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Free your Happy Art is part of the online SCHOOL OF ART + LIFE + HAPPINESS.
This is the Art Play ground exclusive available for my VIP ART COACHING CLIENTS

  Free your Happy Art 

Inspire! Share with your friends, sister, dear colleague and that really kind neigbour



Online ART & HAPPINESS program
 HSP Sensitive Women.

Monthly Art Love Lessons.  Infused with Art History. Music. Literature. Explore the themes that matter deeply to you. Like Belonging. Transformation. Love.  

A simple and profound way to connect to the Miracle that lives inside you. Even when you still don't know what the miracle is. A wonderful way to release your profound emotions.  

Gain insight in you with a brush in your hand. Grant yourself permission to nourish your creative soul.

All you need is:
+ a little courage
+ 60 minutes each week for your art
+ access to the internet
+ a pencil and some paint
+ me, your Dutch art teacher. 

You're ready to move your SENSITIVITY from ACHILLES HEEL  to SUPER POWER.

You are (Highly) Sensitive. Soulful. Strong. A Woman.
also vulnerable. brave. busy. warm-hearted.

You Need to Find the IDEAL Outlet for your
Deep Feelings and Endless Stream of Ideas.

"No time - Can't draw -  Not good Enough"

"Maybe another time..."

Do you hear yourself say those things a lot when considering picking up a pencil or buying a tube of pink paint?



That's tragic. Self Expression is as Vital as Food, Air and Water for a Sensitive Soul Like You.

Why do you keep art  out of your life?


"I'm NOT the CREATIVE artistic TYPE. Not like those Wildly Successful Women who share their Perfectly Beautiful Art on Instagram."
"I've been told only REAL ARTIST make art.
 I don't want to feel the shame of yet another failed attempt..."

"My art will NEVER be GOOD ENOUGH. I can't draw. Not even a stick figure. I'm not kidding you. My Kindergarten teacher told me I had to be color blind!"

"Sometimes I sneak into an art supply store and watch the paint and those gorgeous colored pencils.
Yes, I do DREAM about creating. But HOW do I start?"

"What do I need? I'm not going to some class with CHATTERING WOMEN? They don't understand my fear and DEEP FEELINGS. I need  to feel SAFE!" 


Seriously! Wonderful Woman. That's why you keep the door closed for sheer joy?


"I know all HSPs are creative, by definition. 
Many have squashed their creativity because of their low self-esteem;
many more had it squashed for them, before they could ever know about. But we all have it (...). 

One of the best ways to make life meaningful for an HSP is to use that creativity.

Dr. Elaine N. Aron 





Keep the door closed to JOY?
Create ZERO space for creativity in your life?
LIVE a life that's all in your head?
Deny yourself a MAGICAL and colorful outlet?
Live a Life without ART? 




PAINT that bright white flower.
Give yourself the FREEDOM to put pink stamps on blue
water-colored paper.
Fill your SKETCH book with your ART.


"Self-expression isn't about being perfect.
It's about permission - Permission to PLAY and feel HAPPY and CARE FREE."



It's time to Set it FREE. It's time to Let in your MUSE.

You and Art are a Match Made in Heaven. Like Fresh Butter on Warm Toast. 



I am Esther de Charon de Saint Germain
Artist + Art Historian + Certified Transformational Coach + HSP 

I discovered creating art is the most precious and delightful way for us  -- Sensitive Souls -- to RELEASE deep feelings and fall in LOVE with whom we really are.


 Free your Happy Art


All designed to fit snuggly into your busy life!

A  GENTLE  RETREAT to feed your Creative Soul.
The most precious gift you can give yourself.
All you need is 1 hour a week.


That's why I give myself presents like this

" It gave me the powerfully energy I hadn't felt in a long time. Apparently playing in someone else's garden is essential.  That's why I give myself permission to get presents like this.                                                                                                                     

Thea Gerritsen

IMAGINE immersing yourself in a creative and playful experience. Just for you. Think of how ENRICHED you feel and how this sense of exploration would sip into your daily life   -   Isn't that priceless?  




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Free your Happy Art is part of my online


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Have you ever - in the middle of a crowded museum -
stared at a painting...
while you couldn't stop the tears?  

Have you ever wondered why you're the one
who can't speak after the movie has finished?


It's because your feelings and emotions run much deeper than 70 - 80%  of the population.

You are sensitive. Maybe you're an Introvert. Or a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

It's a phenomenal trait you share with artists and creative souls all over the world. Maybe you never knew this about yourself (because you can be some what tough cookie like as well...).  

You have a great imagination. A curious mind. A true problem solver. You hear the music in the silence. See the tiny details in a large painting. You're the once who can almost feel the soul of Vincent van Gogh when watching his Sunflowers. Your emotions are profound. With unprecedented depth. 

You are also easily overwhelmed. You feel more. You see more, You sense more. What you hear goes directly to your heart. 
You've got your work, family, your friends. A business maybe. The need to market. Show yourself.

So many expectations.

In a world filled with stimuli, your keen eye for detail and quality sets you apart. You long for silence. For depth.

You need nourishment for your soul.


I feel energized and motivated

"The assignments were simple but helped me gain some big insights – I reconnected with the playful, messy side of creativity, that I’ve been neglecting for a while. I feel energized and motivated and a lot clearer on what steps to take next.  
Laurien van de Rijt


"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" 

                                                                                                              Leonardo da Vinci



It's your own art.  Art as an expression of who you are. Art visualizes your feelings. A reflection of your soul.
Art heals, entertaines and calms you. It soothes and energizes you. Art comes natural to you.
It feeds your heart, soul and body.

As a nourished soul you feel how powerful you really are! 

However here's the thing you tell yourself...

Creating your own art is also scary. If you are sensitive you've set some pretty high standards for yourself. You fear you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

How can you get the MULTITUDE OF IDEAS in your head on a sheet of paper? All you can see is how flawed it will be...

I know you desire creative living. You long for BRIGHT RED.  Not for Drab Grey.

More than likely you've read all the books about creativity. Maybe you've devoured every Elizabeth Gilbert post about creative living. Maybe you bought that fancy box with beautiful pencils. And they are still somewhere in your drawer. Hidden under your book that says IDEAS on the cover and a SKETCH BOOK. 

Both almost perfectly... unused.

Because this is what you tell yourself...

"I'm afraid I will be another disappointment." 
"Sorry, no time!"
"I don't deserve this. I have to do all the other things first."
"Maybe later..."   

I always give others space to do what they love. Now it's my turn

""I saw it on FB and immediately thought : " I want this!"
And wham,  went back to 'being busy '. 
After one I week I realized: this I always do. Not taking the time to do what I love to do while giving others ample space to do what they love . Then I immediately signed up (...) . It was lovely The freedom to be messy. Not doing something useful but be in the moment. 

Kirsten Schults






Every Month you'll receive:

  • ​A COMPLETE chapter on a THEME that will connect your HEART with your ART.  INCLUDED:  
  • A VIDEO that will MOVE and INSPIRE YOU. 
  • A clear LIST with all your Material. For some extra lovely Shopping without feeling  lost in the Art Supply store.
  • Monthly - non boring - ART HISTORY lessons that uplift your art and help you experiment more freely.
  • A SOUL WHISPER meditation and SPOTIFY PLAYLIST  to immerse yourself in music and art while creating. Expect many visits from your MUSE.
  • Information on BOOKS, MOVIES, EXHIBITIONS and ARTICLES that will give your art practice an extra set of WINGS.
  • EXPERT GUIDANCE. Uplifting messages, feedback on your art, TIPS & TRICKS and SUPPORT. There's no need to feel scared. I got your back.
  • Wide Open Doors to the vibrant community of the Facebook group,  where LIKE MINDED Creative Souls show their newly created work, get feedback, support and celebrate the wonders of creating your own art!

Create your art solo or with the group:

  • You work alone and with the group.  Slow or fast.
    There's no falling behind. The course follows your pace. There is always support.
  • Your art time is yours. 10 minutes each day. Or a once-a-week wonderful uninterrupted Sunny Saturday morning. Just for you!

Learn to make art on the basis of a Monthly theme.  

  • Every Month another theme that has great significance for you.
  • Each theme encourages you to explore your art and yourself.
    Your art practice sips into your daily life.

Learn, work with me. I have been there ...

  • I am your guide, most enthusiastic supporter. I share my 25 + years experience in the arts and design with you.
  • You're in safe hands with me. I know all about the crippling effects of perfectionism and procrastination. When vulnerability feels too painful and the fear of failure has run too high. I got you!
  • You can be 100% you. Like you I'm sensitive (Powerful/ HSP/ Intuitive/ Introvert/ Empath, with the Heart of a Rebel to be precise :-).
    I know how to deal with the push and pull between feeling overwhelmed and the desire to create. I'll teach you how to deal with feelings of unworthiness and overwhelm once and for all.
  • There's a possibility to work with me 1:1 
    Available for the first 15 subscribers!

Esther reconnected me with myself

" Working with Esther is the best thing I did for my business in the year and a half since I started it!
Esther helped me reconnect with myself, get clarity on what I want and set a path on achieving that in a way I am comfortable with and it didn’t take long to see the results. I often finish our sessions by calling her a “miracle-doer”.
I worked with Esther for 6 months and although there was a plan I never felt rushed by a schedule. Esther was very flexible and she would adjust the session to my needs (and business).
She is incredible at tuning in to your needs, to the situation and identifying (underlying) issues I was not always aware of.
I’m forever grateful for Esther’s support.”

Rayna van Aalst, Reina Organics,
the beauty paradise of eco chic products  



One year  of  transformation, art, music, literature, experience, knowledge in you, your life, your soul... and in your  art.


It's time to free your happy art

Give yourself the self-care only art can give you.

Nourish your happiness.

Love yourself fully - while watching yellow and red paint merge to bright orange -. 




Because you don't want to live a black and white life. You want the vibrant multi colored life!
I know how you feel. This course is your chance to re-align you with your super powers: Creativity, Sensitivity and Vulnerability.

Like you I'm a highly sensitive soulful woman. I've made it my job to use my 25 + years experience as a certified transformational coach, artist and art historian to bring change. 

I don't want to brag, but I might as well be the Queen of Perfectionism and Fear. I was convinced art had to be wonderful, special, unique, super awesome and incredibly deep before I could even think about touching a brush. I was convinced I was not creative at all. 

I quit Art School in my final year - because I would never be as amazing as the A List Artists -. I was convinced paint and brushes were strictly off limit during my 25 + years as an art historian, consultant and coach in the Big Boys and Girls Brands, Art, Design and Branding.

Until that special evening when I felt utterly lost and cried out: "What's my purpose in life?". I looked down and there was a piece of paper on my desk. Without thinking I'd doodled "Creative Fire" on it.  

That evening I realized I had been in the Ice Cold Claws of Perfectionism all those years. This set me on an adventurous journey right into being an artist again.

These days I'm a Creative Soul Alchemist. I help  phenomenal women from all over the world to get what they desire using their own wonderful traits.  

Are you with me?


  • What is It
  • For
  • FAQ
  • Do I need to participate in the Facebook group? 
  • No you don't need to. You receive all the information and assignments by mail and can find it on the Creative Study member website. But I will be in the Facebook group every day. It's a great place to connect.
  • Why is it women only? 
  •  I made a choice to work with women a long time ago. Being in a group of women has the kind of positive energy that truly sparks creativity . Rest assure , I know there are as many sensitive and HSP men as there are women. 
  • Do I need to buy all the material used in the course? 
  • No you don't. The art practice and learning how to incorporate the Monthly theme in daily life is paramount.
    But wouldn't it be great to ask a tube of pink paint for your next birthday? 

Project Free happy art hsp sensitive powerful empoweredsoulful women

Project Free Happy Art for HSP and Sensitive Soulful Women

Project Free your happy art hsp sensitive soulful women

Desire to Unite your Sensitivity with Art and Happy Creative Living? Join “Project Free your Happy Art” the online Art Course for Sensitive and Highly Sensitive HSP Soulful Women.Desire to Unite your Sensitivity with Art and Happy Creative Living? Join “Project Free your Happy Art” the online Art Course for Sensitive and Highly Sensitive HSP Soulful Women.Desire to Unite your Sensitivity with Art and Happy Creative Living? Join “Project Free your Happy Art” the online Art Course for Sensitive and Highly Sensitive HSP Soulful Women.