One on One Work with Esther *secret version*
The Fast track to your success

Building Blocks for our work together

strategy and action

Deep diving your business: the practical business approach

This is what I will do for/with you:

* Review, Revive and Restructure Your Business Offers *if needed we set new offers up for you, 
Expand your impact faster by being clear on your message,

* Find possible mistakes and save time and money,

* Create an action plan for you based on your unique presence and energy to maximise your  results.

Review your existing customer funnels and/or how you onboard clients. If this is not yet in place we will create one.

* Review your list building process(your email list) and your growth plan

You have
* 1. Restructured offers for your soul clients that maximise and leverage your income.

* 2. launch and income calendar (so you know what money will come in)

*  3.  12 month launch overview plan for all your offers

*4. Action List of tasks for your VA or team - to make sure they are working on your money making actions.

You receive a lot of questions and I will dive in all your communication, funnels, website etc to detect , improve and make your business truly profitable.


* Deep support

* Developing self-love
* Growing  

* Widening your perspective towards what is possible for you (and than act upon it


* Setting up your brave brand (fully aligned)  *done-with-you*
Including your soul clients, story, personal style etc.
* Setting up your marketing (become known attract and sign-up clients)  *done-with-you*
* Decide on your goals and monitoring where you are all the time.

You have
* 1. An aligned brand

* 2. We set - together - a path for where you can grow your marketing and branding *and become famous*

I will soul whisper, study you, deep dive into your needs and constant align your brand with your growth.



  • 1 X 2,5 hours intense Strategy session
    worth $ 2,000  
  • 4  X 1 on 1 sessions
    worth 3,000 

    TOTAL WORTH $ 5,000


  • The Practical Business Approach Package
    worth $ 3,000
  • Half Day *4 hours* Online V​IP day ​
    worth $ 2,500
  •  1 on 1 session prior to VIP day
    worth $ 750
  • 2 X 1 on 1 strategy  and implementation session after the VIP Day
    worth $1,500
  •  6 Months Brave Branding Academy
    (worth  $ 582 )

    TOTAL WORTH $ 10,750


  • The Practical Business Approach Package
    worth $ 3,000
  • LIVE VIP Day in Groningen (city or nature) including drinks + lovely lunch or 2 half Online days. worth $ 6,000 
  • 6 months of  bi-monthly 1 on 1 strategy and implementation sessions (12 in total)
    $ 9,000
  • Celebratory 'So what's next' Session 
    $ 500
  • 12 Months Brave Branding Academy
    (worth  $ 1,164)

    TOTAL WORTH $ 18,500