what will happen in 2018, do you have any idea?

When you are wonderfully weird you tend to sort of go with the flow right? Making it up as you go-go. You have grown accustomed to the struggle and think it's 'normal'.

But, what if you really go with the Flow? Meaning that Really Big Flow AKA your Soul AND make 2018 into a year that aligns with your wonderfully weird dreams.

You know what happens then? Right?

Really? Want me to spell it out?

Well, there you go. When you are in alignment with your beautiful precious soul, you basically open the door wide open, and in walk: happiness and her precious sisters: abundance, affluence, joy and ease!

That is pretty talk for: 'You know exactly where you are heading and will have so many happy days in 2018 because things magically happen in your business. Struggle-free!! And you will sit in your car, thinking about your business, clients and income with so much pride and while you sing along with your radio your heart glows with shiny self-love.'

Feel free to use your own imagination here.

Do you want me to help you set up this scene for you?

LET'S DO IT! HOW TO WORK WITH ME FOR FREE - but you need to act before December 31,2017

1. Do you want a clear and doable strategy for 2018?


2. Do you want my support?

🌷 I am not your average business coach. I am NOT for everyone! 
I am the founder of the wonderfully weird community, a business doula and soul whisperer for wonderfully weird female entrepreneurs who want success and happiness on their own terms.

🌺 I support you by cooperating with your soul and muse to clarify your vision because you are wonderfully weird! You are fiercely bright, very sensitive and gloriously multi-passionate. You are a unique kind of entrepreneur and need unique support.

Are you still with me?

3. OKAY I'M GOING TO HELP YOU! THIS IS HOW IT WORKS *comes with really neat trick*

A. You get your $ 250 Strategy Session [it's already discounted from $ 475,] hold-on it's getting even better.

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B. This is a 60-minute soul-visioning, strategic planning, business mentoring session.

During this session, you’ll cultivate clarity and alignment around an important business decision or opportunity.

We’ll explore a full spectrum of options before you commit to a plan. You’ll clarify your vision, and we craft a clear strategy and plan for what you want to accomplish in 2018.

By bringing your soul and self into alignment with your vision and goals, you’ll create what you want with miraculous ease.

C. At the end of our session, I will advise you which of my programs will be most beneficial for you.

D. The fee of $250 is fully refundable against a purchase of one my group programs (the Real You Mastermind or the Sisterhood) or 1-1 training

Meaning your session is completely free when you decide to work with me in 2018! AND no matter what you decide you walk away with a complete strategy for 2018!

E. Book this strategy call before the end of the year, december 2017. You can plan your Strategy Session until January 12, 2018

F. After you have paid you can make your appointment with me.

7. See you soon!

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With love,

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

PS if you're already my client and have a friend or colleague who will benefit from this special session, feel very free to share this with her.