Your Magic Gold Archetype is

The Wise One  

Your Magic Gold:

Sensitivity, perception, the listener, queen energy, mystical, feels, sees, hears and senses what others don't notice, energy bender, mood changer, heals people just by showing up, ability to go deep, alchemist.

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Your Gold Archetype is the Wise One

Because that's what you are: a wise, sensitive woman. Your unique magic is your sensitivity. 

Your special words are: 
Perception, mystical, feeling, seeing, hearing and sensing, connectedness. Can change the mood and heal humanity. Notices what other people don't see.

What makes you unique:
You can transform the energy simply by showing up. You can make people feel calm and in contact with themselves, simply by stepping into your natural presence. When you feel at home with your power, people will immediately feel safe with you. 

You are probably the woman people turn to when they need a listening ear. People will probably thank you for being there for them: "Thank you for listening. I feel so much better."

Your wisdom is not always the wisdom of books, it might feel like you have a deep connection with mother nature, the universe, or spirit. You take content to the next level. And sometimes that also complicates things.

Your feelings are never superficial, you can feel on a DNA level. Most likely you've got a queenlike presence. Your sensitivity has gifted you an invisible cloak of mysticism that immediately makes you stand out from the crowd.

Now, here is your issue. 

You probably have been told to toughen up. Or to get over yourself. "Don't take everything so personally." Why don't you grow a thicker skin." or "Don't be such a crybaby".

You even might have come to the belief that your sensitivity is a curse. Something you can grow out off. You most likely might feel the odd one out. 

When it comes to marketing and communicating with your future clients: Standing out from the crowd might feel contradictory because you might feel a bit like a wallflower. 

But trust me on this: your audience and followers will immediately feel you. One simple effective advice is: to use the power of consistency. 

As an entrepreneur, it's your job to remind people of your presence. You want them to buy from you. However, you have a tendency to dive in and out of view, following your feelings. 

This is what you can do
Use tools like social media schedulers to schedule your social media posts and emails. It might not be super sexy and attractive to you. But this will help you use the power of the online world. Be visible to your followers even on days when you sit in your snug little cave.

This is important
Your sensitivity is not a punishment. It's a gift. You are the one who brings sanity, much-needed calmness, and reflection to the world. You are a natural catalyst when there is tension.

There's another issue when it comes to growing your business
Your natural capacity to immediately go deep gets in the way when you join a 'normal' business coaching program, that is all about fast action. You will feel permanently out of breath and drop out somewhere in the first weeks, blaming yourself for never pulling through.

The same will happen when you want to do a 'Quick Launch'. Shallow and fast are not in your vocabulary. Because of your sensitive (or Highly Sensitive nature), you need time and space to reflect, feel and anchor.

After a day with other people, you need a day off to recuperate and have some sacred alone time. 

So, you might want to know: How can I make good use of my Gold?

It all starts with accepting your differentness and telling your followers about your gold. Sometimes you just clearly have to spell it out for the people in the back. 

Start with writing a post about your Gold.

You also want to drop the focus from being all in your head to being in your body. 

And move away from the fear and lack based masculine business model towards a place where your gold will bring you money and clients.

I'm also going to introduce you to the other Archetypes
The Bright One, Purpose Guide, and Dream Generator. Together with your Archetype: the Wise one they form One Powerful Archetype that will help you to become a powerful creator.

Over the next few days, I will send you inspiring videos with meditations and lessons that will help you understand your obstacles and you will learn how to transform those obstacles into abundance and joy. 

I see you very soon!

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

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