Pay It Forward

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Pay it Forward & Embrace the World

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Every Child Deserves the Best Possible Education. It’s the most sensible Investment we could ever make

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Our own happiness depends greatly on our own ability to share, to be grateful and to pay it all forward. Every child, everywhere in the world should benefit from our own happiness.

Every child is entitled to a good eduction, to a pen and a paper, a wonderful teacher, a classroom and a future.
[/vc_column_text][dt_gap height=”15″][dt_gap height=”15″][vc_video title=”Edukans (Dutch Foundation) ” link=”″][dt_gap height=”15″][dt_gap height=”15″][vc_column_text]Edukans means Edu(cation) Chance. It is a very practical Dutch foundation that provides children worldwide with funds, school boards, schools, uniforms, teachers and books. They believe that every child deserves a chance.

They also have a very nice program called ” Shoe Buddies”. Dutch children fill a shoebox with school supplies and little toys and the boxes are send to children everywhere. That way the Dutch children learn that it is pretty simple to make a difference in someones life. We love filling the shoeboxes and imagine that a little boy (you can make a box for a girl or a boy) somewhere in Asia, Africa, Europe or South America is opening his beautifully wrapped box and sees all kinds of pens, a little car, a toothbrush, a stuffed toy and color pencils.[/vc_column_text][dt_gap height=”15″][dt_gap height=”15″][vc_video title=”Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation” link=”″][dt_gap height=”15″][dt_gap height=”15″][vc_column_text]The Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation (TCEF) is a nonprofit corporation founded in 1995, dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan culture by educating and assisting Tibetans, raising awareness of its culture, and by empowering Tibetans to manifest these goals.

TCEF began in the State of Montana, USA, which many of our Tibetan friends say reminds them of Tibet. TCEF was chartered by a group of Montanans, all of whose lives have been enriched in some degree by the Tibetans, their religion or culture. By helping to keep that culture and its people alive and well-educated they hope to return some of the blessings they had received. –

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Every Child Deserves a Good Education and the Chance to fulfill all its Talents

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