lesson 2 Magic Gold Archetypes 
Watch your second Magic Selflovepreneur video find your Obstacles and transform them into Joy

Full confession. I am a perfectionist. You too?

Dear friend,

Full confession. I am a perfectionist. You too?

My brain scans for mistakes All-The-Time. I can see it happening. It sucks but - after years of not knowing - I can deal with it (okay, most of the time) but it's challenging. Because I'm aware that I'm a perfectionist. I can make fun of it, play with it and transform it into joy.

I'm not having any special powers. This is something you can do too. Transformation starts with awareness.

I identified 6 Obstacles that can block your success:
1. Perfectionism
2. Not Deserving Money Mindset
3. Procrastination
4. Loneliness (Isolation)
5. Shiny Objects Syndrome
6. Imposter Syndrome

No matter how experienced you are as entrepreneur, whether you're a starter or making millions, these 6 obstacles stand between "Working too hard, Feeling out of Alignment" and the light energy of "Ease, Joy and Happiness".

So, Let's start with Perfectionism and How to Transform it into Joy

Watch the video. I invite you to explore your own feeling around obstacles. Not to push them away, but to explore and to feel into your pain and obstacles.

Just sit with it. Transformation starts with awareness.

I see you in two days

All my love,


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You missed out!

This community has seen me through the darkest and happiest times of my life. There's nothing like this.

I can't even remember what life was like before, you know, like I was just working on my own, like this little loner in my office and my computer being like, "where are all the clients? What's going on?" I don’t know where I would be without joining a community and the self love. The community has made the biggest difference. You know what the others say about: You are the sum of the people around you. I felt that in this community.

Because the struggle can be real. But in the Brave Leap (as the Miracle Year was called before), you've got a whole bunch of other women's experience. Obviously, you get the expertise of Esther, but then you've also got all the wisdom of all of the other people in the community. 

Because of the program, I stopped hiding. I had been invisible for so long, I wasn't alone anymore and had a place.

I can honestly say I've never felt as intensely, the sense of community that we have here. It's just so supportive. And it has really seen me through some of the darkest and happiest times of my life. Even yesterday, you know, I was crying my eyes out in a session. I'm not too scared to show up in front of you ladies, knowing that you always got my back."

Bella Luna / Spiritual Life Coach & Self-Love Advocate


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