Why you can be a Loud Wild Highly Sensitive Super Creative Women

Why you can be a  Loud Wild Highly Sensitive Super Creative Women


A Thought on Women's Day

Why you'll never fit in + why that's wonderful!

Because you're just too fucking awesome to be put in any box

It's March 8 and I can feel my rebellious heart stir.
I think about all those women who paved the way. The famous ones and the unnamed ones. Our mothers and grandmothers.

Every women who ever decided:
"I will not keep quiet and I will not be locked away in a kitchen and I will not be compartmentalized.
I'm not a woman who gives birth and cooks and cares. I am a living, breathing, caring, loving, thinking, creating, dreaming human being. I may be black, or white or any shade of color in between. Big or small and any size in between. I am everything."

But what do we do these days? Often we compartmentalize ourselves into a category someone else has laid down for us.
- I'm smart so I should be ambitious.
- I'm sensitive let's have 5 children.
- I'm extroverted and have a very loud mouth I should not cry when someone is mean to me.

And the need to fit in continues in our work or business.
"I can only do this or that or people get all confused with whom I am and what I do. Because I can do 56 things really good but Everybody says I Have to make a Choice."

There is no real pressure from the outside to fit in. We frigging do it ourselves!

We are Larger than the Universe and Still try to fit into that Tiny Box.

Let me tell you something about myself:

"I am very kind, I can swear like there is no tomorrow, I am highly sensitive, I sometimes watch movies that are violent, I cry about everything, I've got a razor smart mind, I never have loved anyone as fully and deeply as my son, I'd love to live in a cave - all by myself - I thrive in very busy cities, I'm a so-called intellectual, I love watching Disney movies (okay well maybe not all of them), give me a bucket filled with crystals and I don't feel a thing, let me speak to a client I know what's going on within 2 seconds, I can't stand clothes that are either too tight or have any sort of itchy label, I can sleep in a dirty bus filled with goats and loud music, I sometimes scream at my son."

I am all that. I don't fit any category. Because I fit many boxes. But I don't wanna be in a box.

I want to be the Universe.

I cannot be confined.

What I'm trying to say: I'm not the only one who doesn't fit the bill. You might not fit any category either.

Maybe like me - you're done trying to fit in. You long for the freedom to be everything and be totally content with it.

You're ready to choose to be without boundaries.

Embrace the softness, the not-knowing, the screamer, the jealousy, the intellect, know-it-all, quietness,
the unicorn, the angry one, the artist, the cook, the lover, the builder, the destroyer.

You can combine all your quirky, stupid, beautiful, wonderful traits into one Big Giant Rebel

and Be a a Gorgeous Misfit!

Hello Scary Wonderful Unlimited Freedom. Goodbye Boundaries.

If you feel you're ready to live a life that's free of preconceived ideas. Reach out to me. Let's talk.
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Esther de Charon

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain is the Business Doula and Soul Whisperer of brave female entrepreneurs who want success on their own terms Esther is the author of "The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual" a Brand Expert, certified Transformational Art Coach, Artist, Communication Consultant, Art historian, Huffington Post + Thrive Global Blogger with over 25 years experience in the field of branding, design, creativity and art. She lives with her 13-year-old son and husband on an old farm. She's also addicted to Jasmin Tea, Opera with seriously bad endings, Weird Art and Red Lipstick.

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