Day 6 Magic Selflovepreneur 
Watch your sixth Magic Selflovepreneur video and open the doors to abundance

Feminine entrepreneurship as the path towards true abundance!

Dear friend,

I’m so proud for you, you have taken time to honour your true magic and dive deep.

If you’re ready to choose feminine entrepreneurship as the path towards true abundance, this is the video that will support you.

What I’ve got for you is the Loving Kindness meditation.

This is one of the most powerful ways to let go of self-doubt, perfectionism, self-hatred, etc.

It will help you to:
– soften up,
– create space for yourself
– fully grant yourself to loving YOU and open up to abundance
– it will get you OUT of the suffocating ‘I NEED it NOW’ mode.
– give up the resistance around ‘I’m not good enough or I NEED to work Really Hard in order to grow my business.


STEP 1 Give yourself time to do this powerful meditation
STEP 2 Take a picture BEFORE and AFTER you have watched the meditation and use it for yourself so that you can see the difference between a stressed-out face and a ‘I can do this face’.

Quality time and superb support.

Esther's community exceeded my expectation. Women from all over the world are really inspiring, helping and encouraging each other. The quality time Esther spends with her clients and the superb support she gives everybody is out of this world."

Mirjam Blekkenhorst / Owner of Ytra Lon Guesthouse and Retreat, Energy healer


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