July 29, 2022 4:16 pm

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Start your Magical Miracle Year and tell the world Who You Really Are!

Oh! I have SO much to tell you. That's why I sat before my computer and downloaded everything straight from my heart.

There are a gazillion uuuuhms and and..and... and :-) It's FAR from perfect.

Watch me sharing:

▶︎ 1. How I downloaded this program while driving through Iceland
▶︎ 2. Why I'm not a normal business coach (but instead I'm a witch!) 
▶︎ 3. How rituals, manifestation and cutting edge business advice will be able to transform you and your business in one amazing Miracle Year
▶︎ 4. And why Albert Einstein and the Miracle Year go hand in hand
▶︎ 5. Why this is The Best time to show your true power and manifest clients and money.

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This is the transcription of the Magical Miracle Year video (yep, including all the uhm's and aaaah's :-) 

Oh, I started, right? Yeah. Hello. Here is Esther with your weekly email I had so much to say, so I thought I'm going to make you a video.

I got some things up here about what I want to share with you, but expect a lot of ums and asks because I also need to think so bear with me.

So what I want to share with you is that this is the power that is inside of you. So if there is a healer or a person or something inside of you, that needs to be unleashed because you still play a smaller version of who you really are. This is the most amazing time.

And I just realized that it's also the Lion's Gate, which means it is a very auspicious time moon-wise until August 12th.

So if there is a truly powerful person living inside of you or a being living inside of you, this is the time to unleash that real person, the person who you really are. And I just realized that there are like three of me here. So just look like this. Okay.

So here's what I want to say. What if there is something that you want to unleash this powerful person inside of you, that doesn't need to take weeks or months or a year? It just, it can be done within one month. And I'm going to explain to you exactly how I did it so that you can just follow me and do the same.

Here's the thing, the a, to set wave entrepreneurship, like, you know, where you decide on something and you implement it and then outcomes, money done readily.

That only works for some, because for the majority, entrepreneurship looks like blah, like this, right? But if you're sacrificing your magic, then it's time for the alternative. And I'm going to tell you the alternative.

So this is what happened. I went to Iceland last month. I went there because I, it was like, it was a business trip. And I went there because I had realized that I had become my worst enemy. And I was really tired. I was like, I'd fallen out of love with my business. I had definitely not fallen out of love with my clients, but I felt that I was not truly serving them because I sort of withhold my true power from them.

And so I did these back-to-back launches and they were like, they suffocated me and I didn't enjoy launching and launching, like selling the thing that you're really good at and where you can change people's lives. That should be a party. So when it's not a party anymore, something is off. Well, to me, it was like far from a party. It was like work, work, work, sit in front of the television, numb out, eat chocolate, go to bed, work, repeat, repeat, repeat. So I had lost my fun. I had lost my joy. And that is really, that really sucks. I can tell. So if you, if you recognize that my love to you, because it sucks, but there is a way out.

So I felt that I gave my client just a tiny part of what I really wanted or was able to give them, but I had no idea how to do that. So I went to Iceland and decided I go there and I will say yes to everything. And I, I want to say yes to anything. And I wanted to surrender.

I thought I'm going to, I don't know what's going to happen, but I will surrender. So these were my two things. So then the question came, do you want to meet up with this powerful Icelandic shaman? And I immediately went into no, no, no, no weird to ass people. I don't want that. But I had said, I would say yes to everything. So I said, yes. So we went there and what happened was that at the time I was there. And so we were all one by, he showed me my true power in the most simple and straightforward way.

So he told me that I was unique and very powerful, and it was time to unleash it. It was all things I already knew, but I sort of, I thought, I actually thought, well, I don't know how, I don't know how I don't know. But somehow, because he said, this is the time I decided because I surrendered and I would say yes to everything that this was the time. So he connected me to the Nordic Gods. And it was a completely different Nordic god than I thought it would be. And it, you know, the whole thing was pretty mind-blowing and I cannot even explain it to you even. I really wish I could, but it's magic. So then what did I do?

Oh, then I laid down on a huge Lava field. And I also said to the Lava and the ground: I surrender, just show me what I need to see. And then, then what happened? Oh, then what happened was that I decided that I, I had fallen out of love with my business program. So my business program was called the brave leap.

And one of the women on my trip said: "I always wondered about that name because it felt so masculine. I never understood why you chose the Brave Leap. And then, because she was really good at it, she had a look at my program and helped me to change things.

She said if you do this , and then remove this and then bring this in. And suddenly, you know, because I was open, everything changed.

And then I was in the car and I looked out for this amazing ever-changing landscape of waterfalls and, and snow and water and, and rain and all the, like you're really into nature.

And suddenly the name, the Miracle Year came up and I thought the Miracle Year, my god, that must, that's the most amazing name ever. And so I sat in the back of the car and Googled it. And then I found out that the miracle year is the year 1905 when Albert Einstein wrote all his papers. That changed how we see the universe, how we see the world is, was changed in 1905, in like a couple of months. Albert Einstein wrote all his papers that helps us to understand time and light. And, and so that was all done within one year. In the scientific world, they call that the miracle year.

And so that was it. I decided that I would change bravely into a miracle year and that it will become a miracle-filled year. So next came so next, I thought this is something that you can follow, right? That's why I'm sharing it. Who do I really want to be? Do I want to be the, business coach to who, who am I really?

I've been born a witch. I'm doing rituals and magical stuff since day. Well, not when I was born, but when I was really little, I, made little potions that a potion that will bring me from a to B, just in thought or a potion that would make me feel happy. And I had all these little, little tree trays, like small thingies. And then I added the little drops of this and that.

And, and so I was doing this like forever. And then I thought I'm going to be a witch. I am a witch. And I just don't know what that means, but I'm a business witch and I'm a business witch that can help create miracles and magic. So what I did still, we're still say, month, I set up this manifest wealth program I have since then guided over a hundred women through all kinds of hugely amazing miracles and magic, where they are bringing in letting go of the old way of entrepreneurship. And, and, and they've been creating body maps. They brought wealth inside their body. Things are changing for them all the time. They have an abundance channel that I open for them and that they keep moving. So that things become easier. I've heard stories about, I had two miracles on one day and I'm so focused.

I'm so energized. All my inner blocks are like gone and I can actually really move forward. So it's amazing. And all I do is I practice rituals and manifest things and it's super duper easy, or I'm already, I, I hope you don't just keep listening. Right. So, and I opened the miracle year. So the miracle year is a year. It's like it's. So this page, right there is a quiz. You can, can take the quiz and then see if this is really what makes you happy. And it's a business program combined with amazing witchcraft. And oh, can I, I don't know if I can show this page. Oh, I can hold on because you probably also want to see something different. Oh, here's the miracle year. Let's just keep it at Albert Einstein. Hold on. Let's put his face up there.

What else do I, oh yeah, so, oh, it's open right now. You can join you. And we made a beautiful deal for everyone who wants to work with me. It is 50% of till August 14. There is a li there are two live days. We created a live day for you. And I actually, I just got, I was, I just got a, a call from the people of little theater. You are going to be on a stage. So instead of you looking at me going, you are going to be on a stage and present your own Ted talk, very unofficial Ted talk. And we take pictures of you and video you so that you have amazing marketing material. You get. We had created a really epic curriculum that is all about creating posts, taking perfect, amazing pictures, your, your money blocks, blah, that all your figures, it's on the page. It's dot com slash miracle year. It's all there.

I'm really bad by the way, in explaining things. So, you know, just look there, go and, and watch the, the, the page and, and learn this for you. See if this is what you want. And if you want the, the, the special offer that we have for you. But what I want to say to you, if you hear this and you are still making your magic smaller than it is, and, you know, right. Because we, we can feel that this is the time to tell yourself, I might show up as this or that person. But in reality, I am this and that person. And then you can just share a post or you can reach out to people, or like I'm doing, you send a video or something.

This is the time because life is way too short to show only like the 15% of who you really are, there is a hundred percent of you that can be out there. And that is what we're bringing the money. It's just like, you know, when I do all these, when I come up with all these miracles and magic and rituals and stuff and, and do, and I absolutely love doing it also, it's incredibly easy for me. It's, it's so easy. And, and then when something is really easy, we go into yeah, but it's too easy when something is so easy, I cannot ask money for it. But what I want for you is to work from your zone of genius and make everything super, duper easy. Okay. So that's what I wanted to say. So I am a business, which I help you create miracles.

I bring in magic in your business and I help you become the lighthouse that you really are so that you can make money and attract the clients that you completely deserve. And I'm going to do this with you start in September, but you get immediate access to everything. So we give you a 13th month for free as well. And there is so much, goodness, look at the page, show up as this amazing person who you really, really are, and then do what you came here to do and become the woman, the person that you are born to be okay, sorry for this really long video, but it felt good to share this with you in, in a non writing, but just like straight from the heart. Okay. Thank you for listening. And I wish you a beautiful, beautiful, wonderful weekends. Bye.

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