lesson 4 Magic Gold Archetypes 
Watch your fourth Magic Selflovepreneur video and Attract Faster [in alignment with your soul]

Do you run into obstacles all the time? Are you being stopped by inner and outer obstacles on your way to growth?

You might feel you have to push them out of the way. Or ignore them.

Traditional business advice is all about strategy, taking action and focus on goals. That’s not what we do. We help you dive deep into your amazing female powers so that you can expand, integrate and implements. You feminine energy is deeply creative. You are the creator of massive change. But it all starts with you.

That’s how you can spread your wings. That’s how you make shifts and tap into the powerful leadership you were born to be.

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I overcame my fear of failure already 7 times.

I had the knowledge, I had information but the only thing I do not have at all was self-confidence and persistence.  So I gave up very easily. Every time something is going wrong, I just said “Okay, I can’t do this. I have to do something else”.  
Being in the Brave Leap (the former Miracle Year), I overcame this around seven times already that even though something was not  working, I was still doing that the next day. I'm on a good path."

Magda Matras / Data Protection Lawyer for Online Biz


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