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Welcome Home Wonderfully Weird Entrepreneur
Kick Start your Personal Brand!

You are a Wonderfully Weird  entrepreneur! 


I'm so to happy for you, because knowing this is a potential game changer! 

The world needs you: You Wonderfully Weird Miracle!

My name is Esther de Charon de Saint Germain and I'm the Personal Branding Queen. Ready to learn from me?

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Let's start at the beginning. Okay?

Who are you?

Most likely you are a wonderfully weird female entrepreneur.

You are fiercely bright, beautifully sensitive and gloriously multi-talented and passionate. You are an ambitious action-taker. You want to grow your business!

You are also a doubter, and you have been told way too many times that you need to 'be more like the others'.

Your resume is unlike all the other resume's. People have told you to "Stay in your Lane!" But there is SO much that you feel passionate about and you cannot stop your curiosity. May I add a Halleluja to that!

The result is that you might feel stuck at this very moment. Maybe you're even struggling. Because you might know a lot about yourself and your motives, but you haven't been able to figure out how your audience sees you! What makes you different and special. You might even find it very uncomfortable to talk about yourself.

But I just want to transform others!! I want to sell my art, my products, get more clients, make money doing what I love!

I hear you !

But in order to do that, you have to become visible and recognizable - in the most authentic way. Are you up for that? Are you willing to become visible?


A Personal Brand for you can only work when it's Radically Authentic.

I'm not talking Funny Hat and a Red Flower Coat here. I'm talking about a brand that comes from deep within, that involves you being able to share your story, to daring to be an expert and to step up.

Do you recognize those moments when there's simply too much you want to tell. And all you can do is utter" "Uhm... well... the thing is.. oh yes. Where do I start?"

I have had many moments like that! It's quintessential wonderfully weird.

I changed my website and LinkedIn title at least 100 times, I tried to follow different coaches and methods, but it somehow never really works. I never got the clarity I longed for.

I lacked direction because I wiggled my uniqueness into a very tiny box. I tried to 'be like the others' instead of celebrating who I Really was.

Do you recognize that? Stifling your Inner Power, that Big Fire within because you just can't figure out HOW to do it!

Because that's what I have been doing for a long time. Hiding out, stuck in perfectionism for years. Not knowing HOW to step up.

My entrepreneurial success followed when I felt fully comfortable in my being different AND in becoming visible BECAUSE I had created a personal brand, consisting of:

1. The Real Me

2. Your Big Vision

3. Your Soul Clients and Audience

4. Your Zone of Genius

5. Your Actionable Strategy

I have been teaching this to my clients because once you have access to a personal brand like that, NOTHING will stop you!

I will tell you more about how to get an impactful brand like that in the 4 secrets you get in your email box.

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