Everything you need to know about
The Real You and Manifesting Clients and Miracles in 10 minutes 

Okay, maybe a bit more. I made this page for you because you are looking for the fastest and most aligned way to manifest clients. There are two reason why it's not yet working for you. Reason One: Your marketing is not working for you and Reason Two: there are inner obstacles that keep you from showing  The Real You. 

Ready? Let's go

VIDEO #1. How to Heal your Marketing and Clear Inner Obstacles The Wonderfully Weird Way in the Real You (49 minutes)

This is a very powerful video, you might actually experience it several times. 

In this video you discover
1. Why is clearing and healing important
2  How to remove your Invisibility Cloak and meet your clients
The real Clearing starts at 0.19.30

Watch the explanation when you're completely new to The Wonderfully Weird Way and need more  background  information first 

VIDEO #2.Why Normal Marketing won't bring you Clients and Miracles (34 minutes)

In this video you discover
1. The 9 reasons why Normal doesn't work when you're wonderfully Weird  
2. The 9 solutions that will sky-rocket your brand and marketing
3. How to  never again want to be trapped in the pain of not Feeling Seen, Accepted or Valued
4.  How to Never want Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, Masking, Isolation, Perfectionism, Overwhelm and Marketing Dislike keep you from Spreading your Magic.

VIDEO #3. Quick action for when you feel out of connection with your Audience (25 minutes)

In this video, you'll discover
1. How to allow your audience to see you and to find you.
2. How to make a Bubble of Love that connects you to your audience.

VIDEOS #4.  What Wonderfully Weird Women say about working with Esther

 In these videos, you'll discover
1. How Martha went from Zero to over 360.00 Youtube Followers.
2. How Kristin went from Zero to a super successful Practice
3. How working with Esther will give you much more than expected

VIDEO #5. Why you will stay invisible as long as you want to hide (parts of you) and how to love bomb yourself  (54 minutes)

 In this video, you'll discover
1. Why other people are struggling with  showing up. 
2. A magical to love ALL of you and step into the light 
3. The 3 different price options

Does it feel like The Real You will end the struggle to get clients and guide you towards Clients, Miracles and Money? 

Say YES to the epic Marketing Real You process.
The world needs you to shine your brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous light.

The years of struggling, fitting in, feeling the odd one out, and being anxious about promoting yourself are over


You missed out!

It's time to honour who you really are: a wonderfully weird old soul, a multi-passionate deep thinker, a truth-saying pink sheep, and/or a neurodiverse/ADHD star, with a program that will bring you Miracles, Clients and Magic!

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