Your Gold Brand Archetype is

The Dream Generator  

Your Gold BRAND:

Solutions, wavemaker, artist energy, can transform stuckness into flow, solution see-er,  experimentor, fast mover, bringer of joy, mutlipotential, renaissance woman/ person, Davinci power, Idea Generator, multi-passionate,  gold bringer, must-have for every team, natural entrepreneur.

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Your Gold Brand Archetype is the Dream Generator

The words that describe your brand are:
Solutions, wavemaker, artist energy, can transform stuckness into flow, solution see-er, experimentor, fast mover, bringer of joy, multipotential, renaissance woman/ person, Davinci power, Idea Generator, multi-passionate, gold bringer, must-have for every team, natural entrepreneur.

This is your gold:
A powerful stream of ideas is visiting you day after day. You think in solutions, color, and images. When you're on a roll it feels like everything is possible. You can't understand why other people struggle with coming up with ideas. What's wrong with them? 

You are what is commonly known as a multipotential person, a multi-passionate. A Renaissance Woman. You are a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci.

What makes you irresistible to your followers:
are your quick mind and natural out-of-the-box thinking. This will bewilder your followers. Especially when their brains work differently from yours. Don't hold back. Show them your world.

You're a natural source of inspiration.

You're one of those women that make other people sigh: "You really can do anything! Right?"

So, don't overthink this.
You might think that only deep and meaningful posts work for you, but I promise you that we all love seeing what you came up with today.

* Your table after a craft session
* The flowers on your balcony
* The street you live in
* The book you're reading
* A page of your journal

Share your unique take on the world.
All you've got to do is to draw people into your life and business is to open your doors to us. Yes, we like seeing what you do.

Yes, we absolutely would love a bite of your shiny presence!

This might also be challenging because of old voices: teachers, parents, family members, and friends who made you feel that you were either super weird or slightly different. We tend to internalize this intense fear of being different.

I know I did. 

And every time I thought: this time I'm going to fit in. I went to art school and thought: I will fit in with the world of art. But no, I went to university and thought: I'm going to fit in with the theory and study but I missed the art.

I never fit in, only when I accepted that I would never fit in - and that this might be a superpower I realized there's one place where I fit in and that's here. With myself. I so want that for you as well.

That's why you should show up so unapologetically yourself so that you will be irresistible to the right people.

Now, here is your issue. Listen carefully, because this can change everything for you. 

Number 1
You have been told, so many times, that you should stick to one thing, that you have started to believe that you've got a problem. The problem of Never Finishing Anything!

Listen, other people, study 1 thing. And for the rest of their lives, that's what they do. Study law, and become a lawyer. Study medicine and become a doctor. It's so clear. Right?
But not you. You have this fire in your belly that always wants you to go further, do more, learn more, see more, and try out more. You want to look around the bend. You can see further ahead than most people.

Number 2
You are a born entrepreneur, always on the move, and always thinking about great projects. You can't be an entrepreneur without being a Dream Generator.

Number 3 
Now here comes trouble, you also tend to run into perfectionism, shiny object syndrome, and comparisonitis.

Whatever you do it feels like it's never good enough. Never perfect enough. never special enough. Your initial joy over your bright idea can lead to sadness and disappointment and deeply painful self-blaming.

Number 4.
You THINK you've got to make money with every passion that bites you in your neck. 

Well, you don't. You see, there are fun hobbies and there's making fun money.

Shipping homemade cookies in subscription boxes might sound nice on Saturday evening, but 1 month down the road you might find out that you hate cookies. And boxes, and those stupid people who are not buying your boxes. So now you've got a stack of boxes somewhere in a corner and 10 kilos of premium flower that you've got to sell.

Quick tip 
Get a box (yes, you can make it pretty) and put all your ideas in the box. Take them out after a week, still, completely love it? Put it on the 'let's do this' stack. Leave it there for a couple of days.

Do you still love that idea?
Great. Now think about what will happen when you would focus on this idea for the next 5 years.

  1. Would you still love it? 
  2. Will your clients love it so much that will buy it? 
  3. Can you imagine talking about it for the next 5 years?

Three times YES! Go and do it. 

More than two NO!? This might be a hobby.

Number 4. 
You often stop right before success hits. This might be your biggest hurdle. Only just before people start recognizing you, and fall in love with your work AND with you: you stop. Full time. You have tricked yourself into believing that this is NOT going to work. As a result, you constantly miss out on money and clients, and on lots of fun. 

Here's a tip for you:
Look back at your past and you will see that you've been doing this all the time. You are very painfully blocking money and success from entering your business.

Number 5.
'Normal Business coaches' will tell you to focus on ONE idea only. They will tell you to niche down and ignore the flow of ideas.

This is NOT going to work. Your passions are like energy, it's a unique gift, not some divine mistake. Your many ideas ARE your gold.

But because of your many passions, you need to FEEL what ideas are worthy of pursuing and what ideas can go in your idea box.

So, you might want to know: "How can I make good use of my Gold?"

It all starts with accepting your differentness and telling your followers about your gold.  

Sometimes you just clearly have to spell it out for the people in the back. 

▶︎ Start today with writing a post about your Gold. 

You also want to drop the focus from being all in your head to being in your body. And move away from the fear and lack -based masculine business model towards a place where your gold will bring you money and clients.

I will introduce you to the other Archetypes
the Bright One, Purpose Guide, and Wise One. Together with your Archetype: the Dream Creator they form One powerful Brand Archetype that will help you to become a powerful creator. 

Make sure to watch and learn about all the other Archetypes as well, because you have elements of all 4 types. To get the full benefit, it's important to understand all 4. You get the link in your email.

Over the next days, you get inspiring videos with meditations and lessons that will help you understand your obstacles, and how to transform those obstacles into abundance and joy. Because you deserve to become a wealthy entrepreneur!

That is it. I see you very soon!

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

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