Thrive Mastermind


12 Months that will take you off the Hustle Road and on the Self Love path so that you end up with a fully transformed money-generating business and brand, while having plenty of time to enjoy your life.

✔︎ You can almost smell your Next Level success. It's better than fresh coffee in the early morning. Not the old, dried-up work-harder and crush-it version. But the kind of success that comes with a loving community, prosperity, happiness, a great life, a wide smile, hugs, money, sales and impact. 

✔︎  You want it. But you don't have it. Yet. You took action before. But it left you feeling lost, exhausted, not seen, the odd-one-out and on the verge of giving up.  You are done with the hustle and want to enjoy your life now.

✔︎  That's why you want support. Now. Today. Real support. And that is what you deserve. You are totally worth the best support.  

✔︎ I help you flip the coin. From being overcome by overwhelm to true self-confidence. From zero direction to a clear path to success. You launch, you sell, you ride the waves, while your friends are cheering you on.

✔︎ Making more money than before, asking and receiving High Ticket prices and growing your business doesn't need to be painful and messy. You just need the right support and a community that is there for you.

You are Braver than you think.

We've got you.

Are you ready to end the struggle, open your wings and set yourself, your business and your life up for the High Ticket income?


  We will take you by the hand and teach you exactly how to love and value yourself. We help you to brand yourself, set up a marketing structure that leads to Next Level sales.

We support you implementing the work, grow a team and hold you accountable - not in a scary way ;-) - because it's our aim to see you soar and thrive.


⦿ A consistent and growing revenue that is much higher than what comes in right now without having to hustle!

⦿ You have mastered a smarter, faster and more focussed way of entrepreneurship (without burning yourself out)

⦿ Clarity about your audience, branding and marketing so that it can grow consistently  

⦿ Having the right team that will get the job done 

⦿ Having the Next Level mindset that is completely in alignment with your calling

⦿ You have the calm sense of ease of an entrepreneur who is on track

⦿ You are always surrounded by the business sisters who've got your back

In Thrive Mastermind we focus on creating offers that lead to consistent high income. Instead of following new ideas all the time you work with the ideas that bring you the largest amount of money with the least amount of effort (we don't do hustle style)

Your business is all about simplicity, elegance, impact and growth

Growth requires a unique mindset that truly makes you the captain of your business. That's exactly how you will feel.

What you get is a 12 Month INTimate mastermind that is a true sisterhood  will transform your business, brand and yourself.



=> Fortnightly Mastermind calls (24 meetings in total)

=> Being part of a close-knit sisterhood of women who have value-based business.

=> Every 12 days you deep dive into your present business, clients, marketing, brand, messaging, and your current mindset.

=> A place to be really honest about your worries, desires, obstacles I identify the obstacles in your branding, marketing, messaging, and mindset that slow down your growth.

=>  A sisterhood where you can create and implement Next Level plans (like tripling - and up- your prices!) .

Esther lights up my soul. She is like the friend that is always there to give you a warm hug and a dash of brilliance whenever you need it.

This has given me clarity and helps me understand how I should best approach everything in my business. It also has helped me not be so hard on myself because now I understand why I do things the way I do - so now it's my business super power! I am so grateful to Esther and her support and magical approach to helping you show up with your unique light in your business!

Lauren Diana Scalf Psychic Intuitive Life & Business Mentor


▶︎   are ambitious action takers

▶︎   are more than willing to look at limiting beliefs and obstacles with the intention to gradually grow their revenue

▶︎   are not afraid to ask for support when they need it

▶︎  are supportive and thrive when they are part of close-knit sisterhood

▶︎ currently make (almost) 6- figures and up and want to grow faster 

▶︎  know there is a much bigger future out there. 

Current Thrive mastermind members are 

        Business Coach for mothers

      Organic Beauty and Rejuvenation  Expert

Brand Product and  Lifestyle Photographer 

Alternative Health 
and Wellness expert

International health
and yoga expert

Architect and Interior Decorator

Queen of Calm and Meditation

Business and
Visibility Mentor 

I wanted to live and work more from my joy, flow, and creativity. Working with Esther made me feel powerful, heart-warmed, light and inspired. I felt powerful, heart-warmed, light and inspired during and after our sessions. My energy is softer, that even affected my family and friends.

I was able to create my dream life while feeling content at the same time. Within a couple of weeks I found a wonderful place to live and fell in love. I never experienced this before.

These days I am not afraid to show my creations to clients and even write a poems and a column for a cool online magazine.

Iris van Graven  Copy writer and Green expert 

Why Esther

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain, MA

1.  25 Years of expertise with brands like KLM/ AirFrance, Dutch Railways, the European Union as well as over 30 brands in the arts, museums, design, sustainability, health, and government.

2. Certified transformational coach with the ability to see her clients' real possibilities, brilliance, and distinctiveness - long before they are aware of it themselves.

3.  Has a unique way of building aligned brands that amplify the brand owners (you!) unique strengths so that the experience you have is much more than 'just building a brand. It's a transformation.

4.   Has 100% faith in her clients' ability to succeed, empowers and inspires her clients to leap to their next level. 

Esther is a unique combination of motherly love and kick-ass inspirational coach. Her intuition and insight are razor sharp, her sensitivity to one's feelings is off the charts. Esther creates very special tribes, tribes of women who are game changers, sisters and who build each other up. To be in her mastermind gives me a sense of belonging, endless inspiration, support. The synergies are absolutely mind-blowing!

Maria Stepanoff Financial Manager


€ 6,660 

12 months Payment Plan without extra charge  is possible € 555/month 


1.)   1 Year In the Brave Leap program (€ 3,996)
Including the weekly coaching, teaching, launching and mindset calls and the amazing Brave Leap program

2.)   1 Year in Self Love Club (€ 588)

Esther's way of working is a truly feminine approach which is very unusual in the marketing world. To work with the energies, with our own strengths and our own life purpose was great.

I have found my soul clients and could realize a very core strength of mine which I had been refusing to give access.

I could find my zone of genius so quickly and turn it in a program. After only 1 Month I created - and sold - my first 12-month group coaching program for my soul clients

We need to change the world! That's why you need to work with Esther who's going on a new path, working strongly with the feminine energy. If you think that everything else feels like a bubble, you want to find your soul clients and change the world, then you will find help here.

Selen Graf  Health Expert & Healer for Animals and Human Beings


1.  Book a discovery call here

2. We have an open and honest conversation where you tell me what you really need, long for and desire and you will feel if I am the best possible option for your business and brand and yourself.

3.  If you give us the green light my team will help you with the payment (payment plan is available) and connect you to your personal work environment.

We will take good care of you.

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With love,

Esther is amazing! There are two reasons why you've got to join her.
One: Esther’s incredible ability to dive right into the heart of the matter.  I feel like she can always see right into my heart and my soul.
Two: the incredible women that Esther attracts. The sisterhood we have is the most beautiful thing in the world!
I can now talk about my business with more conviction. I am being more of myself. So much more!

Shirley Ann Aphrodite  Artist Belle la Fleur