Here is the Self-Love and Self-Care Manual for Successful Female Entrepreneurs.

Are you hiding? Missing out on amazing clients because you doubt yourself and are not sure if you deserve the success that you desire.

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I have proven methods, daily routines, and expert advice for you.
 So that you can grow your business and brand by loving and accepting yourself.

We packed everything into our Self Love Manual to awaken your inner Selflovepreneur!
This Self Love and Self Care Manual is created for all those wonderful Selflovepreneurs who are changing the world making money and growing a business and brand rooted in unapologetic self-love.

Take Care of Your Body, Soul and Mind first and become a prosperous Selflovepreneur
100% Free of Charge

Transform yourself and your business success with the Self-Love Manual for Successful Female Entrepreneurs.


8 Self-Love and Self-Care Videos and Recordings 
  • From Orgasmic Yoga to Love your Body meditation. Plug your earphones in and you're good to go!

8 recordings

1h 30m listening time


30 Stunningly beautiful Self-Love and Self-Care cards
  • Download the cards, print them, use them for your phone, send them to friends. They are great reminders of your worthiness.

30 cards

24/7 loving yourself


Self-Love Manual with 15 routines that actually work
  • Therapists, wellness experts, mindfulness experts, food and wellbeing coaches who all belief in the power of self-love and self-care shared their best practices so that you can benefit from their knowledge.

15 chapters

45 m reading time


1. 30 stunningly beautiful Self-Love Cards that will uplift you *and grow your confidence for your next launch

2. My Super Practical Radical Self-Care and Self-Love Tips, that actually work so that you can attract amazing clients without burning out

3. Shamanic Grounding Magic Ritual to feel stronger 

4. Self-Compassion Meditation because you are worth all good things

5. Connect your body and self-love with Orgasmic Yoga Meditation 

6. Make your self-love aroma blend

7. Enjoy wonderful food *pina colada smoothy anyone?

8. Discount for your first month in the Self Love Success Club so that you can become a Selflovepreneur

and much - much more! 

"Dear friend,
the days of hustling, working harder, fitting in, being like the others, fit in and 'Just Follow the Business Guru Coach are Over'. *yaaaa

The time has come that we celebrate our uniqueness and start each day, every sales call, and launch with unapologetic self-love and self-care.  

Loving your body, soul and mind - mixed with your personal strategy and action taking is what will get you to your next level.

My amazing clients who are true experts on self-care created this manual for you. You get all the meditations, amazing rituals and cards for free so that you too can become a successful Selflovepreneur.

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Self-love advocate, business and branding strategist and founder of the self love Success Club

Are you done with the old ways of doing business? Hustling, working 24/7 and feeling horrible when something doesn't work (and blaming yourself for it)
STOP that changes today. Get Access to all the goodness, love, smart actions that will actually help you to show up, make more money and get super clients.

This is entrepreneurship the Selflovepreneur way. Are you ready for the Self-love Revolution? 

how you can use our 30 self-love cards

This what you get with the Self-Love Manual
2. ▶︎  30 SELF-LOVE CARDS 

The Self-Love Manual is part of A Brave Brand. This is a free gift. If there is anything you want to ask reach out to us via