Create Change in Business and Life for sensitive soulful women


You + I
+ 3 Months or 6 Months
+ Guiding, supporting, listening, acknowledging, moving forward
+ Growing, believing, loving, transforming
+ Practical. Life Changing. Spiritual.
+ Your Sensitivity, Vulnerability and Creativity as your Superpowers.

I know it's hard to believe.

At this moment you feel lost. Alone. Unseen. Scared maybe.  Overwhelmed. Your dream is losing its brilliance. Maybe you give up. Why bother. Who will miss your ideas. Who will miss your business or work?  Who notices how awesome you are?

Who celebrates You?

Instead of creating your own unique beauty you browse websites. Facebook. Instagram.

You procrastinate. Until the Green Eyed Monster wraps her nasty arms around your heart.

Do you realize that 3 Months from now your life could be totally unrecognizable?

That creative force for change is already present in you. Do you know that - as a Sensitive or HSP woman - your superpowers creativity, vulnerability and sensitivity will get you there? That everything you long for is within reach.

I help you open the door. The door to self-love, a wonderful business, or true prosperity, borderless creativity and joy.

Are you ready to invest in a brand new future?

+ This is what happened to my clients.

+ Ready for Miracles? All background information is here.
   Get yourself a nice cup of coffee or your favorite tea and start reading.

+ In a hurry (and ready for Miracles?) Keep reading on this page.
   Send me message when you're ready for it. I'm waiting for you at the other side.


... are a Sensitive Soulful woman (or already know you are HSP)

...are an entrepreneur, maybe you want to become an entrepreneur.  Or you have (or desire) a career in the field of the arts, culture, copy, design, fashion, music, photography, consulting, coaching, health, wellness, yoga, PR & communication, consulting, event organizing etcetera.

… sometimes feel creativity has left the building. Leaving you feeling talentless and lost. “What if they find out I’m a Big Old Fraud?”

… have a burning desire to stand out. To be special. To show your amazingness.

... feel the fear of failure is winning.

... are easily overwhelmed and feel overly sensitive to stimuli

... feel things have to be perfect, but are afraid to fail or do something wrong.

… know you are different. A never stopping flow of amazing ideas.They never come alone.
Like a pack of wolves they drag their faithful companions with them: procrastination, doubt, comparison, perfectionism, fear of failure and resistance.

… started a business. Maybe even a while ago. Or you really would like to start.But it’s taking too much time. The money you seriously need and want is not there.

.. crave self-love, self-care and kindness for you. You try really hard but it's hard. It's really hard.


.… have read at least 20 self help books. Paid good money for programs where you got stuck. You couldn’t get the personal support to get unstuck.

… are overwhelmed with business advice and different strategies. Online Programs! A Sales Funnel? Webinars? Manifesting Wealth! But you couldn’t follow through on any.

… want to be your own boss…But secretly wish you had a director who tells you what to do.

… feel reluctant to ask money for your services.“Anyway who wants to pay for my services?Resulting in zero cash flow.

… feel resentful toward collegeas - and sometimes even your own friends - who are more successful than you.

… are on the verge of giving in. You think: “Maybe there is a job for me somewhere waiting tables?” Maybe I need to forget my dreams

...You tried really hard. But it's hard. It's really hard.

Is this you?
Don't wait. Send me your Skype name and you get my undivived attention for 30 minutes (it's free.)
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Why me?

Well, because - like you - I'm highly sensitive and soulful and I've fallen into all possible pitfalls there are out there. So you don't have to. And because I'm a certified transformational coach, art historian with 25 + years experience in the field of design and art.

Also because I've made it my mission to (re-) unite amazing women like you with their creative magic.

But don't take my word for it. Listen to my clients instead.  

This is how we create change

Jump Start Package 30 hours (or 20 hrs) of 1:1 coaching

180 Days (or 90 Days) unlimited Support by Email

Hand-picked bonus Just for You !

All my support, love, knowledge, experience, guidance & mentoring without holding back. Even when our 180 days (or 90 Days) of miracles are finished!

Lifetime Full Access to the Creative Journey and the Facebook group!

prices start at $ 2.700Monthly Price Plans available.


Yes, you've got it right. There is no Buy Now button.

Why? Because I don't want you to buy now.

Don't get me wrong. I'd love to work with you. You and I are going to create magic.

But you're about to make a big investment. In time. Attention. Money. Are you prepared to let go of old stuf that's holding you back? Are you ready for that brand new life? 

There will be tears. Success. A very close connection. Celebration. Tough questions. We have to make this work for you.


Instead of a Buy Now. There's a Skype Now Button. Use it. It's free and I give you 30 minutes of my undivided attention 

You've got nothing to lose and everything to win.


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Create Change in Business and Life for sensitive soulful women


Create Change in Business and Life for Highly Sensitive Soulful Women

Creativity and change Highly sensitive Person 

Create Change in Business and Life for highly sensitive soulful women HSP

HSP The door to self-love, a wonderful business, prosperity, borderless creativity and joy. Highly sensitive Person