Becoming who you are.

A STORY ABOUT 900 VOICES AND BELONGING, NO MATTER WHAT. BECOMING WHO YOU ARE. A STORY ABOUT 900 VOICES AND WRIST BANDSWhy belonging is about you being enough, no matter whatI’m writing to you still feeling deeply inspired by yesterdays miracles. The miracle of being showered in a Magical Bath of 900 Voices. This letter […]

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Do you know your Soul’s Purpose?

Do you know your Soul’s Purpose?I want to be really honest here. I need you! I need you because you are different. You are sensitive, bright and multi-passionate. Or – if you’ve read my book – Wonderfully Weird. You are wired differently (and just between you and I … way more interesting!).I need 3 minutes […]

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Why I need to learn to ask for help

WHY I NEED TO LEARN TO ASK FOR HELPI’ve got a confession to make and I hope you want to listen to me.I can’t ask for help. I never learned how to do that.The past 2 weeks have been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster. While writing this I feel sad, raw and very much […]

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