How to keep your Creative Heart Open in Difficult Times

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Like you my weekend was about Paris, about people everywhere in the world turning against each other, about fear, about not feeding the fear, trying to find meaning in the madness.

[dt_gap height=”10″ /] I was deeply shocked when I saw the images last Sunday of Parisians fleeing a place of commemoration after some lunatic set of some firework.

They were terrified. Parisians are not easily terrified.

And I’m sure everyone who witnessed that scene had the same thought: “Oh my God the terrorist have already won. We are all scared.”

That’s why I’m writing you:
Will you close your door or will you open it?[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

Shortly after the attacks in Paris Parisians tweeted #porteOuverte (open door) to let people – complete strangers – know they had a safe place for those in danger. Opening your doors in dangerous time seems to go against our common sense.

When in danger we close up. We also close our minds. Dividing the world in good and wrong, people in the ones we love and those we hate. Bad religion and good religion, smart and stupid, beautiful and ugly, loser or success, the good and the bad side of the track. We see the world and humanity through filters of prejudice. And we’re all convinced we are right.

We close our borders to keep danger out, it’s so incredibly easy to be against something and so unbelievable hard to be compassionate with people we don’t know.

Sure, loving our friends is easy and instantly gratifying (keep doing that!), but walk a mile in the shoes of the mother whose son decided to become a terrorist and kill young people listening to a concert or drinking a coffee on a terras and it’s so much harder…

We all have this beautiful good heart that can radiate endless, borderless compassion and love to those we know (including ourselves) and to those unfamiliar to us. Don’t close up. Don’t define yourself by the filter you look through.

Let’s all be courageous and keep our doors open.
May you be happy, may you be well, may you be free from suffering


If you don’t take it from me, than maybe you will listen to the Michael Franti who shared this on instagram:

 [dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”big” animation=”none” background=”plain”]”It feels like every week we hear about another shooting, bombing, hijacking, killing, stabbing or drone strike in the name of politics, revenge, anger or to put fear into the hearts of the many.
Tonight it is Paris, bless them… and Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Iran, Mexico, Brazil, The Congo, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, on and on, too many to mention, because even as we try to remember every attack, the next one seems to occur. Bless them all.
The day is different, and so are the weapons and philosophy behind their use, but the pain is the same for every mother, father, relative, friend, lover and child to whom the violence affects. We all feel it. I stand with people everywhere who believe that through, justice, compassion and tenacity that love will conquer.
Don’t give up on love, it may be all we got. We can bomb the world to pieces, but we can’t bomb it into peace!” [/dt_quote]

I send you Creative Magic
– spread your creative beauty it’s yours so you can Be the Change –

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Esther de Charon

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain is the Business Doula and Soul Whisperer of brave female entrepreneurs who want success on their own terms Esther is the author of "The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual" a Brand Expert, certified Transformational Art Coach, Artist, Communication Consultant, Art historian, Huffington Post + Thrive Global Blogger with over 25 years experience in the field of branding, design, creativity and art. She lives with her 13-year-old son and husband on an old farm. She's also addicted to Jasmin Tea, Opera with seriously bad endings, Weird Art and Red Lipstick.

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