Day 7 Feminine Magic  
Watch your seventh Magic Selflovepreneur video and open the doors to abundance

Did you feel the shift from ‘obstacle to possibility”?

From ‘Feeling Stuck to Transformation’

If your answer is a deep resounding Yes!, you are more than ready for the Brave Leap! I invite you to become one of us and bring your heart’s desire to fruition.

We have made a very easy for you to join with our Monthly fee of € 274, and if you choose to pay for a full year, we give you your twelfth month for free. You only pay for 11 months!

Here are all the videos again for you. Feel if you’re the woman who feels different from all others, if you are being called to be a leader, a change maker and you’re not yet fulfilling your true potential.

If that is you, watch the videos, do the mediations and feel what’s really possible for you.

 Video Day  01 

 Video Day 02 

 Video Day 03 

 Video Day 04 

 Video DAY 05 

 Video DAY 06 

I launched for the first time and sold my offer for a truly great price!

I always thought that launching and selling online was only for very experienced entrepreneurs. I wanted to learn how to sell, so I joined the Brave Leap. I got so much support and learned that I can sell - if I can do it, you can learn this too.

The knowledge and experience of Esther and the entire team is so supportive. What I really love about the Brave Leap is that you are not only supported how to launch, sell or build your program, but you are supported at all levels, technical and emotionally. And there is the brave sisterhood that is really amazing. There is always someone who can answer your questions. You can ask anything.
So I launched for the first time and sold a program for a very good price to a very enthusiastic participant.

I learned that you don't need hundreds of people in your program. You can build very slowly, you start with ten people and earn money while you grow. This is really great and I'm super happy with it."

Arati Bonte / Conscious Sexuality Coach and Trainer


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