whispering sessions I managed to attend, accountability buddies, brewing mastermind, feedback on my art, encouragement I usually give others, I have just finished my 21 day FB challenge and about to offer my paid course, thank you Katerina Juricova <3, as well as stepping more fully into my own practice... more visible, to myself and others, showed up, While in the Academy I have had an interview about my art, regular guest blogposts paid opportunities organically appearing in my inbox from outside the Academy too. Being myself Li Loo thank you, for reminding me by your beautiful music. Being clearer unto myself, thank you Cecile Noldus about what I need to do next

Misty Harris Independent Consultant

The Brave Business Academy is a unique space where you can find out who you truly are

The Brave Business Academy is a unique space where you can find out who you truly are and what makes you wonderful.
The support from members and Esther De Charon De Saint Germain herself is so real and uplifting that you will stay close far beyond business. I am encouraged to go further and open my wings in my new business pivot!
Imagine a group of friends whom you can call on day or night because they are all around the world and in different time zones! That is what you get with the Academy.
These ladies are your go-to tribe of sisters and I can't imagine a better way to make friends and grow myself and my business!

Tania Blanco Lotus Idea, Communications w/ Soul & Purpose

Esther’s creative energy, authenticity, generosity and openness brought to my world the piece that was missing.!

Imagine opening the door of a room and meet your inner-creative muse and get re-connected to the creative energy inside of you, seeing your self in the mirror without masks and melting away a big chunk of “noisy talk” that doesn’t serve you? Well, this is what happened to me when I started working with Esther in her program “The Real You”.

Esther’s creative energy, authenticity, generosity, and openness brought to my world the piece that was missing. I saw myself and what my heart was longing for, I reconnected with my inner muse and, feelings that were hiding inside, reawakened (like the joy of motherhood and its real meaning in life and in the creation process), learning that there is no separation.

As a result, everything around me and my world started changing, It was huge! “The Real You” program was like a clear-powerful pair of glasses to see my self better and embrace the weirdness in me. It was real inner work.

A huge reminder that trying to "fit" was causing me to feel suffocated.

Yes, yes, and again, yes! We all need someone extraordinary by our side, someone, who can help us with his/her expertise, but most of all, from their own shiny Light and Being. Esther has been that full of colour, bright light for me, and I am very grateful for the opportunity of having her by my side. We do not need to do it alone! But, we need to connect with the right and bright stars, right?
Thank you, Esther, with all my heart.

Aurélie MaHi Yoga Business with Heart and Soul

It’s really a heart centered community of brave multi passionate women

Hi, i am Aurelie and Brave Sista;) I am amazed by the program and kind and supportive energy you have in the Brave Community. It’s really a heart centered community of brave multi passionate women.
I learned so much about myself in business and pivoted my business to finally find my zone of genius that was there already for years. And the magic is I have the full confidence to start this new business from scratch. I am in the right path and fulfilling my soul purpose while being part of the Brave family.
I really loved the entrepreneur type. I recognized myself as a visionary entrepreneur and received the guidance on how to manage my business with more efficiency, taking the right actions and not only having ideas that stat ideas.
This is much more than another private group. If you are a multi passionate woman with a big heart who wants to get more ease in her mission, you would definitely love this program.

Jurga Bulotienė Artist and owner MenaiMonai

Personal Growth AND Success! The Real You is THIS opportunity!

I prayed for someone to help me, to guide me in order to feel confident, stronger in my personal and business journey. Full of creative ideas but with a quite messy head and struggling emotions? God sent me Esther and her life-changing The Real You programme with an amazing group of wonderfully weird soul sisters! And I am not kidding.

Was it exciting? Yes. Was it a bit scary? Yes, There were tears and laughter and tears of happiness and sorrow. But it is called “Making a Big Change”.

But no matter what, the biggest and the greatest thing of all was that I WAS NOT ALONE. I have always longed for at least one friend whom I could share my uniqueness, craziness, vulnerability without being misunderstood. Here, I felt secure. At my own pace, taking time to think, feel, create, open up, share, reveal myself… and be accepted. With Esther and the whole community’s help stepping out of your comfort zone is amazing and 100% positive experience. The Real You is a wonderful beginning for your personal journey. You simply cannot step back anymore. Keep going, look forward and take it! And feel free at the end of the course to go even deeper or wider, to conquer the world if you wish! But never step back on your comfortable but old sofa hoping things will change while you scroll your smartphone.

The programme helped me “to put the dots on lower letters “i; a bunch of insights, aha moments helped me to sort out my inner messy world and see myself not as a diminished small girl but a bright shining creative queen. Yes, queen! Wonderfully weird but Real who has just begun to flourish. I also learned how to distinguish my soul clients and attract more of them by showing myself as I am. The only thing I regret is I wish my friends were in the programme as well so I didn’t have to tell them how awesome it was. You can’t understand it simply. You must dive into an experience!

Once again, THANK YOU THOUSAND TIMES, DEAR ESTHER! You created something so important and great that one should not ever lose! Instead, to remember, use, practice, enjoy and dream big. As for others, my wish is, don’t sit there waiting; follow the signs God or the Universe sends you. Once you wish for something or somebody, just look around and grab the opportunity! Your opportunity for personal growth and success! The Real You is THIS opportunity!



Madeleine Ferre Author, coach

The Branding Academy has been so important to me

Goodbye hardship has been the most impactful sayings about your way for me, dear Esther. I recall an article where you talk about this, to go from hardship to fun? This is the thing that makes me start to cry when I tell someone about why finding you (again) and the academy has been so important to me. That it´s just not another course. Because one thing is to learn what practical business steps to make, but if you're too afraid or this what you're supposed to do doesn't resonate with your heart too ... then you might feel emotionally blocked and never try anything. You feel anxiety and fear etc. As a wonderfully weird woman (sensitive) the superficial brain business approach doesn't move me. I need also <3 = holistic.

Barbara Keitumetse Mashope-Potgieter Researcher and health

Somba and Brave Branding Academy will change your life, in a way that will last for many years to come. It's a two for the price of one:)

Somba taught me that good people can - and should - make good profits/money to further their dreams and create benevolent businesses in the world. Since I joined I have left a dead end job and marriage.

I joined Somba with Esther because I felt she 'got' me and she taught me that being weird & wonderful is powerful. I felt alone in my business and wanted to transform my passion into profit and wanted to learn from someone who has already done it.

Somba's fresh information about social media etc, strategy and entrepreneurship and the branding, self-love, Sisterhood, creativity, connection, and marketing from the Brave Branding Academy worked for me.

It's a two for the price of one:) The two approaches complemented one another so well. This I felt encompasses what multi-talented entrepreneurs like myself need. An inspiring blend of entrepreneurship training with a creative, spiritual, branding platform. Yes, I'm very happy with the bonus gifts I got from Esther.

If you're are thinking about joining Somba with The Brave Branding Academy as your bonus: do it: it will change your life, in a way that will last for many years to come.

Annelies van Rijckevorsel Money Archetype expert | Creator of the Meet your inner Millionaire Method | Business Medium

I got full clarity on how I want to serve the world and in what way

Before I joined the academy I was flying from one business idea to the other. Thanks to the amazing content I got full clarity on how I want to serve the world and in what way. I found out about my uniqueness and that alone is worth the investment. The questions are super clear and lead you to beautiful unexpected and heart warming answers what moved me to tears.
The moment I found out I am a mission superstar changed everything as well. Deep down I always knew I wanted to have an impact, but I actually never dared to show up on Social Media. Esther encouraged me to do so. I show up now every day and have posted more pictures of me then in whole my life. You feel supported, comforted and most important you get teached to be imperfect to become perfect. You get full support and you feel safe. Beside sharing successes there is also room to share your failures and lessons. When you want to get the most of your unique power, when you want to get more clarity and focus in your business, when you want to get more clients, impact and revenue I wholeheartedly recommend this amazing academy and community. A business is not built overnight, but you can speed it up by joining!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Simone Houtman Artist

I am creating and hosting my first online course and I had never thought I could do that!

I am creating and hosting my first online course and I had never thought I could do that!

When I started Somba I was a bit disappointed at first. I felt the course was for coaches and not for artists. I just found it hard to see how it could work for me. But when I did Somba Summer school I learned so much! I'm having my own online course! I had never thought I could do that!

I signed up with Esther because I knew her work and because I am an artist and know she often works with artists

Being in a small group was very helpful. The monthly zoom meetings were helpful for me.

Elma Ferreira Executive Coach - challenging your perspective.

I am not the same person that I was before I started SOMBA.

Apart from the fact that Sigrun's course is brilliant and that I have learned such a lot about the ONLINE community (I am rather well acquainted with business processes, but not necessarily with online strategies), I met so many new people, and had the privilege of joining in on your smaller groups and listening to other entrepreneurs and their hardships and successes.

The globe has opened up to me through the eyes of the people I engaged within your smaller group.

I signed up for Somba with Esther because I felt I was going to drown in the big group, and the smaller group was very appealing to me.

The fact she was encouraging and coaching us on a more relaxed and personal level as opposed to the corporate approach that Sigrun has (and needs to have, of course) sounded like I might just survive this massive course that I have just subscribed to.

It is so easy to get lost in the big basket of SOMBA, and you made the nest smaller for me, bearable.

Esther's facilitation was excellent and the sessions well presented, well organized and I have learned a lot from her as well through these sessions.
Of course, Esther was always there to encourage and to help find answers to our questions, sometimes even challenging us to look at things at a deeper level, or see things differently.

Thank you for the time that I could be part of your group. It was a privilege.

Ester Schiphorst Owner Soft & Soapy, organic products

Guided by Esther we stop procrastinating, start taking accountability and build our business at our own pace.

The academy is a safe community where you can share everything and be vulnerable. Guided by Esther we stop procrastinating, start taking accountability and build our business at our own pace. And most important of all it's a place where you deeply connect with other female entrepreneurs who are just like yourself "Wonderfully Weird'

Mirjam Blekkenhorst Owner Ytra Lón Farm Lodge and Retreats in Iceland

Don't hesitate, invest in yourself. Give yourself this opportunity, I promise immense growth, big insights and an incredible sisterhood of supportive women.

Since I joined Somba I've learned so much about myself. The 'WHY' I've been looking for so long is becoming clear and my confidence in myself and my business is boosting. Somba taught me to use strategies, marketing tools, how to think big.

In the Academy, I learned to trust in myself, that doing business is fun when surrounded by like-minded women. That anything is possible! Esther gives Somba that extra dimension I needed.

The Masterclasses in Somba are truly helpful.

To women who are thinking about joining Somba and The Academy, I like to say: "Don't hesitate, invest in yourself, there's a reason you're wondering whether to join. Give yourself this opportunity, I promise immense growth, big insights and an incredible sisterhood of supportive women, helping each other in any way they can.

Simone Wiedenhöft Psychologist + Shaman

It is much easier now to connect with my soul clients and I already see changes.

I want you to know how deeply grateful I am for the Real-You-Experience. It changed so much for me that I can hardly put it into words. You have a true gift of providing a safe AND playful place for exploring what is really true for me and the loving support from the group was amazing.

I actually dared to show up with who I really am and I have a much better understanding now what truly I stand for. It is way easier now to connect with my soul clients and I already feel the changes.

This is so much more than branding. It is the opportunity to really grow into my Real Me and showing up from a place of confidence and love. Your loving support, your creativity, your wisdom and your magic made that possible. Thank you very very much!

Amazon Customer

Highly recommended

Five Stars
Wonderful and inspiring read. Love the art.
Highly recommended.

Linda Linker Fibre Artist, owner Wyrd Fibres

Since I've joined, my business plan has been fine-tuned and I'm launching!

The wonderfully weird academy will bring you valuable insights in yourself and your business. The support and energy from all the other female entrepreneurs will take you, and your business to move forward! There is knowledge, masterminding with Esther and lots of fun, accountability, and connections! Since I've joined, my business plan has been fine-tuned and I'm launching!

Silke Harvey Managing Partner at Inner Hippie Club

None focus on love and support the way Esther does!

Being in the Brave Business Academy has been wonderful and exciting. It has helped me so much to get my offline business online and has taught me so much!

I never realised what type of entrepreneur I was until I took the quiz. Now I realise I'm a mix between Mission Superstar and Focus Queen. The workbooks for these types have so much valuable content that has already helped me to identify my business needs better.

Since implementing what I've learnt from this, I've now managed to organise my first online retreat in collaboration with another wellness coach. This is a huge step for me as I'm so used to working in real-life workshops and classes!

Other members who are also in the wellbeing sector showed me that this type of online work is entirely doable by holding their own events. they also gave me the confidence to try it for myself. There is so much to learn from one another!

I'm so happy that I've joined this great community as I never feel alone any more in my business. Where I'm lacking support from my own friends and family, Esther and these lovely ladies all give me unlimited and unconditional mental and practical support. It's changed my way of thinking about business altogether and makes me want to go out there and do my stuff!

I truly believe that if you want to make a real go of your online business and feel supported at the same time, that there's no better community for you. I've been in many business groups. None focus on love and support the way Esther does. And that makes all the difference if you're an entrepreneur with heart!

Lynn Coleman Easier English

Because of Somba I run a challenge, did webinars, set up my email marketing system and discovered who I want to support with my business

I joined Somba because I felt alone in my business, want a 100K business and learn from someone who has already done it.

I knew I needed to work on my branding in a deep way before implementing the entrepreneurial strategies from Sigrun. That's why I joined with Esther. I also learned from her how to feel completely at home in my company.

Somba taught me practical entrepreneurial skills and strategies. Since I joined I have run a challenge, webinars and set up my email marketing system and discovered who I want to support with my business

To the women thinking about joining Somba with Esther I would say: that it can be a rollercoaster at times, but you will never forget it.

Mirjam van der Zee The Practical Moonlady

I was not sure what my unique value was. Esther taught me how to stand out, and to KNOW the value of what you offer. How to communicate who I am, what I offer and how to connect with my soul clients.

Because of that, I know How to stand out in the coaching masses!

I just felt I needed what Esther has to offer. And that feeling was extremely right!

Once I had to decide, there was no obstacle. Just an enormous YES!

Esther makes you feel at home, she makes sure the group is safe, there is ample room (need even!) for quirkiness. She knows both the hardcore business side, as the soul side. Her meditations are powerful (and I know some pretty awesome meditations!)

As a result, I stand out. I see that 'bigger names' are attracted to me, they like my Insta for example. I am shedding a lot of limiting beliefs about what is possible, where I belong and what I have to do to get somewhere. Now I know I am allowed to belong (instead of being tolerated) in a group of awesome people. I am awesome too.


Esther is a warm woman, multi-passionate, intelligent, she inspires you to go so much bigger and better than you could imagine! That, and the wonderful women she attracts in her group. This group is such a warm bath of safety, intelligence, supporting each other, really women I admire.

Layla Saad Author "Me And White Supremacy Workbook"

I am already creative enough and do not need to compare myself.

You have inspired me to reconnect to my own sense of creativity! You have reminded me that I am already creative enough and not to compare myself to others who I think are ‘more creative’.

Rachael Skyring Chief of Fun

Learned so Much about My Unconscious Presence and How People Perceive Me

I joined The Real You to learn more about presenting my authentic self to the world. The program was well presented, easy to follow and the assignments really lots of fun and showed up some interesting insights. Interacting with the other FB group members was also highly beneficial - seeing their thoughts and perceptions of what I shared definitely increased the insights I gained.

Esther is a really spontaneous facilitator. She has clear ideas about where she wants to take us, but also clearly has sufficient depth of knowledge and experience that she is able to respond to the needs of the group in the moment and change emphasis and direction as required to best support those emerging desires.

From being in the program and the group, I have learned a lot about my unconscious presence and how people perceive me - strong and colourful mostly ;) I think the shifts the program invites take time to fully emerge - there are still things coming through, and so much to continue to reflect on.

Karen Artist/designer

Esther helped me find my true purpose

I never thought of myself as being creative (what might seems funny since I am an artist) but being creative and multi passionate felt more like a burden than this bright inner light.

All those ideas without translating them into action convinced me that I was rather useless. I was ready to get a job in a large bank but totally loaded the whole idea. I just needed someone to shine a light on who I was! Esther helped me finding my true purpose and my unique gifts that I’d lost in the fog. She and I built a new business where I could use everything – my creativity, knowledge and experience – I had neglected.It was hard sometimes, but totally worth it. I’ve been reconnected with my inner self, own a thriving creative business.

Lidewij Isings Health professional

Esther has the uncanny ability to zero in on what is really going on and what needs to be uncovered.

Esther has the uncanny ability to zero in on what is really going on and what needs to be uncovered. She brings it gently to the surface and then uses art assignments to help you deal, make peace with this issue and heal it. Especially when you’ve flunked art, you’ll find that Esther’s assignments are really not about how good you can draw, write, paint, make music, take photos or whatever else she senses, their sole purpose is to bring you clarity and closure.yet!"

Mirjam van der Zee Practical Moon Lady

The Branding Academy is filled with sensitive strong women

It is a lovely and inspiring group of sensitive smart and strong women! So many insights and help are to be found here!

Tania Blanco communicator, inner power advocate

We all need someone extraordinary by our side

Yes, yes, and again, yes! We all need someone extraordinary by our side, someone, who can help you with your expertise, but most of all, from their own shiny Light and Being.

Valda Lāce,
purpose coach

Testimonial Martine Brueggemann,
health coach, and migraine expert

Gudrun Mahlberg,
owner Shandora

Testimonial Anna Andergrahn, founder of Bubbly Balance

Mareike Fuisz, founder Down Syndrom - leicht.er.leben

Testimonial Monika Hein
founder of Shaman School