NO MORE HIDING - NO MORE GUESSING - NO MORE: "What I have to say is not interesting" or 'I'm not good at writing". I help you create all your Social Media content for 2022 based on our unique Business Persona test™️ so that your audience will fall in love with YOU and your offers *Guaranteed


Client Attraction and  Content Creation Implementation LIVE Workshops October 25th - November 5

not € 297  but only € 19

Our Client Attraction Content Creation strategies are exclusively available to Self Love Success Club members 

All content is delivered LIVE October 25 - November 5.  Replays are available the same day for free. 1 Month access to the Self Love Success Club is included. Start today.


You missed out!

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Say Goodbye to Social Media Overwhelm and Marketing Burn-Out. I help you make Marketing Fun, Creative and Most of All The Best Way To Get Amazing Clients  

Client Attraction Content Creation for Women Entrepreneurs Who Sell

Products, Transformation, Memberships, Courses, Information, Consulting, Magic or Coaching.

▶︎ You want to change the world and have a message that needs to be heard. BUT you are also sensitive, full of ideas and SO overwhelmed by Social Media and Content Marketing.

▶︎ It feels like such a soul-sucking chore! So you post every once in a while when inspiration strikes, but nothing happens and wonder "Why can't they see what I can do for them?"

Get ready to end your Marketing Dislike with our Straight from the ♥️ Heart Client Attraction Content Creation based on your Unique Business Persona ™️.

MEET Esther, your mentor to-be and learn why these workshops will change everything you know about Marketing.

In 14 days, I am going to guide you through an aligned content creation process that will grow your online business.

It will leave you with a repeatable process THAT WE IMPLEMENT TOGETHER. 
This unique strategy for creating content that actually engages your social media audience is ONLY taught in our LIVE workshops.

Do you know THE NUMBER ONE reason multi-passionate entrepreneurs are struggling with getting more clients?

It's Content Creation that doesn't work and Hiding Who You Really Are

*because you miss the words,  images and structure

And even more than that . . .

▶︎ Every day, I see incredibly talented women entrepreneurs  who don't show their magic,  depending on unreliable and expensive (like paid ads) sources or have fallen for the 'Just Hustle Harder' method.

▶︎ I see entrepreneurs  'trying' multiple strategies and tactics that just aren't effective.

▶︎ The result:  their goals remain "just out of reach" year after year.

So What Is The Secret?

Create powerful content that comes from YOU and not some boring template or marketing script that misses your energy.

Effective online content is a showcase for your messaging, values, perspectives, and signature methods It adds a splash of YOU in the minds and hearts of your audience.

It's not hard.

In fact, for our Selflovepreneurs workshops like this made online content creation FUN and EASY... they will even do from the bathtub!

Join me and I'll guide you through my Client Attraction Content Creation strategy that will show you how to create content that will help you grow your online business in a way that is aligned and authentic and just feel sooooooo good

Oh, it will also land you better and more clients

Susanne Höhne

Art Gallery Owner

I did the Business Persona test and found out that I am a great mix between local hero and visionary dreamer. I implemented the tips for these business types and it worked great. So I decided to concentrate more on marketing than creating new stuff (which I love to do all the time) and Voilá: Immediately I reached more sales than ever before. Yeah!

Also, I had some mindset shifts - I can live with love and abundance right now ❤️ every single moment of my life.

So, I'd LOVE for you to join me at the Show Yourself Workshops in the Self Love Success Club

Which for now, are not € 297 but € 19 

(and if you don't like it,  I refund you...)

We follow the Self-Love Path and connect that with aligned marketing and content creation and implementation.

You won't find that anywhere else

Here's just some of what I'm going to be teach you:

Get your Calendar

▶︎ Monday, Oct 25 Workshop 1


TIME 10 am - 11.30 am CET


▶︎ Tuesday, Oct 26 Co-working session

Time 3 PM - 4PM CET + Q&A (Ask us everything)


▶︎ Wednesday, Oct 27 Workshop 2


Time 10 am - 11.30 am CET


▶︎ Thursday, Oct 28 Co-working session

Time 3 PM - 4 PM CET + Q&A (Ask us everything)


▶︎ Friday, Oct 29 Workshop 2


Time 10 am - 11.30 am CET


▶︎ Monday, Nov 1 Co-working session

Time 3 PM - 4PM CET + Q&A (Ask us everything)


▶︎ BONUS: Surprise Masterclass

Time 8 PM - 9 PM CET


▶︎ Tuesday, Nov 2 Implementation Day 1


Time 10 am - 11.30 am CET and co-working for the remainder of the day


▶︎ Wednesday, Nov 3  SELF-CARE DAY

Time Take the day off, work by yourself, have fun


▶︎ Thursday,  Nov 4 Implementation Day 2


Time 10 am - 11.30 am CET and co-working for the remainder of the day


▶︎ Friday, Nov 5 WE DID IT!  Dress Up Dance Party

Time 5 - 5.30 pm

Your Show Yourself Week starts with testing your unique business persona ™️


Developing your ALIGNED marketing strategy

Together we set up your content marketing strategy that will connect you to your audience so that they know that you're The One for them and create a heart to heart connection.

  • Test your Business Persona™️ to find out your aligned, authentic way of communicating 
  • Decide on your 2022 business and life goals 
  • Learn how to make it all about what your audience needs to hear from you
  • Find out what makes you different *and how to show it
  • Find your unique voice and message * so that people remember you
  • Learn how to be your authentic self on social media *make people stop scrolling
  • Learn to shine your brightest light for your audience to feel
  • Why self-love and self-worth is the foundation of your business and brand and how to nourish it 

I'm going to make showing super easy and fun. After this day you understand why you rock, what makes you unique and how to how to engage your social media audience.

[DAY 2 - WEDNESDAY October 27]


Learn to write, photograph and choose the (personal) stories that will help you to nurture a deep and authentic connection with your audience 

  • Find the 'Transformation Stories' that define you as the expert  
  • Learn to take Selfies and 'Welcome to my World' pictures that make people fall in love with you 
  • Learn how to connect your unique energy to your unforgettable content
  • Learn to be radically authentic and 100% you on social media, even when you prefer to hide behind the couch *yes, I will coach you on this
  • Learn to create change your banners, visuals for immediate effect

After this day you know exactly how to take action, show up and share stories . You know how to 10X your unique personality all over social media. 

[DAY 3 - FRIDAY October 29]


Today is your first day of taking consistent action taking that will set you free from social media overwhelm *so that you can drink your Matcha Latte and read poems

  • Learn to create content based on what your audience can buy from you (and never be without content or inspiration again)
  • How to make Social Media works for you The Lazy Way *this one will save you SO much time
  • Learn what Content Marketing Tools work for you *And what to ditch
  • Learn our step-by-step method to work with schedulers, images and texts 
  • Get access to 3 months of Captions and writing prompts *this alone is worth the investment
  • Find the most effective times to post your content and how to set it all up
  • Learn the 'Repurpose Everything Strategy' that will save you days of work 

After this day you can stop worrying about the How and What of your marketing. Our system allows you to schedule 90 percent of your posts so that you can focus on the 'I'm so inspired! posting only. Bliss!



Make magic happen and create all your content for the next months  to come. We are all going to work together and our team is there for you to support you with mindset, tech, ideation, picture taking, posting, scheduling, Canva etc.

  • Take your first 50 images. 
  • Collect stories and mix those with daily content (that we give to you)
  • Write your best posts (that you can repurpose)
  • Set up great memes in Canva *we teach you how to do it

This day is all about creation and co-working. You can step into our virtual office, show us what you have created and we give you the feedback that you need to set up all your content.



It's Making it Happen Day. You are going to Schedule your content for the Next Months. We are here for you. Cheering you on in the co-working space. You have access to our support and knowledge and we end this day with a Good Old Friday Afternoon Dance Party.

  • We will hold you accountable, cheer you on, support you when there are obstacles and make this day FUN for you *want an extra stretch and meditation session. You got it!
  • You are going to schedule your posts using our strategy 
  • You are going to post, connect and enjoy the process
  • We end this day with a Show Yourself dance Party

After this day you have set up your posts and content for a very long time so that you can focus on shining your light, work from your Zone of Genius and bring home those amazing clients. 

All of this, for just  € 19 *as the start of your Self Love Success Club membership

Your membership comes with

1. Access to EVERYTHING in the Self Love Success Club

You get access to over 50 hours of workshops, masterclasses, the Full Pink Carpet program, live group coaching, accountability, marketing strategies, and much much more

2. 5 QA Sessions

I'll be hosting a QA session after each live training. Ask me anything and I'll give you clarity on how to move ahead.

3. The Best Community of Brave Selflovepreneurs

You get immediate access to the Selflovepreneur community and meet all our amazing members who, just like you, are building a business based on self-love.

This powerfully Client Attraction Content Creation strategy is ONLY taught in the Self Love Success Club


  • Have all your social media posts ready for the next months to come!
  • Know how to use your unique Business Persona to attract your audience 
  • Use storytelling and the right images as a marketing tool
  • Know how to Show Up (even when you don't feel like it because your scheduled posts will do the work for you)
  • How to Shine your Light and be your authentic self on social media
  • How to leverage your authenticity as the key to growing your online business
  • Set up your online marketing in a consistent  and repeatable process

Ready to join the experience?

All content is delivered LIVE October 25 - November 5.
Trainings are at 10AM CET and replays are available the same day and included for free.



  • Your Business Persona Test 
  • 5 Workshops 
  • 2 Co-working sessions and mindset support
  • Your Workbooks
  • Captions and Writing Prompts for the first months
  • Extra Live Q and A sessions
  •  Extra support on Thursday and Friday when you implement all your posts on storytelling, design, Canva, tech stuff, accountability, great images, etc.
  • The power of the Brave Selflovepreneur community
  •  Everything that is part of the Self Love Success Club (like extra coaching, masterminding, Pink Carpet Program and much more)

Ready to join the experience?

All content is delivered LIVE October 25 -November 5.
Trainings are at 10AM CET and replays are available the same day and included for free.


Have a question? Let's get it answered!

How will this be delivered? Is it really 100% Live?

All the workshops and co-working sessions will be 100% LIVE. You get workbooks, writing prompts, captions, all our support to set ip all your content for 2022.

We are notorious for over delivering.

What happens when I sign up?

When you sign up you will become a member of the Self Love Success Club. You get access to the membership and all the content and to our Community that is hosted on Facebook. You can use everything in the Membership.

On October 25 we start with the workshops. Don’t worry, we invite you in time for everything.

Can I join only for the Show Yourself Workshops?

No you can’t. The value of our full week of support is almost € 300 and it’s part of our Club, because everything we do afterwards will help you to grow your business and brand (like all those amazing masterclasses that we are hosting for you about Pinterest, SEO, Astrology for Entrepreneurs, Blogging, Video, Self Love Ritual for women (and their families and friends) and much more.

I can’t make it for every workshop

I can’t make it for every workshop

That’s okay, we record everything and give it to you the same day (often within 2 hours) so that you can go through the workshop at the same day and stay in the energy of that day.

What is included in the Show Yourself workshops?

Included are:

  1. Your Business Persona test
  2. 5 workshops
  3. 2 Co-working sessions
  4. Your Workbooks
  5. Captions and Prompts for the first 3 months
  6. 5 extra Live Q and A sessions
  7. Extra support on Thursday and Friday when you implement all your posts on storytelling, design, Canva, tech stuff, accountability, great images, etc.
  8. The power of the Brave Selflovepreneur community
  9. Everything that is part of the Self Love Success Club (like extra coaching, masterminding, Pink Carpet Program and much more)

What if I don't like the Self Love Success Club?

If you don't like the Self Love Success Club you unsubscribe within 30 days after sign up. We made it super easy for you to leave. 

My language is German / French/ Dutch / Polish/ etc. Does this work for me?

Yes, absolutely. We have members who have businesses in all languages and countries. There is always someone who speaks your language, otherwise there's always Google translate and Facebook translation.


  • Esther de Charon de Saint Germain,  is a Self love advocate and business & branding strategist for brave women entrepreneurs *Selflovepreneurs who desire more clients and money and are ready to show up authentically as a Pink flower in a green meadow
  •  A highly intuitive business soul whisperer, and bestselling author. She co-creates unapologetically authentic unique Brave businesses and brands for her super amazing brave clients.
  • With 25 + years expertise in branding, marketing, with brands like KLM/Air France. The European Union and ING Banking, Esther  believes that we can transform the world - and ourselves - when we completely love and accept ourselves.
  • Esther lives with her husband and son, who both work in the Brave Business, this is a family business! - and 2 uber-confident cats in an old farm in the North of The Netherlands.
  • Esther is addicted to red lipstick, Jasmine tea, art museums, huge stacks of books and sad opera. (and shoes and handbags and colorful scarves and art supplies  ....)

It's Time To Create Inspired Content That Actually Brings You Clients, without feeling overwhelmed
*hustle free

You will not find our Client Attraction Content Creation strategies anywhere else.


You missed out!

What are you waiting for?
Get your seat for just € 19 *your first month in the Self Love Success Club and I'll see you on the inside.

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