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Raise your hand if you:
▶︎  work too hard ( without seeing the result in your bank account) 
▶︎   often feel the odd-one-out,
▶︎   feel you're here to fulfill a higher purpose and 
are ready to stop fitting in and shine your magical light (that attracts clients, abundance and joy)? 


TAKE THIS FREE PERSONALITY QUIZ, discover your Unique Feminine Magic and find your True Power 


Gorgeous woman!

Did you bought into the "there's something wrong with me' narative?
Just because you have always been the odd-one-out, the pink sheep, the one who always marches in front of the band, or can't stay in the box?

▶︎ Do you wish there was a manual with your name on it?
▶︎ Do you want to find out what makes you unique (and how to leverage that into your business) 

▶︎ Do you want to experience how to make that uniqueness, wisdom and energy your Number One Attraction Factor?


My name is Esther de Charon de Saint Germain, Transformational Business Coach, Self-love advocate and Bestselling Author. I created this quiz for my own clients who grow their business using feminine entrepreneurship as their magic, and I'm giving you access to it as well. 

Time for a love-yourself-first reset!
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