How to Surrender to the Calling of your Soul

Are you Surrendering to the Calling of your Soul?

I'm sending you this heartfelt message. Because I just realized something. And I'm crying as I'm writing this.

There are only two modes in business!

* The On Mode: where we Surrender to our Greatness, communicate with the Calling of our Soul and make ample space for who we Really are.


All traits, moods, feelings, doubts, and life stories included.

* Or the Off Mode: where we Stop. Block. Try to control everything and basically talk to a Big Blind Wall telling it: 'I don't accept my own light, greatness and tremendous perfect beauty' but I keep working anyway.

We think there are many grades of possibility in between. But that's just not true. We're either On or Off.

In all honesty, that's scary as hell. It means that WHEN greatness calls us WE are the only one who decides if we push the ON button or the OFF button.

It's the ultimate self-empowerment.

And Oh Boy this is scary and amazing!!

Let's all have a talk about this. I would love to hear if my insight touches you too!

With love,

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain
Founder Wonderfully Weird Movement