Your Magic Gold Archetype is

The Bright One  

Your Magic Gold:

Clarity attainer, curious, thrives when studying, knowledge generator and spreader, solutions, scholar energy, ability to see unusual connections, makes those around her feel smart as well, shares unusual insights, deep thinker and feeler, open-minded.

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Your Gold Archetype is the Bright One

Your unique magic is your fiercely bright mind.

Your magic words:
Clarity attainer, curious, thrives when studying, knowledge generator and spreader, solutions, scholar energy, ability to see unusual connections, makes those around her feel smart as well, shares unusual insights, deep thinker and feeler, open-minded.

You gold:
You are naturally inquisitive. Curiosity is your strong suit, you keep coming up with solutions and are often way ahead of the curve. You often don't understand why other people are not seeing the solution that you so clearly see. You are the kind of woman everyone would love to have on their ideation team.

Now here are some issues
Because of your fiercely bright mind, you often feel the odd one out, you might have run into some raised eyebrows, or people telling you that your ideas are 'too far-stretched or 'to stop dreaming.' But you're a natural innovator. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

When people ask how you are doing, you are probably studying something. Or researching. A language, a new therapy that nobody else has heard about, astronomy - because you wanted to find out what happened to Pluto.  

You study because it feeds your soul.  

You're hungry for knowledge.

Now, here comes the entrepreneurial but....
You tend to love studying but not so much implementing. Also, your insatiable hunger for knowledge tends to overpower your entrepreneurial action taking. Is that something you recognize?

When you add your fear of rejection, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome we've got the downside of the Bright One: 

The Perpetual Student. 

The entrepreneur who goes from business program to business program and has mastered every therapy out there. But she still is not earning money. She's on an eternal hunt for more information and knowledge. 

But like the Very Hungry Caterpillar, it's never enough. 

Quick tip for a reality check. 
Stop the video here. Get a pen and paper and write down all the studies you have done so far. Write down all the money you have invested in business programs, coaching, etc.
Calculate the amount of money you have invested and your ROI *your return of revenue.
Did you break even or did you lose money? 

Journal on how you feel when you look at this.

Ask yourself: 
* How can I make money - today - with everything that I have studied?
* What is the influence of perfectionism and imposter syndrome on my list of studies?

Another quick tip 
Whenever you sign up for a new study or course ask yourself: WHY am I joining? What is my real reason?

Am I signing up because of joy? Does it make my heart soar? 

Or because it feels like I need this certificate - on top of all the other certificates - so that I feel more accomplished?

Your bright inquisitive mind also gets in the way when you join a 'normal' business coaching program. 'Shallow and fast' is not in your vocabulary. Because of your fiercely bright mind, you need depth and space to research. 

So, you might want to know: How can I make good use of my Gold?

It all starts with accepting your differentness and telling your followers about your gold. Sometimes you just clearly have to spell it out for the people in the back. 

Start with writing a post about your Gold. 
You might think it's clear to everyone, but you're exceptional perceptive. Sometimes you need to 'speak extra clearly to the rest of us.

You also want to drop the focus from being all in your head to being in your body. Feel inside your body where your fear lives. This will help you connect to your power without feeling small and not enough.

And move away from the fear and lack-based masculine business model towards a place where your amazing gold will bring you money and clients.

I'm also going to introduce you to the other Archetypes: The Wise one, Purpose Guide, and Dream Generator. Together with your Archetype: the Bright One, they form One Powerful Archetype that will help you to become a powerful creator.

Over the next few days, I will send you inspiring videos with meditations and lessons that will help you understand your obstacles and you will learn how to transform those obstacles into abundance and joy. 

I see you very soon!

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

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