August 12, 2023 10:54 am

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain


Yes! I've got it too!! And I'm 60 years old!

It’s official.

I’ve got my ADHD diagnosis. Hyperactive, Attention Deficit, Impulsive Behavior, the works.

100 % 

So, this is the face of an ADHD woman who has been told she’s sloppy (true) messy (true) stupid (not true at all).

“You sit with those children, Esther. They can’t learn either”

I seriously thought that ADHD was something for young boys who are out of control running around in school classes.Turns out that’s not true at all.

In fact, research shows that there are many fiercely bright women who are capable of masking ADHD like pros. 
  • Yes, that’s 60 years of working like crazy to keep the mind explosions at bay, the messed up dates, the mistakes, the lost phones, keys, books, and entire stacks of bills, gone.
  • 60 years of thinking that everyone has these 10 streams of (often conflicting) thoughts at the same time.
  • All those years of wondering why everyone else was able to finish their schoolwork while I couldn’t stop reading German Poetry.
  • All those years of killing what worked in my business or not being able to follow up on invites, ‘I want to work with you' messages.All those years of dragging my team with me in my hyper-focused state of "We’re going to change everything!"
  • All those years of beating myself up.

There’s grief and sadness for my late ADHD diagnosis. 

I’m also freaking proud of myself.

For intuitively setting up a structure that works (and that has been saving my ass many times)

For building a successful business against all odds.

For being able to say NO to complicated structures because they come with manuals and I can’t do manuals (unless they are IKEA manuals, those are the best)

▶︎ When I asked my local doctor to be diagnosed a couple of months ago: he thought it was hilarious. 

He actually said:“You don’t look like someone with ADHD”


Well, you waited this long, I guess you’re not in a hurry.”

One of the things that are most mind-blowing to me is knowing that this is biological.

It’s my brain and not a lack of willpower.

It also won’t go away.

My wonderful brain functions differently. And I’m going to learn how to befriend and stop the negative self-talk.

By the way, I now know that many ADHD people become entrepreneurs.

So who are my fellow neurodivergent ADHD miracles?

UPDATE: my Late ADHD diagnosis inspired me to re-open my Wonderfully Weird Movement. 

Take the quiz below to find out if you're wonderfully weird too!

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