Day 1 Magic Gold Archetypes
Watch your first Magic video
Open the Doors to Abundance

What You’ll learn in this Abundance Ritual video

Dear friend,

Here is your first Magic Gold video, this will open your Abundance Channel.

If you're new to my community you might not experienced a channeled meditation, visualisation or healing from me.

Well, that's going to change now. This is what happens. I tune in to the women at the call as well as those watching it later (yes! that's you too) What happens is that get specific messages and share that with my clients.

This Abundance Ritual that I give to you,  is channeled as well.

This meditation will release inner (or outer) obstacle that are blocking your abundance. Once your abundance obstacle is transformed it will be easier for money and clients to find their way to you!

1. ▶︎ This session will bring you money, clients, and the authentic confidence (and trust) that literally ANYTHING is possible for you.⁣

2. ▶︎ This session will make you see, feel AT A DNA Level, what the future has in stock for you.⁣

3. ▶︎ This guided meditation will help you steer away from fear and focus 100% on trust and guided action-taking.⁣

It’s Incredibly Impactful and it will 100% certain make you see great things.⁣ My clients go through sessions like this very often, it paves the path for them towards true prosperity.

Tomorrow you will learn WHY reaching your next level can be so challenging.

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I am being more of myself. So much more!

Esther’s ability to dive right into the heart of the matter is incredible. I feel like she can always see right into my heart and my soul.
She attracts incredible women The sisterhood we have is the most beautiful thing in the world!
I can now talk about my business with more conviction. I am being more of myself. So much more!”.

Shirley Ann Aphrodite / Artist and founder of Aphrodites Finishing School


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