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Find out how loving yourself will transform you, your business and life 

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This journal is for you when you are a professional or entrepreneur with the desire to have an amazing business but are stuck because of the negative self-talk


Get to know your Biggest Obstacles and Transform yourself and your business from within.


Full Journal 84 page Self-Love Journal
  • Exercises, transformational actions and 30 days of journaling that will take you to a completely different field of possibilities.

84 pages 

Grow self-love


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  • Sometimes all you need is some 'How to Do it'. And who is the best person to explain you how to ditch limiting beliefs and infuse your life with self-love? Yes, it's Self love advocate: Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

24/7 loving yourself Learn exactly how to do it


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  • The Self Love Success Club empowers women to practice self-love, build confidence, open doors to abundance. Let happiness and well-being flourish. End the cycle of negative behaviors and replace that with healthy practices so that your cup will runneth over *and you can overcome every obstacle.

    This is the membership for women who are infusing their life with personal growth and happiness. It's better than the Spa.

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So you work too hard, feel like you don't deserve it, and down-talk yourself. Comparisonitis, feeling like a fraud has become your 'normal'. You forgot to play! Seeing how remarkable and beautiful you are has become mission impossible.

Perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and procrastination are your pitfalls. You might feel like a One-Hit-Wonder. What if it's all going to fail? Do I even deserve to be rich and successful? I can write a book, but who wants to read it?

The clock is ticking and you still think "When I grow up everything is going to be different."

You know your life has a purpose. You have a dream, you know this One Life is precious. It's time to align yourself with unconditional self-love, make happiness a priority, nurture and grow your beautiful mind, soul, and heart.


Dear friend,

If you want to reclaim your power, let go of the habits that don't serve you anymore , know there is a place that is the wind beneath your wings!

The days of hustling, working harder, fitting in, being like the others, fit in and 'Just Follow the Business Guru Coach are Over'. *yaaaa

The time has come that you celebrate our uniqueness and start each day with unapologetic self-love and self-care.  

Loving your body, soul and mind - mixed with your personal strategy and action taking is what will get you to your next level.


Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Self-love advocate, Best Selling author, business and branding strategist and founder of the self love Success Club

This is entrepreneurship the Selflovepreneur way.

Are you ready for the Self-love Revolution? 

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