How to get Clients without Social Media

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Episode overview

11 Ways to Get New Clients without Social Media 

Every time is ask my audience: "What are you struggling with at this moment"? the majority answers: Finding new clients!

We have grown accustomed to complicated funnels and 1 million social media posts and completely forgot the old school way of meeting our clients, without social media

So I'm sharing my personal Client Manifestation list with you.

This is how I started out as a consultant back in 2002 (when there was no social media, only email, phone and sending out letters). Months after quitting my job I went to 10K months. 

Get ready to learn and follow my example.

BUT FIRST: Why is it important to NOT rely on Social Media?

Social Media can be wonderful, but it's also a huge risk. You can get in Social media jail without knowing why, algorithms are changing all the time, it's addictive and we don't own it. And they can 'Fall Down'.

Building your own environment, your own email list,  website, podcast etc. is crucial for growth.

In all our programs we focus on building great lead magnets, generating a stream of  future 'soul clients' to your email list. Are you ready for that level of support?

Close your laptop and meet your new clients today

Get New Clients without Social Media