The Secret to

Knowing your destination 

Actually it's not a Secret at all. You know it too. It's really difficult to get anywhere in your life when you don't know where you're heading.  Even before you plan, you need to know what you actually want and why you want it. You need to know who you're doing it for. You need Clarity, Focus and Flow. You need to be able to truly visualize it. Real success - the kind that brings true joy - follows when you are able to believe, see, feel and hear your unique dream... and than act! 

A Soul Whisper Session is a fast track towards your destination.

Dear  wonderfully weird entrepreneurial woman,

Remember how you started your entrepreneurial dream with so much hope.
But now overwhelm is already creeping back into your life. 

Doubt --  I think my dreams are too big. I'll never pull it off.
Stress -- It's too much work for one person! 
Fear -- I don't think anyone will ever buy from me ...
Confusion -- I'm really insecure about my business idea!
Who's my soul client?
What do I have to offer?
What do I know? All the others know more than I do!

All these doubts push you off-track. Far - far away from your dreamed destination.... 

Soul Whisperer, Esther de Charon de Saint Germain 

"Meeting my Soul Client in a Soul Whisper visualization - and then really meeting her one day later  - was mind-blowing. It has transformed my business."

What is a Soul Whisper session?

A Soul Whisper is an intimate and highly effective (online) meeting between me - your Soul Whisperer - and your Wisdom Soul. It is an incredibly fast way to clarify what's in the dark. It helps you understand what is really possible for you.

Instead of lengthy complicated coaching sessions I connect straight to your Wisdom Soul that will reveal all the information hidden inside you. The answers that are given to me will help you to reach your destination at a fast pace.

A Soul Whisper Session clears obstacles and sets you on the fast road that leads to reaching your goal smoothly and effortlessly.

"My session helped me to find all the answers I needed. Not only in my head but also in much deeper layer of wisdom."


I wanted to know what Esther would hear when I talked my truth. She was spot on to extract the biggest blocks and gave me a specific art assignment which quickly highlighted and removed my sabotage processes... 

Anael Roseau - health professional and holistic coach 

How does a Soul Whisper Session Work?

1. You fill in a special questionnaire.
I use my gifts as a Soul Whisperer to 'feel into the words' and see what holds you down, your limited beliefs and fears. I see your longing to spread your wings and fly. And that is exactly what you will do!

2. Than we meet online.
We have a meeting in which we speak and I help you see what's possible through visualization and meditation. When I connect to your Wisdom Soul I see glimpses of what the future holds in stock for you. You yourself will see what is there too!

3. I always give you a special message from the Muse. 
This is a precious creative assignment that will help you to work towards that dream. I never know what the Message will be, however it's always precious and highly effective and it will help you to get what you want.

4. After our Soul Whisper Session you create your assignment, photograph it and send it to me.
What you create has nothing to do with beauty or perfection. It is a pure reflection of what is already present in you. I will read the unique messages in your work and send you a message with what I see as well as a clear advice about the best possible action.

Creating your art will deepen the experience and help you move forward even faster.

Shane Melaugh

Esther has the uncanny ability to zero in on what is really going on and what needs to be uncovered. She brings it gently to the surface and then uses art assignments to help you deal, make peace with this issue and heal it. Esther’s art assignments sole purpose is to bring you clarity and closure!"

Lidewij Isings, Health Alchemist

What can be solved, changed, cleared and seen at a Soul Whisper session?


And feel weighed down by: 
+ Procrastination, never finishing anything, having lots of ideas without ever acting upon it, wanting to do everything perfect (leading to not doing it at all)

+ comparing everything you do with other people (leaving you feeling defeated and small)

+ feeling like a fraud (causing you to undervalue everything you do and thinking: "Everyone can do this".)


And desire to be truly synchronous knowing: 
- this is my Real ideal client
- this where I find my client
- this should be the next step in my business
- this is what makes me unique
- this should be my freebie, service or product



And want to unite your many passions and interests, find clarity and see the trees for the woods again!

Shane Melaugh

I felt powerful, heart-warmed, light and inspired during and after our Soul Whisper session. My energy was softer and that affected my colleagues, family, friends. I could choose more easily and was able to create my dream life while feeling content at the same time. Only a couple of weeks later I found a wonderful place to live and I fell in love. I never experienced this before. These days I am less afraid to show my creations and write a monthly poem and column for a cool online magazine."

Iris van Graven, blogger

"I had no idea what to expect but enjoyed the entire process thoroughly.
I finally understand what has been holding me down all those years."

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Remember,  transformation starts now.

Pay extra attention to meaningful coincidences and little insights.

X Esther

What Clients  Say about their Soul Whisper Session

Shane Melaugh

Esther's insights are extraordinary. It (annoyingly ;) ) feels like she sees my soul better than I do - yet. I feel possibility opening in front of me where before there was mostly doubt and fear and obscurity. And it happened fast. Love that.

Rachael Skyring, Holiday Yoga

Shane Melaugh

Esther is incredible at tuning in to your needs, to the situation and identifying (underlying) issues I was not always aware of. I’m forever grateful for Esther’s support.

Rayna van Aalst, Reina Organics

Shane Melaugh

Esther got to the heart of me fast and spoke truths other have not seen. Esther's words hit a chord with me, I am a woman who has always felt out of step with those around me and I have a strong creative streak that I feel I was not using as I could. Her work helped me both gain clarity on who I am as a persona as well as kickstarting me back into painting.

Susanna  Reay artists, designer, organizer Creativity Dates

  • FOR WHO?
Is one Soul Whisper Session enough to fully change my life?
That depends on your needs and your willingness to act. A lot can change after one session. 
It's alway possible to continue with a personalized mentorship program  fully focused on your needs and wishes.

Are you a Fortuneteller or a mindreader?  

No I'm not. I have gifts to hear, see and sense what holds you down, what you can really can achieve  and what you're capable of. But I only can see what you allow me to see.

What if you can't Whisper with my Soul?
I understand your doubts. But I can assure you that I can communicate with your Wisdom Soul. 

But you are just another coach aren't you?
Though I've got all the training, credentials and experience as a certified Transformational Coach, - as well as 25 + year experience in the field of art, design and brand management, I don't follow the rules because I want to work fast. Regular coaching wants you to figure it out yourself. That can take ages (okay not always, but still it can take up months) I don't want you to suffer any longer. I want you to experience joy and happiness now. Because you've got a job to do.

Got another question?