Do you have a LOVE/HATE relationship with social media, BUT would LOVE to manifest clients? 

Are you a coach, healer, artist, or teacher and want more sales, but you don't want to spend 800 hours on social media or pay 10K on Facebook ads? 

This workshop is for you. 

Buy the Magic Desire Workshop
so that you:

► 1. Never Again make thIS Marketing Mistake "because you are different!'
* instead get the real secret that will boost your sales

▶︎ 2. Finally understand - AND FEEL - what your followers Really Desire, but are not telling you
and optimize your messaging so that you can communicate from the heart

▶︎ 3. Transform followers into buyers with the SECRET Magic Desire Ritual
*no Facebook ads or 800 hours on Social Media

▶︎ 4. BEND energy and manifest amazing buyers
*become a powerful manifestor of miracles

Boost your sales with the Magic Desire Ritual Workshop for Only 7 Euro

Why will this workshop change your business forever?

Because you will learn a ritual - that you will learn only here - that will boost your marketing and visibility!

This ritual will make it possible to see into the hearts and souls of your clients so that you can truly serve them.

No more:
▶︎ Where are my clients?
► What do my clients really want?
▶︎ Why don't people see what I can do for them?

You take home:

  • Recording of the Magic Desire Ritual
  • The EXACT words to use to get more sales
  • The confidence to share your True Magic with your audience *and become irresistible!

What clients say


Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

I inspire and support women entrepreneurs like you to become the powerful, wealthy, successful and radiant person you were born to be. 

This is for you when you are different.

My approach is completely different. 

I'm a witch, a future see-er, business soul whisperer.

I can see what keeps you from your true potential and how to transform from struggle to powerful manifestation. I communicate with spirits, entities, deities and can teach you  how to do so too, even when you're not into spirituality, art, or spirits.... (yet :-)

I'm also a business consultant and brand strategist since 2002. I have worked for brands like Air France/ KLM, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam and the European Union.

My number one Gallup Strength is strategy and I have supported, empowered and inspired thousands of women entrepreneurs to grow their business and become the woman they were born to be.