Your Gold Brand Archetype is

The Purpose Guide  

Your Magic BRAND Gold:

Desire for change, action taker, changemaker, warrior energy, clarity inner fire, responsibility, leadership, influencer, showing up for the larger cause, social, fuels discussion, fierce, moral direction.

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Your Gold Brand Archetype is the Purpose Guide

Because that's what you are: a woman with a purpose, a deeply felt desire to change the world.  
The magic words that describe your brand are:
A desire for change, action taker, changemaker, warrior energy, clarity inner fire, responsibility, leadership, influencer, showing up for the larger cause, social, fuels discussion, fierce, moral direction.

This makes your brand unique:
► You probably feel like you were born with a purpose. When change is needed, people look at you to kickstart it. You're a natural leader. Maybe you were the one who demanded better drawing paper in High School. Or you marched for the environment, or justice for the women of Afghanistan. Maybe you wanted to change the school system or better treatment for animals. Maybe you stopped eating meat when you found out what meat was made of.

▶︎ You've got an inner Jeanne D'Arc who comes out to play whenever you feel change is needed. You are a natural changemaker, you are the one who will stand up when all others remain seated.

► Most likely your business is motivated and fueled by your desire for change. It's a vessel for your desire to bring forth transformation and challenge the status quo.

▶︎ You enjoy discussions around your topics, you might even have written a book - or books - Maybe you're part of a political party, a think tank, or a group of people who share your ideals.

► Your inner Purpose Guide doesn't have to be political, it can also be a deeply felt need to help transform humans because you want to see them more happy or wealthy or secure. Your energy can make that happen.

This is what makes you irresistible to your followers:

You're the wake-up call that people need to hear. Your activism is running through your veins. It's not always the easiest Archetype, but we need you!

Most likely it's easy for you to share your opinion, your maverick and rebel vibe makes you a true original. Show it. You don't always have to raise your fist and cry for revolution - although you totally can - instead BE the statement.  

Share your rebel qualities.

Are you doing things differently? Show it! 

Are all your clothes organically sourced and do you only buy new underwear every 5 years? Great. Show how you're doing it. 

Tell us how you take care of your clothes. Organize a challenge. 

"How to dress like a queen with only 7 items". Bring your activism inside your business and brand.

My inner purpose guide is pretty strong. I can't let injustices slip. That's why inclusion and representation are important parts of my business. As a young 13-year-old, I already spent my free Wednesday afternoon as a volunteer on our weekly market where I told people to help end apartheid in South Africa and to not buy outspan oranges.

Make your activism a part of your business by making the right choices. You see, you can go for fights all the time and spend hours fighting stupidity on Facebook, OR you can attract and inspire people with your differentness and alternatives and spare yourself the energy of online fights.

When you show up so unapologetically yourself you will not only be irresistible to the right people, but you're also the source of change.

Now here comes your challenge.
Sometimes your ideals feel more prominent and important than your business. Sometimes your ideals get in the way of making money. And at its worst, you look down on the money part and you much rather just give everything away.

Don't get me wrong, giving away is wonderful, but so is making money. More money generates more causes that you can support. And the world needs wealthy women! Also, you don't have to do it all on your own!

Here's a tip.
Remember that you are a marketer first. An idealist who's a marketer. A therapist, who's a marketer. An artist who's a marketer. A coach who's a marketer. It all starts with you drawing people into your world. That's what marketing does for you.

Marketing is your most important tool. Paint a vision for your followers and future clients around your ideal world. Put your arms around them and bring them inside your world. Don't look down on the power of social media, podcasting, and blog posting. Change starts with a simple post. 1 person at a time.

Here's another tip:
Start reading about social entrepreneurship. There are great examples of business owners who mixed purpose and change with generating money.

Listen carefully, here are some tips when you get into trouble:
► You're getting in trouble when your idealism clashes with perfectionism, imposter syndrome, or procrastination. You will be completely stuck and the only way out is a lot of self-love.

▶︎ I know it might feel like the weight of the world rest solely on your shoulders. Sometimes your ideals can feel too large. And when nobody buys your program or likes your posts it might feel like you're all alone and nobody helps you fight the good fight.

► So in comes blame, jealousy, and anger. Because you are emotionally connected to your cause. And it's okay!

▶︎ When that happens (and it will happen) it's time to give yourself some rest. Because you don't have to save the world by yourself. Just stop everything and go for a walk, get in touch with mother nature.

Self-care is incredibly important for you!

Remember this:
Your energy might be much stronger and more far-reaching than you give yourself credit for. Especially when people told you: Why can't you be a bit more like the other people? Why is everything a fight for you?

You might have the natural authority that makes people listen to you. 
Use that authority. Write a post that will change how people see a certain issue. Stand up. Breathe in the energy of the women and men you admire and be the change you want to see in the world.  

This is what you can do now:
Use tools like social media schedulers to schedule your social media posts and emails. It might not be super sexy and attractive to you. But this will help you use the power of the online world. Be visible to your followers even on days when you feel emotionally drained.

So, you might want to know: How can I make good use of my Gold?

It all starts with accepting your differentness and telling your followers about your gold. Share stories about why this cause means the world to you. Paint a picture of the future you see in front of you and how it will positively impact them. Sometimes you just clearly have to spell it out for the people in the back.

Start with writing a post about your Gold.

You also want to drop the focus from being all in your head to being in your body. Especially when you're agitated. Bring your awareness back to your center.

And move away from the old fear and lack-based masculine business model towards a place where your gold will bring you money and clients.

I will introduce you to the other Archetypes: The Bright One, The Wise one, and the Dream Generator. Together with your Archetype: the Purpose Guide, this forms One Powerful Brand Archetype that will help you to become a powerful creator.

Make sure to watch and learn about all the other Brand Archetypes as well, because you will find out that you have elements of all 4 types. To get the full benefit, it's important to understand all 4. You get the link in your email.

Over the next few days, I will send you inspiring videos with meditations and lessons that will help you understand your obstacles and you will learn how to transform those obstacles into abundance and joy.

Purpose guide, I'm so happy you're here and that you will be a constant source of change. Now, this is your moment to mix your inner activist with all the money that you deserve. Are you ready for that?

I see you very soon!

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

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