Soul Whisper Session


"I didn't know what to expect. But this Soul Whisper Session has profoundly changed my mindset. 
From feeling sad, unseen and lost to experiencing my true power in 60 minutes... wow!" 


A Soul Whisper is an intimate and highly effective conversation between me - your Soul Whisperer - and your Wisdom Soul. It is an incredibly fast way to clarify what's in the dark and to help you understand what is really possible for you. I will clear obstacles so that it can be healed. A Soul Whisper places you on the fast road that leads to reaching your goal smoothly and effortlessly.

I use my gifts as a Soul Whisperer to connect to you on a level outside the limitations of words and appearances. I see what holds you down, your limited beliefs and fears. I see the cause of stress and overwhelm. I  see your longing to spread your wings and fly.  And that is exactly what you will do! 

Far beyond complicated feelings and situations I can clearly see what is possible for you. I hear your real dream - the one you fear is too big for you - . I see the potential in you.  When I connect to your Wisdom Soul I see glimpses of what the future holds in stock for you. 

I always leave you with a Message from the Muse. If you haven't met your Muse I wil help you connect to her or him. Every human being has her own personal Muse. Once you are connected to her you will experience her guidance and ease in all that you do.  The message of your Muse is a precious creative assignment that will help you to work towards that dream. I never know what the Message will be, however it's always precious and highly effective and it will help you to get what you want. 

After our Soul Whisper Session you create your assignment, photograph it and send it to me. What you make has nothing to do with beauty or perfection. It is a pure reflection of what is already present in you.  I will read  the messages in your work and send you a message with what I see.
This will deepen the experience and help you move forward even faster.

The art assignments are never about the result. It's always about the progress and the insights they spark. Here are some examples of art my clients created. 

What can be solved, changed, cleared and seen at a Soul Whisper session?

  • Personal situations you can't seem to change or understand. Issues that cause you stress, sleepless nights,  and you have no idea how to deal with it. 
  • Recurring obstacles that really bother you. Like procrastination, never finishing anything, having lots of ideas without ever acting upon it,  wanting to do everything perfect (leading to not doing it at all), comparing everything you do with other people (leaving you feeling defeated and small) and feeling like a fraud (causing you to undervalue everything you do and thinking: "Everyone can do this".) 
  • Personal issues that leave you feeling small, unseen, alone, out of step with the rest of the world.  
  • Business related questions. Like: who is my Ideal Client, where do I find my client, what should be the next step in my business?
  • Work related question. Like: what should be my next job, do I want to stay here or not. How can I communicate with my superiors and colleagues, how can I thrive and show what I really can achieve?  
  • Any issue, question or problem that causes blocked creativity, fear or stress.
  • Questions concerning being 'Wonderfully Weird'. Like: how do I unite my many passions and interests? How can I find clarity and see the trees for the woods again?

Can you take me through all the steps?  

  1. After you've bought your session you receive an email with a questionnaire and a calendar. You can set the best possible date and time for your Soul Whisper Session
  2. You fill in the questionnaire at least 2 days before our session. I need that time because I will receive many special messages while reading your words.
  3. We meet online in a safe environment. I will ask you questions based on your answers in the questionnaire.  
    - There will be most likely be a visualization.
    - I will connect you to the light and the color of your soul for extra strength and inner power.
    - I will clear whatever is blocking you.
  4. There will be a Message from your Muse for me.  that will support and guide you to realize, change and affect whatever has come up during our session. 
  5. When you finish your assignment you photograph it and send it to me. You also tell me your insights, actions and feelings.  
    I will 'read your art'.  This means I write you an email with all the messages I see in the work you created. So you can take further action.

What other clients say about their Soul Whispers  

Esther's insights are extraordinary. It (annoyingly ;) ) feels like she sees my soul better than I do - yet. I feel possibility opening in front of me where before there was mostly doubt and fear and obscurity.
And it has happened fast. Love that. The most powerful of pleasures from beginning to end - and it's not over yet!"

Rachael Skyring
Holiday Yoga

Esther has the uncanny ability to zero in on what is really going on and what needs to be uncovered. She brings it gently to the surface and then uses art assignments to help you deal, make peace with this issue and heal it. Especially when you’ve flunked art, you’ll find that Esther’s assignments are really not about how good you can draw, write, paint, make music, take photos or whatever else she senses, their sole purpose is to bring you clarity and closure.yet!"

Lidewij Isings
Holiday Yoga

I’m forever grateful for Esther’s support Esther helped me reconnect with myself, get clarity on what I want and set a path on achieving that in a way I am comfortable with and it didn’t take long to see the results.

She is incredible at tuning in to your needs, to the situation and identifying (underlying) issues I was not always aware of. I’m forever grateful for Esther’s support.

Reina Organics

To me this differs from all other programs and helps me to step outside my comfort zone because we work with art. This  - with the assignments and the art - helped me to find the answers I needed.

Not only in my head but also in a much deeper layer of wisdom."



Who is the Soul Whisperer?

My name is Esther de Charon de Saint Germain, M.A.
Soul Whisperer and author of The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual

I am a modern day mystic. A combination of a certified transformational coach, artist, art historian, professional with fast experience in the international Arts, Design, Consultancy and Branding, Huffington Post blogger. I use my gifts - communicating directly with your wisdom soul , the power of healing art and creativity, my own extensive research and experience, and the work of many beautiful souls like Sogyal Rinpoche, Dr. Elaine N. Aron, Brené Brown and Pema Chödrön.
I have been a solo traveller for many years, but these days I live in the Netherlands with my son and husband. We house and office is an old farm and my office is the former barn.
Like you, I have been searching high and low to figure out why I always felt the odd one out. Add a lavish amount of perfectionism, depression, loneliness, shame and fear to that feeling, shake it - not so kindly - and you get an idea of the mess I've been in for many years. My long dark night of the soul ended into a thriving business and a happy life. I don't want you to feel like I did all these years.I want you to feel like I do these days!



A Soul Whisper session consists of:

  • A careful reading of your questionnaire.  
  • Our 60 - 70 minutes online session.
  • Your Message of the Muse.
  • The art reading after you completed your creative/art assignment.
  • A personal email with my art reading. 




    1. Is 1 Soul Whisper session enough?
      That depends on your question. Every session will cause huge insights. My clients tell me - again and again - that I lifted the veil from issues that hadn't been addressed, seen or felt before within 1 hour.   
    2. Are you a fortune teller?
      No, I'm not. I also don't consider myself a psychic. I can only see what you - and your Wisdom Soul -  allow me to see.
    3. Can you see if I will win the lottery or find a lover anywhere soon?
      No, I can't. I can however - if it's happiness and wealth you desire - point you in the direction that will help you to invite that into your life.
    4. Does a Soul Whisper involve scary stuff like ghosts?
      A Soul Whisper can only happen if you allow me see what's already there. There's no scary stuff involved, no ouija boards or flying ghosts.
      There will be a kind Muse, a lot of laughter and love. And possibly there will be some swearing words from me. 
    5. Is a Soul Whisper for everyone?
      - A Soul Whisper only works when you are prepared to connect your Wisdom Soul to me, to do the work afterwards and are ready for change. 

      - Working with me requires being able to reflect on yourself and your circumstances.  

      - It's important to note that a Soul Whisper is not therapy or a cure for anything. I'm not a therapist and have no medical background whatsoever.   
    6. Do you think this will work for me?
      If you are Wonderfully Weird (a gorgeous mix of a sensitive, fiercely bright, multi-passionate soul) a woman and you long for a huge shift, a clear solution or a big insight this is for you.

      I don't care how old you are or where you come from. My clients range age 21 to 67. They are successful entrepreneurs - or want to become one - , stay at home moms, they have day jobs, are teachers, artists, yoga instructors, or currently in limbo because they need to figure out what they really want.  Some have more degrees than humanly possible, some have acquired a mountain of knowledge. They all have the capability to reflect on themselves and their circumstances.  

      I have clients from 19 different countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Dubai, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria, Australia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, France, Spain and Canada.