July 12, 2018 10:02 am

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

I cried the entire morning . . . 

The Power of Saying Yes!

When was the last time you said wholeheartedly 'YES' ?

I'm asking you because I found two important photo’s on my phone! They are important to me, but also for everyone who is ready to fly! Both pics were taken right after I was invited to join a VIP Mastermind and completely freaked out

We were at a Business event in Zurich. I sat in the back row with my beautiful, smart friend Selin, who quietly guided me through my "OMG I’m going to do something SO scary! I don't know If I can do this because this is TOO big" fear attack.

Left is before deciding and right is after I decided. 

Why was I SO freaking afraid to say YES?
At the time I was already in a Mastermind. Stepping into that Mastermind was a HUGE deal for me at the time. I had struggled for 2,5 years and I was So unhappy! And SO alone (and not making money!). 
As soon as I started paying for my support everything changed. I'm not kidding you. To me the combination of mindset and support was magical. Clients, structure, money. Everything started to change. I felt happy and secure.

But there I was in Zurich, with my amazing mastermind friends, and I was invited to join the friggin' VIP group. 

A Huge Upgrade. And I just couldn't breathe. I cried the entire morning because I was torn and tormented by fear!

Fear number 1!

Joining a VIP Mastermind would mean that I would play in the Big League. With Big League Players. These are well-known women who already had 'made it'. What would happen to little - ol' -me in a group like that?

Fear number 2!

The fact that someone as ‘ordinary’ as me could be VIP material, that I could afford something like that, (We’re not talking 100 dollars here) had NEVER occurred to me. In that moment I realised that at some level I was still the little brown girl with the brown father. That I was not supposed to stand out.
Because when I did that, there eventually always was someone who would say: 'Go back to your own country.' At that moment I was NOT able to see my own Inner Queen.

Fear number 3!

Joining the VIP group would mean that I had to leave behind my amazing mastermind sisters and be in a completely new group! Leaving behind people you love in order to jump to a a far-away-destination is not funny. I can tell you that. But I had the most supportive amazing women in that group and they told me to go and fly and do it. "Be the pathfinder" they told me. We will follow.

The Moment I said 'YES' to being part of the VIP Mastermind my perception shifted like never before. I earned the money (and more) within 1 single launch, I grew my Wonderfully Weird empire like never before. 

It all happened within months!

All because I said ‘YES’!

Me: the high school rebel. ‘You probably will never make it anywhere, Esther’, my teachers told me several times. "Maybe you should do something that's not too difficult for you". 

We all heard that. Right? We all have these voices that tell us to play small and stay small. And we have to decide - every day again and again - if we're going to listen or not.

I hope I've inspired you to say 'YES' to something much bigger than you ever anticipated. I hope you will jump and have supportive people around you. And if not: get ready to leap. Start training those YES muscles!

What (or who) are you going to say ‘YES’ to?

With a big hug,

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain
Branding Queen for Amazing Wonderfully Weird Entrepreneurs

I said YES to this ->

Because I said YES I was coached by James Wedmore.
High up in the Swiss Alps in an amazing Huge Chalet!

Because I said YES I had a retreat in this amazing Huge Chalet in the Swiss Alps!

Because I said YES I was able to start the Brave Business Academy and grew that to over 110 members within 1 Month and be completely wonderfully weird at the same time! 

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